County Fermaagh 

1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment
- Sorted By Parish - and Townland -

The files have been broken down into smaller charts, from the original supplied by Vynette Sage.
Cassidy, Peter Magheraculmoney Aughagafort(Aghagaffert) 1828
Law, Andrew Magheraculmoney Aughagafort 1828
McFarland, Archibald Magheraculmoney Aughagafort 1828
McFarland, John Magheraculmoney Aughagafort 1828
McGaverns, Mr. Magheraculmoney Aughagafort 1828
Morris, Owen Magheraculmoney Aughnagafort 1828
Owens, Patrick Magheraculmoney Aughagafort 1828
Armstrong, Archibald Magheraculmoney Aughaleague(Aghaleague) 1828
Breen, Catherine Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Edward Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Francis Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Henry Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, James Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Thomas Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Wm. Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Brown, William Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Browne, John Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Conikan, Francis Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Conikan, William Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Cooper, James Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Irvine, ......... Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Irvine, W. Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Leghan, George Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
McAleer, Murtagh Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Philips, James Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Brandon,......... Magheraculmoney Aughama(Aghama) 1828
Jenkins,....... Magheraculmoney Aughama 1828
Patterson,..... Magheraculmoney Aughama 1828
Brown, John Magheraculmoney Augharinny(Agharainy) 1828
Brown, Patrick Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Gilchrist, John Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Irvine, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Irvine, James Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Jenkin, John Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Maguire, Neil Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Maxwell, Robt. Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
McAleer, Jas. Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Morris, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Muldoon, Lanty Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Owens, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Owens, James Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Betty, Mrs? Magheraculmoney Aughinver(Aghinver) 1828
Betty, Christr. Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
Crozier, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
Guinness, James Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
Guinness, Jas. Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
Guinness, Robt. Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
McKenna, James Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
Atthill, W., Rev Magheraculmoney Ardees 1828
Jenkin, Jas. Magheraculmoney Ardees 1828
Preston, George Magheraculmoney Ardees 1828
Brien, Lowther Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
Irvine, Daniel Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
McGolrick, Michael Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
McGrade, Cormick Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
Walker, John Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
Walmesly, Edward Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
Lundy, Thomas Magheraculmoney Ballinant(Ballynant) 1828
Martin, Andrew Magheraculmoney Ballinant 1828
Sproul, John Magheraculmoney Ballinant 1828
Sproul, Robert Magheraculmoney Ballinant 1828
Hamilton, Geo. Magheraculmoney Barney Lacken 1828
Humphreys, John Magheraculmoney Cawdy(Cady) 1828
Donnelly, Bernard Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena(Carrickagreany) 1828
Donnelly, Felix Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena 1828
Donnelly, Owen Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena 1828
Donnelly, Pat. Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena 1828
Donnelly, Peter Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena 1828
Donnelly, Terence Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena 1828
Gallagher, Pat. Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena 1828
Mallon, James Magheraculmoney Carricknagrena 1828
Adams, William Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Beacom, Geo. Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Bell, Hugh Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Bell, John Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Graham, Robt. Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Humphreys, John Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Marshall, James Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
McGuire, Jas. Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Archdall, Genl. Magheraculmoney Clonisgarrow 1828
Richardson, Jno., Rev. Magheraculmoney Clonismeen Island 1828
Law, Thomas Magheraculmoney Cloy 1828
McNulty, Michael Magheraculmoney Cloy 1828
Simpson, John Magheraculmoney Cloy 1828
Kettles, William Magheraculmoney Cornacray(Cornacrea) 1828
Weir, John Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Weir, John Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Wilson, Edward Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Wilson, John Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Archdall, Genl. Magheraculmoney Crevinashaughey 1828
Cannon, John Magheraculmoney Crivenish(Crevinish) 1828
Humphreys, Thomas Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Humphreys, William Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Irvine, Chas. Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Keenan, James Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
McCart, Hugh Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
McCauley, John Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
McGuire, Bernard Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
McGuire, John Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
McManus, James Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
McQuade, Henry Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, James Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, John Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, Richard Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, Robert Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Gallagher, Fras. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
Gallagher, Fras. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
Gallagher, Owen Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
McQuade, James Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
McQuade, Jno. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
Young, James Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
Young, William Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
Acheson, Thos. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Amery, James Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Amery, Wm. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Armstrong, A. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Barton, Oliver Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Doylan, Edward Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Osbourne, George Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Spear, W. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Ingram, David Magheraculmoney Crumchose 1828
Ingram,.......... Magheraculmoney Deveny Cappy(Diviny ?) 1828
Ingram, David Magheraculmoney Deveny Cappy 1828
Ingram, George Magheraculmoney Deveny Cappy 1828
Ingram, William Magheraculmoney Deveny Cappy 1828
