County Fermaagh 

1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment
- Sorted By Parish - and Townland -

The files have been broken down into smaller charts, from the original supplied by Vynette Sage.
Bleakley, Andw. Magheracross Ardgart 1829
Corran, Henry Magheracross Ardgart 1829
McCosker, Bryan Magheracross Ardgart 1829
Adams, Alexr. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Adams. Thos. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Adams, William Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Carlan, James Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Chapman, Andw. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Chapman, George Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Clark, Widow? Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Corrigan, Widow? Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Coulter, Andw. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Coulter, Joseph Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Coulter, William Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Elliot, John Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Elliot, William Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Fairis, Joseph Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Ferguson, Widow Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Graham, John Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Lee, Edward Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Lee, Robt. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Liviston,......... Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Logan, Patrick Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCosker, Bryan Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCosker, Dominick Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCosker, Edwd. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCosker, John Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCosker, Philip Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCosker, Redmond Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCosker, Widow Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McCusker, Peter Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
McQuade, Widow Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Miars, Thos. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Mitchel, Andw. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Murphy, Thos. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Wilson, James Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Armstrong, Thos. Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Bitty, Corry Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Brown, Thos. Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Crozier, Andw. Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Donely, James Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Elliot, Andw. Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
McCalfey, James Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Bogs, Edwd. Magheracross Bara 1829
Brown, Little Magheracross Bara 1829
Brown, William Magheracross Bara 1829
Coulter, Archy Magheracross Bara 1828
Curly, Owen Magheracross Bara 1829
Doyle, Thos. Magheracross Bara 1829
Henderson, Joseph Magheracross Bara 1829
Irwin, John, Rev. Magheracross Bara 1829
Kerr, Thos. Magheracross Bara 1829
McCullough, James Magheracross Bara 1829
McGowan, Lowdy Magheracross Bara 1829
McManus, Chas. Magheracross Bara 1829
McManus, Mary Magheracross Bara 1828
McSorly, Owen Magheracross Bara 1829
Mitchel, William Magheracross Bara 1829
Neal, James Magheracross Bara 1829
Phillips, John Magheracross Bara 1829
Betty, Andw. Magheracross Bigh 1829
Betty, Guy Magheracross Bigh 1829
Breadon, Robt. Magheracross Bigh 1829
Breen, Patrick Magheracross Bigh 1829
Deragh, Chas. Magheracross Bigh 1829
Donely, Patrick Magheracross Bigh 1829
Fife, Thos. Magheracross Bigh 1829
Fife, William Magheracross Bigh 1829
McAnespie, Patrick Magheracross Bigh 1829
McBryan, Thos. Magheracross Bigh 1829
McCan, John Magheracross Bigh 1829
McCan, Michael Magheracross Bigh 1829
McGloughin, Terance Magheracross Bigh 1829
McGloughlin, Fras. Magheracross Bigh 1829
McGloughlin, Owen Magheracross Bigh 1829
McGloughlin, tague Magheracross Bigh 1829
Coulter, Andw. Magheracross Carnhill 1829
Farry, Andw. Magheracross Carnhill 1829
Farry, Andw. Magheracross Carnhill 1829
Little, Saml. Mageracross Carnhill 1829
Black, James Magheracross Cavan 1829
Burnside,.......... Magheracross Cavan 1829
Farry, James Magheracross Cavan 1829
Farry, Patk. Magheracross Cavan 1829
Irvine, Christr. Magheracross Cavan 1829
Irvine, Francis Magheracross Cavan 1829
Irvine, Wm. Magheracross Cavan 1829
Kiduey, William Magheracross Cavan 1829
Kirk, Andrew Magheracross Cavan 1829
Logan, John Magheracross Cavan 1829
McManus, James Magheracross Cavan 1829
McManus, Robt. Magheracross Cavan 1829
McManus, Widow Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, Hugh Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, John Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, Joseph Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, Widow Magheracross Cavan 1829
Armstrong, William Magheracross Cavanaleck 1829
Corran, Henry Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Donnelly, Henry Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Donnelly, James Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Donnelly, John Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Donnelly, Patrick Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Donnelly, Widow Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Fox, Patrick Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Galaher, Patrick Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Green, Patrick Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Green, Thomas Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Irwin, John, Rev. Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Love, John Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Love, Pattk., sen. Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Love, Thomas Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Scallon, John Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Scallon, Owen Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Lilly, James Magheracross Cavancarraw 1829
