County Fermaagh 

1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment
- Sorted By Parish - and Townland -

The files have been broken down into smaller charts, from the original supplied by Vynette Sage.
Campbell, James Trory Ballycassidy 1825
Campbell, Thomas Trory Ballycassidy 1825
Frazer, Alexr. Trory Ballycassidy 1825
Hamilton, Widow Trory Ballycassidy 1825
McBride, John Trory Ballycassidy 1825
McCreevy, Jas. Trory Ballycassidy 1825
McDonald, John Trory Ballycassidy 1825
McMulchan, John Trory Ballycassidy 1825
Robinson, John Trory Ballycassidy 1825
Steeles, James Trory Ballycassidy 1825
McKeown, Henry Trory Car Island 1825
Irwin, Robert Trory Cloghbolley 1825
Irwin, William Trory Cloghbolley 1825
McMahan, Hugh Trory Cloghbolley 1825
McMahan, John Trory Cloghbolley 1825
McMahon, Bernd. Trory Cloghbolley 1825
Scallen, George Trory Clogbolley 1825
Boyle, Phelix Trory Conerick 1825
Carrins, John Trory Conerick 1825
Carrol, Anne Trory Conerick 1825
Carron, John Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Felix Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Hugh Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Owen, sen. Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Pat Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Patk., sen. Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Philip Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, William Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Owen, jun. Trory Conerick 1825
Corrin, Thos. Trory Conerick 1825
Deery, Edward Trory Conerick 1825
Deery, Edward Trory Conerick 1825
Frith, Alexr. Trory Conerick 1825
McManus, John Trory Conerick 1825
Nixon, Robt Trory Conerick 1825
Seery, Mathew Trory Conerick 1825
Young, J.R., Rev. Trory Creenahan ? 1825
Crozier, Ralph Trory Derryargon 1825
Logan, Robert Trory Derryargon 1825
Rennick, Major Trory Derryargon 1825
Scott, bapts. Trory Derryargon 1825
Acheson,.... Trory Derrygore 1825
Dowd, James Trory Derrygore 1825
Frith, Samuel Trory Derrygore 1825
Friths, William Trory Derrygore 1825
Irwin, Widow Trory Derrygore 1825
McBrearty, Christopher Trory Derrygore 1825
Sheels, Charles Trory Derrygore 1825
Tolen, Edward Trory Derrygore 1825
Armstrong, Thomas Trory Derryinch 1825
Frith, Richd. Trory Derryinch 1825
Frith, Widow Trory Derryinch 1825
Irwin, George Trory Derryinch 1825
McGandy, Edwd. Trory Derryinch 1825
Ball, Francis Trory Drumcoo 1825
Ball, Richd. Trory Drumcoo 1825
Frith, John Henry Trory Drumcoo 1825
Frith, Samuel Trory Drumcoo 1825
Byers, James Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Johnston, William Trory Drumgarrow 1825
McQuade, Danl. Trory Drumgarrow 1825
McQuade, William Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Nelson, James Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Nelson, Thomas Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Vance, Daniel Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Ball, William Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Betty, Samuel Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Brady, Widow? Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Early, Thomas Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Friths, John Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Greene, John Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Hurst, John Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Irwin, Christopher Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Macartney, John Trory Kilmacormick 1825
McCartney, James Trory Kilmacormick 1825
McDonald. Edwd. Trory Kilmacormick 1825