Aiken, Alexr. Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Bell, John Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Brandon, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Mackay, John Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Mackay, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Maguire, John Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
McDermott, William Magheraculmoney Drumadraghey 1828
Humphreys, Chr. Magheraculmoney Drumard 1828
Guinness, James Magheraculmoney Drumard Rock 1828
Guinness, Robt. Magheraculmoney Drumard Rock 1828
Archdall, Chas. Magheraculmoney Drumbane 1828
Humphreys, Johnston Magheraculmoney Drumbane 1828
Balfour, Jas. Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Humphreys, Chr. Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Maguire, Hugh Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
McCabe, Charles Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
McGuire, Robt. Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
McManus, Francis Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Monaghan, Bernard Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Monaghan, Francis Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Nilly, Michael Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Connor, Miles Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey(Drumcahy) 1828
Connor, Tom. Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Ingram, David Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Johnston, Miss. Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Johnston, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Martin, Mr. Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
McMullan, Alexander Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Ormsby, Dick Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Walmesly, Edward Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Walmesly, George Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Walmesly, Hugh Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Chittick,...... Magheraculmoney Drumchose(Drumcose) 1828
Crozier, Chas. Magheraculmoney Drumchose 1828
Crozier, James Magheraculmoney Drumchose 1828
McGinniss, Daniel Magheraculmoney Drumchose 1828
McGinniss, Paddy Magheraculmoney Drumchose 1828
McMulkin, Ned Magheraculmoney Drumchose 1828
Monaghan, O. Magheraculmoney Drumchose 1828
Betty, James Magheraculmoney Drumchrun(Drumcrin) 1828
Betty, John Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Betty, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Betty, Walter Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Hamilton, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Jenkin, Lanty Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Caffrey, Antony Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Connell, James Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Cowan, Edward Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Hickey, Mark Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Kairens, Samuel Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Keown, Edward Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
McCullon, Hugh Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
McCullon, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
McCullon, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
McGaverans, Thos. Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
McGaverns, William Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
McQuade, Michael Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Quinn, Joseph Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Thompson, Nicholas Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Wilson, Thos. Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Crawford, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Humphreys, Bernard Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Humphreys, Johnston Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Irvine, Mr. Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Johnson, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Johnston, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Johnston, Thos. Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Kyle, Alexander Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Lundy, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
McCurran, Christopher Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Morrow, George Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Brandon, James Magheraculmoney Drumchunny(Drumhoney ?) 1828
Cochran, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Graham, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Henry, Hugh Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Hoey, William Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Johnston, Walter Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Maguire, Jas. Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Maguire, Terry Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Brien, Jas. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Chittick, Christr. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Connolly, Pat. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Hughes, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Magee, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
McDermott, John Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Moore, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Muldoon, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Morris, John Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Noble, Dan. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Irvine, James Magheraculmoney Drummiagh ?? 1828
Little, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
Little, John Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
McDonagh, Gerrard Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
McGurran, Charles Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
McGurran, Michael Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
McGurran, Pat. Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
McLaughlin, Michael Magherculmoney Drummiagh 1828
McLaughlin, Pat. Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
Noble, George Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
Doran, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Howard, John Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Magee, Ter. Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
McConnell, Arthur Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
McConnell, Francis Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
McConnell, John Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Muldoon, John Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Phillippen, William Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Phillippen, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Sharp, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Swift, William Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Termoth, John Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Creighton, Henry Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush(Drumnacross) 1828
Magee, Pat. Mageraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
Maguire, Bernard Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
Maguire, Patrick Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
Maguire, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
McGolrick, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
McQuade, Owen Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
Trotter, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumnarullagh 1828
Junkin, Irvine Magheraculmoney Drumnarullagh 1828
Knox, John Magheraculmoney Drumnarullagh 1828
Knox, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumnarullagh 1828
Magee, Bernard Magheraculmoney Drumnarullagh 1828
Maguire, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumnarullagh 1828
Corry, Mrs? Magheraculmoney Drumrainy(Drumreane) 1828
Gallagheer, Michael Magheraculmoney Drumrain 1828