Elliot, Andw. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Elliot, Hugh Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Elliot, John Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Gardner, Peter Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Graham, John Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
McCleland, John Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
McCleland, Wm. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
McCleland, Wm., sen. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Char. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Char., sen. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, John Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, John Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Joseph Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Robt. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Thos. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Armorson, Saml. Magheracross Coa 1829
Betty, Frd. Magheracross Coa 1829
Burty, James Magheracross Coa 1829
Cavanagh, John Magheracross Coa 1829
Donely, John, jun. Magheracross Coa 1829
Donely, John, sen. Magheracross Coa 1829
Farry, Bernard Magheracross Coa 1829
Farry, James Magheracross Coa 1829
Farry, Michael Magheracross Coa 1829
Galoughin, Michael Magheracross Coa 1829
Galoughin, Michl. Magheracross Coa 1829
Graham, Crozier Magheracross Coa 1829
Hunter, Andw. Magheracross Coa 1829
Hunter, James Magheracross Coa 1829
Hunter, James, sen. Magheracross Coa 1829
Hunter, Robt. Magheracross Coa 1829
Hunter, William Magheracross Coa 1829
Hunter, Wm., sen. Magheracross Coa 1829
Kenedy, Stephen Magheracross Coa 1829
McCabe, Hugh Magheracross Coa 1829
McCabe, John Magheracross Coa 1829
McCabe, Willm. Magheracross Coa 1829
McCan, James Magheracross Coa 1829
McManus, Patk. Magheracross Coa 1829
McNeavry, Patk. Magheracross Coa 1829
McQuade, Art. Magheracross Coa 1829
Morisey, Thos. Magheracross Coa 1829
Paterson, Thos. Magheracross Coa 1829
Armstrong, Robert Magheracross Coolgarron 1829
Irvine, Alexr. Magheracross Coolgarron 1829
Irvine, David Magheracross Coolgarron 1829
Irvine, John Magheracross Coolgarron 1829
Muldoon, Danl. Magheracross Coolgarron 1829
Anderson, James, jun. Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Anderson, James, sen. Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Anderson, John Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Anderson, Joseph Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Breen, James Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Breen, John Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Elliot, George Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Elliot, John Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Elliot, John Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Craghan 1829
Boosby, Henry Magheracross Craghan 1829
Brown, James Magheracross Craghan 1829
Cowan, John Magheracross Craghan 1829
Crozier, Andw. Magheracross Craghan 1829
Ferris, Abraham Magheracross Craghan 1829
Fife, James Magheracross Craghan 1829
Fife, Margaret Magheracross Craghan 1829
Hoins, Fras. Magheracross Craghan 1829
Hoins, James Magheracross Craghan 1829
Hurst, George Magheracross Craghan 1829
Hurst, George, jun. Magheracross Craghan 1829
Hurst, John Magheracross Craghan 1829
Lindrum, George Magheracross Craghan 1829
McManamen, Andw. Magheracross Creghan 1829
Monaghan, John Magheracross Craghan 1829
Amorson, James Magheracross Crorkins 1829
Coz, Thos. Magheracross Crorkins 1829
Vance, William Magheracross Crorkins 1829
Wilson, James Magheracross Crorkins 1829
Armstrong, Chas. Magheracross Curren 1829
Armstrong, Edwd. Magheracross Curren 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Curren 1829
Campbell, Henry Magheracross Curren 1829
Corrigan, William Magheracross Curren 1829
Graham, Thos. Magheracross Curren 1829
Henderson, Abthy. Magheracross Curren 1829
Henderson, James Magheracross Curren 1829
Henderson, John Magheracross Curren 1829
Henderson, Wm. Magheracross Curren 1829
Hurst, Edwd. Magheracross Curren 1829
Hurst, John Magheracross Curren 1829
Irvine, James Magheracross Curren 1829
Irvine, John Magheracross Curren 1829
Irvine, Wm. Magheracross Curren 1829
Johnston, James Magheracross Curren 1829
Kidry, George Magheracross Curren 1829
Kirk, Jas. Magheracross Curren 1829
Logan, Hugh Magheracross Curren 1829
Logan, Wm. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Anty. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Edwd. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, George Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, James Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Thomas Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Thos. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Wm. Magheracross Curren 1829
Anderson, George Magheracross Derroghan 1829
Harding, David Magheracross Derroraghan 1829
Liddle, John Magheracross Derroghan 1829
Robinson, John Magheracross Derroraghan 1829
Smyth, John Magheracross Derroraghan 1829
Smyth, Thomas Magheracross Derroraghan 1829
Amorson, Jas. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Amorson, Saml. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Farry, John Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Gallagher, Owen Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Gallagher, Thos. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
McCan, Michl. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
McQuade, Pattk. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Morrison, Thos. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Pursby, Jas. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Wilson, James Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Woods, Andw. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Armstrong, James Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Armstrong, Rich. Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Armstrong, William Magheracross Drumbulkin 1829
