County Fermaagh 

1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment
- Sorted By Parish - and Townland -

The files have been broken down into smaller charts, from the original supplied by Vynette Sage.
Abercromby, Wm. Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
Alcok, Geo. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Allingham, Edwd., Esq. Inishmacsaint Brallagh 1834
Armstrong, Andw. Inishmacsaint Rosslane 1834
Armstrong, Anthony Inishmacsaint Rosslane 1834
Armstrong, C. Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
Armstrong, E. Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Armstrong, E. Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Armstrong, Simon Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Armstrong, Thomas Inishmacsaint Favagh 1834
Atcheson, Robt. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Atcheson, W. Inishmacsaint Aughamore and Callow 1834
Atcheson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Tullybelcoo 1834
Atchison, A. Inishmacsaint Dramore 1834
Atchison, Robt. Inishmacsaint Blackslee 1834
Atchison, W. Inishmacsaint Drumadoonain 1834
Atchison, Wm. Inishmacsaint Dramara 1834
Baily, Wm. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Barton, Robt. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Birney, Adam Inishmacsaint Ardgart 1834
Birney, Chas. Inishmacsaint Ardees Upper 1834
Blair, Edward Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Bonner, Edward Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Bothwell, Hugh Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Branley, Chas. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Brannan, David Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
Brock, John Inishmacsaint Killymore 1834
Brock, Robt. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Brock, Thomas Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Brock, Thos. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Brouster, Robert Inishmacsaint Adrees Upper 1834
Brouster, Widow? Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Bruce, Margt. Inishmacsaint Carrowhill 1834
Burns, David Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Burns, Gerrard Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Burns, James Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Burs, Wm. Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Burtin, Pat. Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Camel, John Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
Camel, Mick. Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
Cammel, P. Inishmacsaint Drumlasleen 1834
Campbell, B. Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Campbell, B. Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Campbell, John Inishmacsaint Derrynaharven 1834
Campbell, Pat. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Campbell, Wm. Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Carbury, Michl. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Carnell, Danl. Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Carnell, Michl. Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Carnell, Owen Inishmacsaint Drumataphin 1834
Carnell, Pat Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Carroll, Rev? Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Carron, Felix Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Carron, Thomas Inishmacsaint Gartnalee Beg 1834
Carty, James Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Cassidy, M. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Cassidy, P. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Cassidy, Widow? Inishmacsaint Sandhill 1834
Cassody, Felix Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Cathcart, Allen Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Cathcart, John Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Cathcart, Thomas Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Clarke, Miles Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
Cockburne, John Inishmacsaint Bolusty Beg 1834
Corran, Felix Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
Corran, John Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Corrigan, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Corrigan, James Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Corrigan, John Inishmacsaint Leeter 1834
Corrigan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Leeter 1834
Corrigan, Thomas Inishmacsaint Leeter 1834
Corrigane, James Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Cowen, Jas. Inishmacsaint Ardess Upper 1834
Cowen, Widow? Inishmacsaint Ardees Upper 1834
Cox,........... Inishmacsaint St. Catherine 1834
Cox, Owen Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Cox, Owen Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Cox, Terry Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Cox, Thos. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Craig, James Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Craig, James Inishmacsaint Sandhill 1834
Criggan, Widow Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
Crook, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Crook, Geo. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Crook, Geo. Inishmacsaint Rocks 1834
Crook, James, jun. Inishmacsaint Rosslane 1834
Crook, James, sen. Inishmacsaint Rosslane 1834
Crook, Robt. Inishmacsaint Rocks 1834
Crozier, John Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Cunnian, Widow Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Curran, Jas. Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Curran, John Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Dane, James Inishmacsaint St. Catherine 1834
Dane, Mathew Inishmacsaint Whial Hill 1834
Dane, Widow? Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Davies, Phillip Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Daw, James Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Daw, John Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Daw, Michael Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Dawley, James Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
Dermott, Jas. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Dixon, William Inishmacsaint Corry West 1834
Dixon, William Inishmacsaint Drumlasleen 1834
Dobins, John Inishmacsaint Drumenagabeg 1834
Dolan, Bryan Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Dolan, Bryan Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Dolan, J. Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Dolan, James Inishmacsaint Derrynacrush West 1834
Dolan, James Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Dolan, James Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Dolan, James Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Dolan, Jas. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Dolan, John Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Dolan, John Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Dolan, John, jun. Inishmacsaint Derrynacrush West 1834
Dolan, John, sen. Inishmacsaint Derrynacrush West 1834
Dolan, Lance Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Dolan, M. Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Dolan, Owen Inishmacsaint Dromore 1834
Dolan, Owen Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Dolan, Owen Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Dolan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Derrynacrush West 1834
Dolan, Thomas Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Dolan, Thos. Inishmacsaint Derrynacrush West 1834
Dolan, Thos. Inishmacsaint Garvaross 1834
Doogan, John Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Doogan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Doogan, Phil. Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Dougherty, Sgt. Inishmacsaint Drumlasleen 1834
Earles, Frank Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Earles, Frederic Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Earles, George Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Earles, John Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Early, Owen Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Elliott, Gobl. Inishmacsaint Derryvahan 1834
Elliot, Geo. Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Elliott, James Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
