County Fermaagh 

1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment
- Sorted By Parish - and Townland -

The files have been broken down into smaller charts, from the original supplied by Vynette Sage.
Anderson, Hugh Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Anderson, John Killesher Drumduff 1828
Anderson, William Killesher Drumduff 1828
Archer, James Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Armstrong, John Killesher Bumderlodge 1828
Armstrong, John Rev. Killesher Drummuck 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Killesher Colehill 1828
Atcheson, Wilson Killesher Coolacrim 1828
Beatty, Henry Killesher Drumduff 1828
Beatty, Isabella Killesher Killybrackin 1828
Beatty, James Killesher Killybrackin 1828
Beatty, John Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Beatty, Thomas Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Bell, Jane Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Berry, Robert Killesher Clinarsen 1828
Blair, William Killesher Curragh 1828
Blair, William Killesher Drumcard 1828
Blair, William Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Boles, John Killesher Clinatumpher 1828
Boles, William Killesher Macken 1828
Bowles, Andrew Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Bowles, James Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Boyd, William Killesher Curragh 1828
Bracken, Andrew Killesher Crusmurrin 1828
Bracken, Andrew Killesher Legnahorna 1828
Bracken, Edward Killesher Lanmore 1828
Bracken, Edward Killesher Salisgrove 1828
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Drumsillagh 1828
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Leefan 1828
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Screen 1828
Bracken, John Killesher Doonens 1828
Bracken, John Killesher Lisderry 1828
Bracken, John Killesher Lismooley 1828
Bracken, Richard Killesher Derrylester 1828
Bracken, William Killesher Crusmurrin 1828
Bracken, William Killesher Lismooley 1828
Brackin, Andrew Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Brackin, Hugh Killesher Drumgague 1828
Brackin, Hugh Killesher Drumhack 1828
Brackin, James Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Brackin, John Killesher Curragh 1828
Brackin, John Killesher Drumgague 1828
Brackin, John Killesher Gorteen 1828
Brackin, Richard Killesher Curragh 1828
Brackin, Richard Killesher Marlbank 1828
Brady, Daniel Killesher Lisderry 1828
Brady, James Killesher Lisderry 1828
Brady, John, Rev. Killesher Drummuck 1828
Brady, Thomas Killesher Lisderry 1828
Brady, William Killesher Lisderry 1828
Breen, William Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Brennan, Thomas Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Browne, George Killesher Greentown 1828
Browne, Henry Killesher Drumcannon 1828
Browne, James Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Browne, John Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Browne, John Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Browne, William Killesher Killybrackin 1828
Buchannon, John Killesher Moher 1828
Burley, Elizabeth Killesher Carragoley 1828
Burley, James Killesher Biha 1828
Burley, Margaret Killesher Carragoley 1828
Burley, Thomas Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Burly, James Killesher Drumsillagh 1828
Burly, Thomas Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Burnside, James Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Carney, Mary Killesher Caranreagh 1828
Carney, Patt. Killesher Killykeeran 1828
Carron, James Killesher Macken 1828
Carron, Jane Killesher Macken 1828
Carron, John Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Carron, Manus Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Carron, Phillip Killesher Drumsuill 1828
Carron, William Killesher Drumsuill 1828
Carson, Edward Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Carson, James Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Carson, John Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Carson, Samuel Killesher Greentown 1828
Carson, Thomas Killesher Greentown 1828
Carson, William Killesher Clintyfearagh 1828
Carson, William Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Cassidy, Andrew Killesher Macken 1828
Cassidy, James Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Cassidy, Patt. Killesher Curragh 1828
Cassidy, Patt. Killesher Gorteen 1828