Brown, Henry Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Brown, John Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Brown, William Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Henderson, George Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Henderson, Robt. Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Henderson, Wm. Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Irvine, George Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Machel, Phill. Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Moffit, Thos. Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Ritch, James Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Armstrong, Robt. Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Gallagher, Michl. Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Henderson, Geo. Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Henderson, John Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Henderson, Margt. Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Henderson, Robt. Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Hoins, John Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Johnston, John Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Kidry, John Magheracross Drumconis 1829
McCosker, Hugh Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Spratt, James Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Williams, James Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Henderson, William Magheracross Drumconlin? 1829
McKerry, John Magheracross Drumconlin? 1829
Ralston, James Magheracross Drumconlin? 1829
Brown, Joseph Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Campbell, John Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Coulter, William Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Hoey, John Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Johnston, John Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Kidry, William Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Machel, James Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Robinson, Joseph Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Ball, Joseph Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Campbell, Fras. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Campbell, Robt. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Fife, James Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Fife, John Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Fife, Robt. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Gibson, Thos. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Graham, Robt. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Johnston, John Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Kidry, George Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Kidry, Lanty Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Murry, Owen Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Reid, Nicholas Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Robinson, Alexr. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Scallan, Edwd. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Whitaker, Mrs. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Anderson, Widow? Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Armstrong, Fras. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Betty, James Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Betty,Thos. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Breen, John Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Corrigan, James Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Dawson, Irwin Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Elliot, Willm. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Fair, William Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Forster, Edwd. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Gibson, Richd. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Hurst, George Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Kerr, Moor Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Magivern, Wm. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
McCabe, John Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
McCalfry, James Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Neely, Thos. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Reed, Edwd. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Anderson, William Magheracross Drummory 1829
Betty, Corry Magheracross Drummory 1829
Breen, Widow? Magheracross Drummory 1829
Campbell, Henry Magheracross Drummory 1829
Campbell, Richard Magheracross Drummory 1829
Campbell, Thos. Magheracross Drummory 1829
Campbell, William Magheracross Drummory 1829
Crozier, Andw. Magheracross Drummory 1829
Crozier, Robt. Magheracross Drummory 1829
Doyle, Lawrance Magheracross Drummory 1829
Hughes, Mick. Magheracross Drummory 1829
Hurst, John Magheracross Drummory 1829
Hurst, William Magheracross Drummory 1829
Keon, Patrick Magheracross Drummory 1829
Kidry, John Magheracross Drummory 1829
Koin, Patrick Magheracross Drummory 1829
Wilson, John Magheracross Drummory 1829
Woods, Hugh Magheracross Drummory 1829
Armstrong, Alexr. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Armstrong, Chrs. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Armstrong, John, jun. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Armstrong, John, sen. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Betty, Thos. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Corrigan, Arthur Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Corrigan, James Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Corrigan, Thos. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Cowan, James Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Crooks, Edwd. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Davison, James Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Johnston, John Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Liddy, James Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Liddy, John Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Neely, Thos. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Nixon, Roger Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Robinson, John Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Wilson, William Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Anderson, Wm. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Betty, Chas. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Betty, William Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Betty, Wm., jun. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Braslin, James Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Brown, John Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Brown, Robert Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Dick, Hugh Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Elliot, James Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Elliot, Wm. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Irvine, Wm. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