McManus, John Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Mulheron, Thomas Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Beggs, Matthew Trory Laragh 1825
Betty, Widow? Trory Laragh 1825
Campbell, Thomas Trory Laragh 1825
Halliday, John Trory Laragh 1825
Jervis, Robert Trory Laragh 1825
Johnston, Francis Trory Laragh 1825
Johnston, George Trory Laragh 1825
Johnston, Widow Trory Laragh 1825
McKenna, Hugh Trory Laragh 1825
McMulchan, John Trory Laragh 1825
Reilly, W. Trory Laragh 1825
Archdall, Edwd, Esq. Trory Long Island 1825
Connor, Charles Trory Long Island 1825
Edwards, Simon Trory Long Island 1825
Hall, William Trory Long Island
Hall, Wm. Trory Long Island 1825
Hicks, Edward Trory Long Island 1825
Hicks, James Trory Long Island 1825
Irwin, Robert Trory Long Island 1825
Johnston, James Trory Long Island 1825
McHugh, Thomas Trory Long Island 1825
Nowlands, Wm. Trory Long Island 1825
Spratt, James Trory Long Island 1825
Spratt, John Trory Long Island 1825
Spratt, Thomas Trory Long Island 1825
Spratt, William Trory Long Island 1825
Young, Rbt. Trory Long Island 1825
Archdall, Edward, Esq. Trory Shanmulla 1825
Armstrong, James Trory Shanmulla 1825
Armstrong, William Trory Shanmulla 1825
Brenan, Hugh Trory Shanmulla 1825
Campbell, Thos. Trory Shanmulla 1825
Cassidy, Molush Trory Shanmulla 1825
Dogerty, Bernd. Trory Shanmulla 1825
Frazer, Alexander Trory Shanmulla 1825
Grainger,...... Trory Shanmulla 1825
Henderson, Samuel Trory Shanmulla 1825
Johnston, David Trory Shanmulla 1825
Johnston, James Trory Shanmulla 1825
Johnston, John Trory Shanmulla 1825
Johnston, Widow Trory Shanmulla 1825
Kennedys, James Trory Shanmulla 1825
Keowns, James Trory Shanmulla 1825
Kernahan, William Trory Shanmulla 1825
McAloon, Denis Trory Shanmulla 1825
McAloons, Anthony Trory Shanmulla 1825
McDonald, John Trory Shanmulla 1825
McDonald, John Trory Shanmulla 1825
McKew, Bernd. Trory Shanmulla 1825
McNamee, Robt. Trory Shanmulla 1825
Scollen, John Trory Shanmulla 1825
Campbell, David Trory Trory 1825
Crozier, John Trory Trory 1825
Crozier, Robert Trory Trory 1825
Graham, Christph. Trory Trory 1825
Graham, James Trory Trory 1825
Graham, John Trory Trory 1825
Graham, Robert Trory Trory 1825
Graham, Thomas Trory Trory 1825
Hudson, Alexr. Trory Trory 1825
Humphrys, Clare Trory Trory 1825
Little, Johnston Trory Trory 1825
Little, Thomas Trory Trory 1825
Thompson, Robert Trory Trory 1825
Young, Robert Trory Trory 1825
Armstrong, Thomas Trory Tullyavey 1825
Hillard, George Trory Tullyavey 1825
Hillard, John, jun. Trory Tullyavey 1825
Hillard, William Trory Tullyavey 1825
Hillards, Guy Trory Tullyavey 1825
Hillards, John Trory Tullyavey 1825
Hillards, Noble Trory Tullyavey 1825
Irwin, Robert Trory Tullyavey 1825
Potters, James Trory Tullyavey 1825
Robinson, William Trory Tullyavey 1825
Archdall, Edward, Esq. Trory Tullyloan 1825
Crozier, James Trory Tusna(Trasna) Island 1825
Crozier, Robert Trory Tusna Island 1825
Crozier, Thomas Trory Tusna Island 1825
Friths, Alexander Trory Tusna Island 1825
Galbraith, Capt. Trory Tusna Island 1825
Guy, John Trory Tusna Island 1825
Kelly, John Trory Tusna Island 1825
Maginney, Farrel Trory Tusna Island 1825
Magobrick, Patrick Trory Tusna Island 1825
Magregor, Mary Trory Tusna Island 1825
Dooris, Thomas Trory Urbil 1825
Farrell, William Trory Urbil(Urbal) 1825
Masterson, Myles Trory Urbil 1825
Masterson, Patk. Trory Urbil 1825
Megaherns, Chas. Trory Urbil 1825
Megaherns, Thomas Trory Urbil 1825
Scollen, Widow Trory Urbil 1825
Sweeny, Myles Trory Urbil 1825
Sweenys, Danl. Trory Urbil 1825

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