Cassidy, Patt. Killesher Moneen 1828
Cathright, James Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Cathright, John Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Cathrite, Edward Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Caulter, George Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Chambers, Andrew Killesher Killyblane 1828
Chambers, Andrew Killesher Lismooley 1828
Chambers, John Killesher Clinarsen 1828
Chambers, John Killesher Colchill 1828
Chambers, Robert Killesher Legnavigh 1828
Chambers, Thos. Killesher Killyblane 1828
Chambers, William Killesher Killyblane 1828
Clarey, Patt. Killesher Wheathill 1828
Clarey, Thomas Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Clary, Cornelius Killesher Wheathill 1828
Clary, Francis Killesher Colehill 1828
Clary, Michael Killesher Cardaragh 1828
Coffey, James Killesher Cararagh 1828
Coffey, John Killesher Cardaragh 1828
Coffey, Robert Killesher Cardaragh 1828
Connor, Bryan Killesher Greentown 1828
Corrigan, James Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Corrigan, John Killesher Colehill 1828
Corrigan, John Killesher Drumsuill 1828
Corrigan, John Killesher Gortermone 1828
Corrigan, Owen Killesher Drumsuill 1828
Corrigan, Patt. Killesher Gortaree 1828
Corrigan, Patt. Killesher Wheathill 1828
Corrigan, Phillip Killesher Gortermone 1828
Corrigan, Phillip, jun. Killesher Gortermone 1828
Corrigan, Thomas Killesher Gortermone 1828
Corrigan, Thomas, jun. Killesher Gortermone 1828
Corrin, Patt Killesher Edenmore 1828
Cox, John Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Cox, Mary Killesher Blunisk 1828
Cox, Philip Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Crawford, Henry Killesher Tullyhona 1828
Crawford, James Killesher Tullyhona 1828
Cunningham, John Killesher Clinatumpher 1828
Davis, John Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Dolan, Bryan Killesher Gortaree 1828
Dolan, Patt. Killesher Dreean 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Killesher 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Marlbank 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Moneen 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Mullaghbawn 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Rabbit Island 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Rosay 1828
Echlin, Charles, Rev. Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Elliott, James Killesher Clionagh (2) 1828
Elliott, James Killesher Clionagh (3) 1828
Elliott, James Killesher Curriene 1828
Elliott, James Killesher Finlane 1828
Elliott, James Killesher Marlbank 1828
Elliott, James Killesher Mullaghbawn 1828
Elliott, John Killesher Marlbank 1828
Elliott, Richard Killesher Leefan 1828
Elliott, Robert Killesher Clionagh (3) 1828
Elliott, Robert Killesher Curragh 1828
Elliott, Robert Killesher Marlbank 1828
Elliott, Robert Killesher Rosay 1828
Elliott, Thomas Killesher Marlbank 1828
Elliott, Thomas Killesher Mullaghbawn 1828
Elliott, Thomas Killesher Tullyhona 1828
Elliott, William Killesher Clionagh (3) 1828
Elliott, William Killesher Gortatole 1828
Elliott, William Killesher Legg 1828
Ellis, James Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Ellis, Thomas Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Bookfield 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Bumderlodge 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Killesher 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Marlbank 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Moneen 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Mullaghbawn 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Rabbit Island 1828
Enniskillen, Earl of Killesher Rosay 1828
Faire, James Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Faire, Richard Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Faire, William Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Farlow, Goerge Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Farlow, John Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Farlow, Mary Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Farmer, Matthew Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Farquahar, John Killesher Clionagh 1828
Farquahar, John Killesher Curragh 1828
Farry, Mary Killesher Colchill 1828
Farry, Patt. Killesher Colchill 1828
Farry, Peter Killesher Colchill 1828