McAnirn,.......... Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
McAnirn, Humphy Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
McCosker, Thos. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
McGowan, Patk. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
McGowan, Robt. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Robinson, Wm. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Elliot, James Magheracross Ferny 1829
Elliot, John Magheracross Ferny 1829
Gibson, Wm. Magheracross Ferny 1829
Hurst, William Magheracross Ferny 1829
Kidry, John Magheracross Ferny 1829
Kidry, Widow Magheracross Ferny 1829
McIntegart, Patk. Magheracross Ferny 1829
Moore, William Magheracross Ferny 1829
Whitaker, George Magheracross Ferny 1829
Clark, George, jun. Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Clark, George, sen. Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Clark, John Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Corrigan, Widow? Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Hetherington, James Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Hethrington, John Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Johnston, John Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Luper, Deboragh Magheracross Glenconra 1829
McQuade, James Magheracross Glenconra 1829
Archdall, Edwd. Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Armstrong, Arthur Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Johnston, John Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
McConnel, James Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Noble, Adam Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Nolbe, William Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Betty, Crozier Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, Rowland Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, Rowland, jun. Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, William Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Corr, Francis Magheracross Kilmitten 1829
Corrigan, Thos. Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Donnelly, Saml. Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Farry, John Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Green, John Magheracross Kilmitten 1829
Little, William Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
McCan, Michl. Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
McCann, James Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
McMulthin, John Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
McQuade, James Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
McQuade, Phelix Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Mulworngh, Patrick Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, Robert Magheracross Killee 1829
Boyd, Robt. Magheracross Killee 1829
Breen, Henry Magheracross Killee 1829
Breen, Henry Magheracross Killee 1829
Dogerty, Andw. Magheracross Killee 1829
Dogerty, Patk. Magheracross Killee 1829
Dowdy, Henry Magheracross Killee 1829
Faires, Thos. Magheracross Killee 1829
Fairy, Domnick Magheracross Killee 1829
Fairy, Thomas Magheracross Killee 1829
Hardy, John Magheracross Killee 1829
Hardy, William Magheracross Killee 1829
Higgins, James Magheracross Killee 1829
Higgins, Patk. Magheracross Killee 1829
Kirk, Joseph Magheracross Killee 1829
McAliper, John Magheracross Killee 1829
McAliper, Michl. Magheracross Killee 1829
McAliper, Patk. Magheracross Killee 1829
McAliper, Thomas Magheracross Killee 1829
McAliper, Thos. Magheracross Killee 1829
McGrory, William Magheracross Killee 1829
McMulihin, Patrick Magheracross Killee 1829
McMulikin, Edwd. Magheracross Killee 1829
McQuade, John Magheracross Killee 1829
McQuade, Patk. Magheracross Killee 1829
Bowles, Thos. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Fair, Alexr. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Fair, Edward Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Farry, James Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Fowler, Robt. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Gibosn, Geo. Magheracross Knockmannoul 1829
Graham, Francis Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Graham, James Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Graham, John Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Graham, John, jun. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Graham, Robt. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Graham, Thos. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Graham, William Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
McClane, James Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
McCleland, Lettitia Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
McCleland, Robert Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
McCleland, Widow Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
McCourly, John Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
McCrackin, Richd. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Montgomery, James Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Black, John Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Boyd, Hugh Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Crow, Robert Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Ellis, William Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Hetherington, Christopher Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
McCanna, William Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
McGregor, Noble Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Noble, Robert Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Noble, Thomas Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Noble, William Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Breen, George Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Breen, William Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Coor, Francis Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Galagher, Dennis Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Hall, John Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Hall, Joseph Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Kirnan, Michl. Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Lindsay, Barry Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Lindsy, John Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Linduim, George Magheracross Magharamp 1829
McBryan, Hugh Magheracross Magharamp 1829
McCosker, Francis Magheracross Magharamp 1829