Guinness, William Magheraculmoney Drumrain 1828
McCabe, John Magheraculmoney Drumrain 1828
Muldoon, Christopher Magheraculmoney Drumrain 1828
Carleton, John Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Carleton, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Elliott, John Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Little, Jno. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Little, John Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Maguire, Mr. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
McCue, Francis Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
McCue, Pat. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
McDonaghey, John Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Monaghan, Owen Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Noble,....... Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Amery, George Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Amery, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Craig, Pat. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Funston, Andrew Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Knox, John Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Knox, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Knox, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
McCusker, O. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
McDane,......... Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
McFarland,..... Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Melly, ........ Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Brien, James Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Connelly, Patrick Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Donnelly, Daniel Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Elliott, Christr. Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Gormly, Hugh Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Grinn, James Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Irvine, Daniel Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Irvine, Thomas Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Johnston, Charles Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Johnston, Christr. Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Johnston, Jas. Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Magee, ......... Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Magee, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Magee, Bernard Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Magee, Oliver Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
McGavern, Francis Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Owens,......... Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Phillippin, Wm. Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Scallin, Hugh Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Gibson, Geo. Magheraculmoney Ednaclyhe 1828
Gibson, Henry Magheraculmoney Ednaclyhe 1828
Gibson, Oliver Magheraculmoney Ednaclyhe 1828
Irvine, Capt. Magheraculmoney Ednaclyhe 1828
Monaghan, Rodger Magheraculmoney Ednaclyhe 1828
Boyle, Archibald Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Bratton, Saml. Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Cooper, Jas. Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Cooper, John Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Cooper, William Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Elliott, John Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Graham, Edward Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Niddery, Alexr. Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Niddery, John Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Owens, Jas. Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Armstrong, Jas. Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Connolly, James Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Corrigan, James Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Dooras, Terence Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Elliott, Wm. Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Fitzpatrick, Tom. Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Johnston, John Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
McMullan, Tom Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Muldoon, Thos. Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Whitton, John Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Armstrong, Adam Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, George Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, Wm. Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Bell, James Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Bell, Jas. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Bell, Wm. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Fitzpatrick, Jas. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Fitzpatrick, William Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Fitzpatrick, Wm. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Graham, Henry Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Little, James Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Milligan, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Monaghan, O. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Brown, James Magheraculmoney Upper Ednamohill 1828
Brown, John Magheraculmoney Upper Ednamohill 1828
Cane, Jas. Magheraculmoney Upper Ednamohill 1828
Muldoon, Owen Magheraculmoney Upper Ednamohill 1828
Muldoon, Christr. Magheraculmoney Fargram 1828
Muldoon, John Magheraculmoney Fargram 1828
Breen, Hugh Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Owen Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Pat Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Philip Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Teague Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Thomas Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Evans, Robt. Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Gormly,.......... Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Hemphill, Patrick Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Hemphill, Timothy Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Keys, Andrew Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Keys, Bryan Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Keys, Charles Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Keys, Wm. Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
McGirr, Edward Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
McGrath, James Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
McGrure,....... Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
McKervey,......... Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Robinson, James Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Robinson, Wm. Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Sproul, Edward Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Whitaker, Thomas Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Humphreys, Christopher Magheraculmoney Gortran(Gorteen ?) 1828
Johnston, Oliver Magheraculmoney Gortran 1828
McCaffrey, Patrick Magheraculmoney Gortran 1828
Muldoon, Francis Magheraculmoney Gortran 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Gortran 1828
Acheson, William Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Allingham, William Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Archdall, E. Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Graham, Andrew Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Martin, Christopher Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Muldoon, Pat. Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Armstrong, Irvine Magheraculmoney Gulladough(Goladoo) 1828
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Donnelly, Michael Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Monaghan, Cormick Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Monaghan, Felix Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Owens, John Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Irvine, W. Magheraculmoney Innismakill Island 1828