Fausett, Francis Killesher Blunisk 1828
Fausett, Robert Killesher Blunisk 1828
Fee, Bryan Killesher Gortaree 1828
Fee, Owen Killesher Gortaree 1828
Finlay, John Killesher New Tate 1828
Fitzgerald, Mark Killesher Greentown 1828
Flanagan, David Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Frazor, James Killesher Carradrennan 1828
Gadber, Joseph Killesher Tully 1828
Gaddis, William Killesher Drumcard 1828
Gallagher, Francis Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Geddis, Elizabeth Killesher Coolacrim 1828
Geddis, Elizabeth Killesher Drumclownish 1828
Geddis, Elizabeth Killesher Drumsillagh 1828
Geddis, Henry Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Geddis, James Killesher Drumduff 1828
Geddis, John Killesher Crockenrow 1828
Geddis, Joseph Killesher Tully 1828
Geddis, Robert Killesher Drumduff 1828
Geddis, Robert Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Geddis, William Killesher Drumduff 1828
Gileece, Bryan Killesher Gortaree 1828
Gileece, Patt. Killesher Gortaree 1828
Gileen, Owen Killesher Trimaghagh 1828
Gilgun, Owen Killesher Derryholagh 1828
Gilleece, Roger Killesher Trustan 1828
Gilleele, Owen Killesher Trimaghaugh 1828
Godber, Joseph Killesher Killybrackin 1828
Gordon, Thomas Killesher Edenmore 1828
Gott, Andrew Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Grayden, Thomas Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Gregg, John Killesher Blunisk 1828
Grey, Patt. Killesher Colchill 1828
Gutridge, Thomas Killesher Gorteen 1828
Guttridge, Thomas Killesher Colchill 1828
Guttridge, Thomas Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Hadgins, James Killesher Tattanomona 1828
Hall, Michael Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Hassard, Wm. Killesher Gortatole 1828
Headgins, James Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Headgins, Thomas Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Heyvey, Charles Killesher Drumcannon 1828
Heyvey, Thomas Killesher Drumcannon 1828
Hicks, Robert Killesher Biha 1828
Hicks, Widow Killesher Biha 1828
Hill, Stephen Killesher Carrakeerah 1828
Hill, Stephen Killesher Killyblane 1828
Hodgins, Thomas Killesher Edenmore 1828
Hullaghan, John Killesher Caranreagh 1828
Hullaghan, Neilus Killesher Caranreagh 1828
Hullaghan, Phillip Killesher Caranreagh 1828
Hullaghon, John Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Hultaghan, Denis Killesher Aughnahoo 1828
Hultaghan, Denis Killesher Curragh 1828
Hultaghan, Denis Killesher Curragh 1828
Hultaghan, James Killesher Aughnahoo 1828
Hultaghan, James Killesher Curragh 1828
Hultaghan, John Killesher Clionagh 1828
Hultaghan, Patt. Killesher Cohen 1828
Hultaghan, Teague Killesher Dreean 1828
Hurst, George Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Hurst, Thomas Killesher Carragoley 1828
Irwin, John Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Irwin, Robert Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Irwin, Thomas Killesher Greentown 1828
Irwin, Thomas Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Irwin, Thomas, jun. Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Irwin, William Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Johnston, Adain Killesher New Tate 1828
Johnston, Alexander Killesher Carradrennan 1828
Johnston, Andrew Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Johnston, Andrew Killesher Douhat 1828
Johnston, andrew Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Johnston, Andrew Killesher New Tate 1828
Johnston, George Killesher Carragoley 1828
Johnston, Hugh Killesher Aughinran 1828
Johnston, Hugh Killesher Douhat 1828
Johnston, Hugh Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Johnston, Hugh Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Aughinran 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Carragoley 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Cohen 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Curragh 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Douhat 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Drummuck 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Drumsillagh 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Johnston, John Killesher Tullyhona 1828
Johnston, Robert Killesher Drummuck 1828