McManus, Nancy Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Robinson, Christ. Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Bleakly, Chas. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, Henry Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, John Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, Joseph Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, Thos. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Corry, Alexr. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Corry, Chas. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Corry, Edwd. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Corry, Jameas Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Corry, Nathl. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Graham, Thos. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Jones, Edwd. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Masterson, Hugh Magheracross Mullaghman 1829
Masterson, John Magheracross Mullaghman 1829
McBryan, Taby Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
McScollog, Thos. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Montgomery, Andrew Magheracross Mullaghman 1829
Portins, Charles Magheracross Mullaghman 1829
Scallan, Chas. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Spratt, John Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Wilson, William Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Gorrell, Joseph Magheracross Nonus 1829
Armstrong, Widow? Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, George Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, Henry Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, John Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, Robert Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, William Magheracross Relagh 1829
Elliott, Robert Magheracross Relagh 1829
Little, Widow Magheracross Relagh 1829
Logan, James Magheracross Relagh 1829
Andrew, Arthur Magheracross Salloon 1829
Armstrong, James Magheracross Salloon 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Salloon 1829
Armstrong, William Magheracross Salloon 1829
Boyle, Philix Magheracross Salloon 1829
Breen, Henry Magheracross Salloon 1829
Breen, William Magheracross Salloon 1829
Brown, Thomas Magheracross Salloon 1829
Cadan, John Magheracross Salloon 1829
Corrigan, James Magheracross Salloon 1829
Crozier, Andrew Magheracross Salloon 1829
Demery, William Magheracross Salloon 1829
Donnelly, Henry Magheracross Salloon 1829
Dowlin, James Magheracross Salloon 1829
Farry, James Magheracross Salloon 1829
Finlay, William Magheracross Salloon 1829
Henderson, George Magheracross Salloon 1829
Hones, Patrick Magheracross Salloon 1829
Howe, Francis Magheracross Salloon 1829
Hurst, James Magheracross Salloon 1829
Jervis, Abraham Magheracross Salloon 1829
Leard, George Magheracross Salloon 1829
Liddy, John Magheracross Salloon 1829
McAleer, Andrew Magheracross Salloon 1829
McAleer, John Magheracross Salloon 1829
McCarty, Michael Magheracross Salloon 1829
McFarland, George Magheracross Salloon 1829
McQuade, John Magheracross Salloon 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Salry 1829
Blake, Pattk. Magheracross Salry 1829
Breen, John Magheracross Salry 1829
Cadan, Henry Magheracross Salry 1829
Cadan, Hugh Magheracross Salry 1829
Cadan, James Magheracross Salry 1829
Cadan, Rowland Magheracross Salry 1829
Cracton, Robert Magheracross Salry 1829
Elliot, Michael Magheracross Salry 1829
Elliott, Robert Magheracross Salry 1829
Graham, James Magheracross Salry 1829
Johnston, John Magheracross Salry 1829
Little, James Magheracross Salry 1829
McArin, Hugh Magheracross Salry 1829
Mitchel, John Magheracross Salry 1829
Scoles, Mary Magheracross Salry 1829
Wetherington, Gerrard Magheracross Salry 1829
Wilson, William Magheracross Salry 1829
Armstrong, Francis Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Bahum, Edward Magheracross Seesagh 1829
Corrigan, Thomas Magheracross Sessnagh 1829
Henderson, George Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Henderson, Hugh Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Hethrington, Thomas Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Irvine, Watty Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Irvine, Wm. Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Maguire, Hugh Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Marshall, Samuel Magheracross Sessagh 1829
McCarny, John Magheracross Sessagh 1829
McCarny, Patrick Magheracross Sessagh 1829
McGregor, James Magheracross Sessagh 1829
McManus, John Magheracross Sessagh 1829
O'Donnell, Hugh Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Roe, Thomas Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Sweeny, William Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Aiken, Thomas Magheracross Sherdian 1829
Mosgrove, William Magheracross Sherdian 1829
Aiken, Robert Magheracross Sydare 1829
Archibald, Edward Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, Edward Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, Robert Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, Thomas Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, William Magheracross Sydare 1829
Booth, George Magheracross Sydare 1829
Cowan, Thomas Magheracross Sydare 1829
Dixon, Ralph Magheracross Sydare 1829
Donnelly, Anthy. Magheracross Sydare 1829
Doyle, Thomas Magheracross Sydare 1829
Forster, William Magheracross Sydare 1829
Henderson, John G. Magheracross Sydare 1829
Henderson, William Magheracross Sydare 1829
Hethrington, Christopher Magheracross Sydare 1829
Johnston, Joseph Magheracross Sydare 1829
Kerr, John Magheracross Sydare 1829
Martin, Robert Magheracross Sydare 1829
McGorman, Thomas Magheracross Sydare 1829
Noble, William Magheracross Sydare 1829
Richey, James Magheracross Sydare 1829
Stinson, Andrew Magheracross Sydare 1829
Wilson, Alexander Magheracross Sydare 1829
Wilson, John Magheracross Sydare 1829
Hurst, Anthony Magheracross Telerane 1829
Hurst, George Magheracross Telerane 1829
Hurst, Mitchel Magheracross Telerane 1829
Hurst, Widow Magheracross Telerane 1829
Hurst, William Magheracross Telerane 1829
Irvine, Alexr. Magheracross Telerane 1829
Morrison, Anthony Magheracross Telerane 1829
Porter, James Magheracross Telerane 1829
Somerville, George Magheracross Telerane 1829
Somerville, Gerrard Magheracross Telerane 1829
Somerville, Robert Magheracross Telerane 1829
Wilson, Thomas Magheracross Telerane 1829

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