Sproul, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Killalay 1828
Armstrong, Christopher Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Boyle, James Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Gallagher, Hugh Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Gallagher, James Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Gallagher, John Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Gallagher, Michael Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Gallagher, Owen Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Gallagher, Thomas Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Gallagher, Thos. Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
McCarney, Patrick Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Moffat, Irvine Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Owens, ........ Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Sharp, John Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Evans, Matthew Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Evans, Robert Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Evans, Robt. Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Evans, William Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Johnston, John Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, John Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, Robert Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, Tom Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, William Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Virtue, William Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Birtner, William Magheraculmoney Lackaboy 1828
Cassidy, John Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Gallagher, Owen Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Irvine, Charles Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Johnston, Andrew Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Johnston, William Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Kelly, Miles Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Maguire, Charles Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Maguire, John Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McCarron, Owen Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McCusker, Farry Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McCusker, Felix Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McGee, John Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McGuire, Bryan Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McGuire, Pat. Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McGuire, Dominick Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McPike, Pat. Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McQuade, Dudley Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
McQuade, Pat. Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Quade, Terry Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Armstrong,.. Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828
Carlton, Anthony Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828
Morrison,..... Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828
McKee, Thos. Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828
Sludden,....... Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828
Hamilton, George Magheraculmoney Leehan(Leaghan) 1828
Irvine, Chas. Magheraculmoney Leehan 1828
Johnston, Samuel Magheraculmoney Leehan 1828
Maguire, Hugh Magheraculmoney Leehan 1828
Magire, P. Magheraculmoney Leehan 1828
O'Donnell, O. Magheraculmoney Leehan 1828
Irvine, James Magheraculmoney Letterboy 1828
Johnston, John Magheraculmoney Letterboy 1828
Keys, Hugh Magheraculmoney Letterboy 1828
McGrory, Hugh Magheraculmoney Letterboy 1828
Balfour, Alexander Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
Cochran, John Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
McGuire, John Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
Muldoon, Patrick Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
Donnelly, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
Killy, Terence Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McCaffrey, Anthony Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McCaffrey, Bernard Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McCaffrey, Phillip Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McCaffrey, Thomas Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McGuire, Arthur Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McGuire, Conny Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McGuire, John, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
McGuire, William Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
Morrow, Felix Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
Brandon,......... Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Chittick,...... Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Irvine, Gerrard Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Irvine, William Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Johnston,....... Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
McGolrick, Michael Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Robinson,............ Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Trotter, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Armstrong, Andrew Magheraculmoney Maynoo 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Maynoo 1828
Hamilton, Archibald Magheraculmoney Maynoo 1828
Johnston, John Magheraculmoney Maynoo 1828
McGregor, John Magheraculmoney Maynoo 1828
Corrans, John Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
Gallagher, Murtagh Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
Gallagher, Owen Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
Gallagher, Pat. Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
Gowan, Christ. Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
McEllroy, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
McGolrick, Bryan Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
McQuade, Pat. Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
McQuade, Phill. Magheraculmoney Munmore 1828
Dougherty, John Magheraculmoney Muldoon? 1828
Armstrong, Richard Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Robinson, Arthur Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Simpson, John Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Vance, Thos. Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Corrikan, John Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Donnelly, Francis Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Donnelly, Michael Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Fodigan, Nicholas Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Knox, Andrew Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Knox, James Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Knox, John Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Knox, Thomas Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
McCarron, Wm. Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
McDonagh, Hugh Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
O'Neill, Fras. Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Owens, Terence Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Rea, Andrew Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Flynn, John Magheraculmoney Mulnasegart 1828
Hamilton, Geo. Magheraculmoney Mulnasegart 1828
Maguire, Bernard Magheraculmoney Mulnasegart 1828
McEnerran, Walter Magheraculmoney Mulnasegart 1828
Walmsley, Charles Magheraculmoney Mulnasegart 1828
Campbell, Hugh Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
Donnelly, Patrick Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
Gallagher, Hugh Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
Gallagher, James Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
O'Donnell, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