Johnston, Thomas Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Johnston, William Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Jones, Charles Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Keenan, Thomas Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Keenan, William Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Kenedy, Henry Killesher Drumhack 1828
Kerr, Alexander Killesher Curragh 1828
Kerr, Alexander Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Kerr, George Killesher Coolatrain 1828
Kerr, George Killesher Curragh 1828
Kerr, James Killesher Cardaragh 1828
Kerr, James Killesher Curragh 1828
Kerr, James Killesher Curragh 1828
Kerr, James Killesher Moneen 1828
Kerr, John Killesher Aughnahoo 1828
Kerr, John Killesher Lisderry 1828
Kerr, John Killesher Wheathill 1828
Kerr, Robert Killesher Liscally 1828
Kerr, Widow Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Kerr, Widow Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Kerr, Widow Killesher Mulnahunshen 1828
Kerr, William Killesher Clionagh 1828
Kerr, William Killesher New Tate 1828
Kilbellan, John Killesher Drumgague 1828
Kilbride, James Killesher Erviny 1828
Lang, Edward Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Leonard, Arthur Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Leonard, Arthur, jun. Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Leonard, John Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Leonard, John Killesher New Tate 1828
Leonard, Patt. Killesher New Tate 1828
Leonard, Rose Killesher Gollough 1828
Leonard, Terry Killesher New Tate 1828
Leonard, William Killesher Gollugh 1828
Little, Edward Killesher Mullaghbawn 1828
Little, George Killesher Drumcard 1828
Little, James Killesher Mullaghbawn 1828
Logan, Edward Killesher Derrylester 1828
Logan, James Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Lunney, James Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Lunney, James Killesher Trustan 1828
Lunney, Mary Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Lunney, Robert Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Lunney, Robert, jun. Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Lunney, William Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Lynch, Richard Killesher Drumclownish 1828
Lyons, Michael Killesher Killykeehan 1828
Magee, Bryan Killesher Colchill 1828
Magee, Cormick Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Magee, Denis Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Magee, James Killesher Colchill 1828
Magee, Richard Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Maginny, John Killesher Greentown 1828
Magnen, Michael Killesher Trimagagh 1828
Magnen, Patt. Killesher Trimagagh 1828
Magonal, Michael Killesher Macken 1828
Magonal, Owen Killesher Macken 1828
Magrath, Daniel Killesher Wheathill 1828
Magrath, James Killesher Drumcard 1828
Magrath, James Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Magrath, Mark Killesher Edenmore 1828
Magrath, Owen Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Magrennary, John Killesher Macken 1828
Magrorty, Hugh Killesher Drummuck 1828
Magrunary, Terence Killesher Macken 1828
Maguire, Bridget Killesher Erviny 1828
Maguire, Bryan Killesher New Tate 1828
Maguire, Charles Killesher Curragh 1828
Maguire, Charles Killesher Gorteen 1828
Maguire, Charles Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Maguire, Charles Killesher Kilnameal 1828
Maguire, Daniel Killesher Greentown 1828
Maguire, Denis Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Maguire, Edward Killesher Erviny 1828
Maguire, Felix Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Maguire, Felix, jun. Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Maguire, James Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Maguire, John Killesher Drumsuill 1828
Maguire, Margaret Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Maguire, Michael Killesher Derryholagh 1828
Maguire, Michael Killesher Killykeehan 1828
Maguire, Patt Killesher Derryholagh 1828
Maguire, Patt Killesher Drumcannon 1828
Maguire, Patt Killesher Erviny 1828
Maguire, Patt Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Maguire, Patt, jun. Killesher Drumcannon 1828
Maguire, Peter Killesher Erviny 1828
Maguire, Phillip Killesher Erviny 1828
Maguire, Roger Killesher Killykeehan 1828
Maguire, Roger Killesher Kilnameal 1828
Maguire, Terence Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Maguire, Terry Killesher Keeltine 1828
