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Retired Col. John McAleer from the state of Florida,U.S.A., who was involved in researching the McAleer clan when in Omagh and Strabane some 25-30 years ago and I from the Toronto area, Province of Ontario, Canada are deeply involved in genealogy. To date we have accumulated over 8,500 names from numerous branches of both the McAleer and McAlear clans which are related, the members of which come from Canada, U.S.A., Ireland, Scotland and Australia.

There are quite a few branches (over 300 different families) for which we cannot find a common tree. To achieve our goal of fitting the family branches into their respective trees, we must obtain as much data as is possible on our ancestors. Considerable updating has been accomplished but we still have not achieved our goal. The over 8500 names include spouses and their children over a span of 10 generations. Our project is strictly a retirement hobby and we would appreciate receiving any data which we could compare with that already registered in my computer. Who knows? We may already have some of your ancestors on file. It should be noted that my oldest known ancestor, Patrick from whom evolved over 1000 direct descendants is considered as being one family of the 300 (there are actually over 1500 names in this file). I am still unable to trace his parents and siblings as well as his birthplace in Tyrone Co. He was born in 1785, married Ann McIlrone, and came to Canada with 9 children in the 1820's.

Paul McAlear

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