O'Donnell, Hugh Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
O'Donnell, John Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
Lindsay, John Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
McAlinn, John Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
McAlinn, Joseph Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
McGregor, Gerrard Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
McGregor, James Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
McGregor, Robert Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
McQuade, James Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
McManus, Philip Magheraculmoney Rabbit Island 1828
Magee, Patrick Magheraculmoney Raw 1828
McAlcorn, Jane Magheraculmoney Raw 1828
McAlister, Francis Magheraculmoney Raw 1828
McAlister, Peter Magheraculmoney Raw 1828
McCann, Cobby Magheraculmoney Raw 1828
McManus, Jas. Magheraculmoney Raw 1828
Acheson, William Magheraculmoney Roscagh 1828
Acheson, Guy Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Acheson, John Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Acheson, William Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Archdall, C. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Archdall, E. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Archdall, Edward, Esq. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Connor, Francis Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Corriston, Andry Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Daly, Anthony Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Dane, William Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Doonan, John Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Graham, Chas. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Humphreys, Thomas Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Johnston, Dr. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Lloyd, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
McCaffrey, James Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
McCaffrey, Owen Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
McEllhoney, Charles Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
McEnnan, Humphrey Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
McGuire, James Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
McGuire, Manus Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Morrow, Widow Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Owens, John Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Slevin, Terence Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Thornton, Joseph Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Ward, Patrick Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Maguire, Con. Magheraculmoney See Muldoon(Sheemuldoon) 1828
Maguire, James Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Maguire, Jas. Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Maguire, John Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Maguire, Patrick Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Maguire, Phill Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McAleer, Andrew Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McCann, Bryan Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McCann, Hugh Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McDermott, John Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McGilly, Andrew Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McGirr, Francis Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McGirr, Michael Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
McGirr, Owen Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Millon, Mrs. Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Millon, Neil Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Millon, Norah Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Millon, Patrick Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Morris, Felix Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Rea, Andrew Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Betty, Oliver Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Evans, William Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Keys,.......... Magheraculmoney Shannahone 1828
Virtue, James Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Wilson, Charles Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Watson,......... Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Bell, Thomas Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Graham, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Graham, Arthur Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Howard, Henry Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Howard, Thomas Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Simpson, Thomas Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Barton, O. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe(Stranadarriff ?) 1828
Brandon, Connor Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Fitzpatrick, Wm. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Gallagher, P. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Gallogly, Owen Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Gallogly, P. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Gilchrist,..... Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Hemphill, John Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Hemphill, Oliver Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Irvine, John Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Irvine, Wm. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Johnston, John Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
McCosker, Terence Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
McLaughlin,......... Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Owen, Low. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Virtue, Robert Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Weir, Robert Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Weir, Robert Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Junkin, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St. George 1828
Martin, Alexr. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St.George 1828
Armstrong, Thos. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St. George 1828
Brandon, Chr. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St. George 1828
Morrow, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St.George 1828
Stewart, Thomas Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St. George 1828
Auchenlick, Rev? Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Auchenlick, John Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Gallagher, Francis Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Hughes, Robert Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
McGrath, John Magheraculmoney Tullyculrick 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Rowe, William Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Armstrong, Adam Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Christ. Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Irvine Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Jas. Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Richard Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Thos. Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Dimolas, Thomas Magheraculmoney Tulnaguigy 1828
Graham, William Magheraculmoney Tulnaguigy 1828
Keys, Henry Magheraculmoney Tulnaguigy 1828
Brandon, John Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Johnston, Robert Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Morrow, George Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmesly, Hamilton Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmesly, James Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmesly, Robert Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmesly, William Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Archdall, Genl. Magheraculmoney White Island 1828

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