Maguire, Thomas Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Maguire, Thomas Killesher Macken 1828
Maguire, Thomas Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Maguire, William Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Magurn, Michael Killesher Trimagaugh 1828
Magurn, Patrick Killesher Trimagaugh 1828
Martin, John Killesher Lismooley 1828
Martin, Widow Killesher Lismooley 1828
Mathers, James Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
McAlennen, Terry Killesher Drummuck 1828
McCaffery, Edward Killesher Drumcannon 1828
McCaffery, Loughlin Killesher Trustan 1828
McCaffery, Neill Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
McCaffery, Neill Killesher Trustan 1828
McCaffery, Patt Killesher Trustan 1828
McCaffery, Sarah Killesher Keeltine 1828
McCaffery, Thomas Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
McCaffery, Thomas Killesher Trustan 1828
McCaffrey, Cornelius Killesher Edenmore 1828
McCaffrey, Jns. Killesher Edenmore 1828
McCaffry, Condy Killesher Clintymullen 1828
McCaffry, Terence Killesher Drumcannon 1828
McCauley, Mary Killesher Drumcannon 1828
McCauly, Phillip Killesher Drumcannon 1828
McCauly, Phillip Killesher Greentown 1828
McCawley, Catherine Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
McCawley, Patt. Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
McCawley, Patt. Killesher Trustan 1828
McCawley, Thomas Killesher Macken 1828
McCawly, Bryan Killesher New Tate 1828
McCawly, Edward Killesher New Tate 1828
McCawly, John Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McCawly, Michael Killesher New Tate 1828
McCawly, Patt Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
McCawly, Peter Killesher Tattanamona 1828
McCawly, Robert Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
McCawly, Terry Killesher Liscally 1828
McDonagh, John Killesher Druminiskil 1828
McDonald, John Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
McHugh, Mathew Killesher Macken 1828
McKearnan, Patt. Killesher Lismooley 1828
McKee, Matthew Killesher Macken 1828
McKena, James Killesher Greentown 1828
McKena, Phillip Killesher Greentown 1828
McKue, John Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McKue, Mary Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McKue, Michael Killesher Greentown 1828
McKue, Widow Killesher Drumcannon 1828
McKutcheon, Chas. Killesher Druminskil 1828
McManus, Bernard Killesher Curragh 1828
McManus, Daniel Killesher Derraward 1828
McManus, Elanor Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McManus, James Killesher Keeltine 1828
McManus, James Killesher Killykeehan 1828
McManus, James Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
McManus, Margt. Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McManus, Michael Killesher Drumcannon 1828
McManus, Michl. Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McManus, Patt. Killesher Clintymullen 1828
McManus, Patt. Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McManus, Patt. Killesher Edenmore 1828
McManus, Patt. Killesher Killykeehan 1828
McManus, Richard Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
McManus, Sarah Killesher Clintymullen 1828
McManus, Thomas Killesher Derryholagh 1828
McManus, Thomas Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
McManus, Thomas Killesher Tullyhona 1828
McPartland, Thos. Killesher Killykeehan 1828
Milles, John Killesher Davhat 1828
Milles, Robert Killesher Coolchill 1828
Moffit, John Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Moffit, Thomas Killesher Clinatumpher 1828
Moffitt, Andrew Killesher Linemoyle 1828
Monaghan, Charles Killesher Curragh 1828
Monaghan, Charles Killesher Gorteen 1828
Monaghan, James Killesher Curragh 1828
Monaghan, James Killesher Macken 1828
Monaghan, Robert Killesher Curragh 1828
Monaghan, Thomas Killesher Macken 1828
Moore, James Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Morton, James Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Muldoon, James Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Muldoon, James Killesher New Tate 1828
Mullanaphy, Cecil Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Mullanaphy, Daniel Killesher New Tate 1828
Mullanaphy, Elanor Killesher Greentown 1828
Mullanaphy, Frances Killesher New Tate 1828
Mullanaphy, Frank Killesher Greentown 1828
Mullanaphy, James Killesher Greentown 1828
Mullanaphy, Michael Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Mullanaphy, Patt Killesher Gortaree 1828
Mullanaphy, Patt Killesher New Tate 1828
Murphy, Michael Killesher Keeltine 1828
Murphy, Patt Killesher Drumhack 1828
Murphy, Patt Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Murphy, Thos. Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Murphy, William Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Murphy, William Killesher Drumhack 1828
Murphy, William Killesher Gollough 1828
Murray, Patt Killesher Derryvrane 1828
Myles, Andrew Killesher Drumhack 1828
Myles, James Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Myles, John Killesher Legnavigh 1828
Myles, John Killesher New Tate 1828
Myles, Patt. Killesher New Tate 1828
Myles, Robert Killesher Carragoley 1828
Neill, Robert Killesher Lismooley 1828
Nixon, Thomas Killesher Marlbank 1828
Nixon, William Killesher Blunisk 1828
Nixon, William Killesher Culintraugh 1828
Nixon, William Killesher Curragh 1828
Nixon, William Killesher Marlbank 1828
O'Neill, Patt Killesher Drumcannon 1828
Owens, Thomas Killesher Wheathill 1828
Parker, Thomas Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Plunkett, Hugh Killesher Drumgague 1828
Plunkett, John Killesher Drumgague 1828
Plunkett, Thomas Killesher Trustan 1828
Powell, John Killesher Dreean 1828
Powell, Thomas Killesher Drummuck 1828
Price, John Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Price, Robert Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Rasdall, William Killesher Marlbank 1828
Read, Edward Killesher Clionagh 1828
Read, John Killesher Gortaree 1828
Read, Thomas Killesher Curragh 1828
Read, Thomas Killesher Gortaree 1828
Reilly, Owen Killesher New Tate 1828
Rielly, Hugh, Rev. Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Roberts, John Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Rorke, Owen Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Scott, Widow Killesher Macken 1828
Sheanon, Edward Killesher Clintyfearagh 1828
Shearson, Samuel Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Sheridan, John Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Sheridan, Thomas Killesher Dreean 1828
Stafford, Thomas Killesher Gorteen 1828
Staffort, Thomas Killesher Curragh 1828
Terence, Shannon Killesher Drumcard 1828
Thompson, Andrew Killesher Coolacrim 1828
Thompson, Edwd. Killesher Crockenrow 1828
Thompson, Hugh Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Thompson, Robert Killesher Coolacrim 1828
Thompson, William Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Timble, Andrew Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Trimble, John Killesher Legnavigh 1828
Trimble, John Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Veitch, William Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Wade, William Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Wallace, Elizabeth Killesher Gortmaconnel 1828
Wallace, Elizabeth Killesher Mulnahunshen 1828
Wallace, George Killesher Gortgullenon 1828
Wallace, George Killesher Gortmaconnel 1828
Wallace, Oliver Killesher Gortmaconnel 1828
Wallace, William Killesher Mulnahunshen 1828
Walls, James Killesher Gollough 1828
Walmesley, James Killesher Edenmore 1828
Walmesley, Robert Killesher Edenmore 1828
Wamsley, James Killesher Curriene 1828
Wamsley, Thomas Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Wamsley, William Killesher Curriene 1828
Wamsley, William Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Wellis, John Killesher Douhat 1828
White, John Killesher Carrakeeran 1828
Willis, Anne Killesher Rorkefield 1828
Willism Edward Killesher Rorkefield 1828
Willis, George Killesher Moneen 1828
Willis, John Killesher Aughnahoo 1828
Willis, John Killesher Clinarsen 1828
Willis, John Killesher Curragh 1828
Willis, John Killesher Rorkefield 1828
Willis, Robert Killesher Colchill 1828
Willis, Robert Killesher Curragh 1828
Willis, Robert Killesher Gortgullenon 1828
Wilson, Alexander Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Wilson, Alexander Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Wilson, Andrew Killesher Lismooley 1828
Wilson, Hugh Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Wilson, James Killesher Wheathill 1828
Wilson, Sandy Killesher Corghrim? 1828
Wray, Robert Killesher Marlbank 1828

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