Elliott, James Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Elliott, James Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Elliott, Jas. Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Elliott, John Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Elliott, John Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Elliott, Pat. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Elliott, Simon Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Elliott, Thos. Inishmacsaint Favagh 1834
Elliott, Thos. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Elliott, Wm. Inishmacsaint Claragh 1834
Elliott, Wm. Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Elliott, Wm. Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Ellis, Thos. Inishmacsaint Gartnalee Beg 1834
Fallis, Thos. Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Farry, Thos. Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
Feely, John Inishmacsaint Tullynanny 1834
Ferguson, A. Inishmacsaint Larglinny 1834
Ferguson, Andrew Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Ferguson, Danl. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Ferguson, Danl. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Ferguson, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Ferguson, John Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher Beg 1834
Ferguson, Matthew Inishmacsaint Derrynaharven 1834
Ferguson, Terry Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Ferguson, Thomas Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Ferguson, Walter Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
Ferguson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Derrynaharven 1834
Feris, A. Inishmacsaint Favagh 1834
Feris, M. Inishmacsaint Favagh 1834
Feris, Thomas Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Feris, Wm. Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Ferris, C. Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Ferris, Jas. Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Fetch, John Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Fitch, James Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Flagherty, John Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Flanagan, Mr. Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Flanagan, Ambrose Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Flanagan, Bernard Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Flanagan, Bryan Inishmacsaint Tullybelcoo 1834
Flanagan, Denis Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Flanagan, M. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Fletcher, John Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Fletcher, Widow Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Fletcher, Widow Inishmacsaint Claragh 1834
Flin, Pat. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Ford, James Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Fowler, James Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Fowler, James Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Fox, Darby Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Foy, Bryan Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Foy, James Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Foy, John Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Foy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Foy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Frassy, Frank Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Frassy, James Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Frassy, James Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Frassy, James Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Frassy, James, jun. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Frassy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Frassy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Frassy, Thomas Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Friafsy, James Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
Friafsy, Michl. Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
Friafsy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
Gallagher, Chas. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Gallagher, Hugh Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
Gallagher, James Inishmacsaint Robit Island 1834
Gallagher, Jas. Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
Gallagher, John Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Gallagher, John Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Gallagher, John Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
Gallagher, Owen Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Gallagher, Terence Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Gallagher, Wm. Inishmacsaint Bolusty Beg 1834
Gamble, Mr. Inishmacsaint Slishgarrow 1834
Gilbride, Owen Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Gilroy, Hugh Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Gilroy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Glaham, C. Inishmacsaint Claragh 1834
Goarley, John Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Goarly, James Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Gordon, Robt. Inishmacsaint Shean 1834
Gordon, Wm. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Gordon, Wm. Inishmacsaint Shean 1834
Graham, C. Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Graham, Wm. Inishmacsaint Claragh 1834
Grame, Thomas Inishmacsaint Sandhill 1834
Grame, Thos. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Granie, Robt. Inishmacsaint Drumataphin 1834
Gray, Pat. Inishmacsaint Tullybelcoo 1834
Gray, Peter Inishmacsaint Tullybelcoo 1834
Green, Gerrard Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Guthrie, Geo. Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Guthrie, John Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Guthrie, Thomas Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Hall, James Inishmacsaint Dramore 1834
Hall, James Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Hall, John Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Hall, F. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Hall, Robt. Inishmacsaint Dramore 1834
Hall, Thomas Inishmacsaint Dramara 1834
Hall, Thos. Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Hall, Thos. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Hall, Thos. Inishmacsaint Tullyloughdough 1834
Hall, Widow Inishmacsaint Dramore 1834
Hall, Wm. Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Hamilton, Chs. Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Hamilton, H., Rev. Inishmacsaint Benmore 1834
Hamilton, H., Rev. Inishmacsaint Caldrum Glebe 1834
Hamilton, H., Rev. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Hamilton, H., Rev. Inishmacsaint Whial Hill 1834
Hamilton, Robert Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Harron, John Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Hassard, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Hassard, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Hassard, Hugh Inishmacsaint Whiterocks 1834
Hassard, Joseph Inishmacsaint Whiterocks 1834
Hassard, Robt. Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
Hassard, Robt. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Hassard, Wm. Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Henderson, Mrs. Inishmacsaint Cashell 1834
Henderson, M. Inishmacsaint Cashell 1834
Henderson, Thomas Inishmacsaint Cashell 1834
Henderson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Hindman, A. Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Hindman, Alexander Inishmacsaint Derrycrush 1834
Hindman, Robt. Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Houden, Gusty Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
Houden, James Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
Houden, Thomas Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
Houden, Wm. Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
Hoy, Wm. Inishmacsaint St. Catherine 1834
Hudie, James Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Hudie, William Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Irassy, Anthony Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Irwin, A. Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Irwin, Jas., Rev. Inishmacsaint Carrowhill 1834
Irwin, Robt. Inishmacsaint Carrowhill 1834
Jamison, Thos. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Johnston, Sergeant Inishmacsaint Callagheen 1834
Johnston, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Johnston, Frank Inishmacsaint Ardgart E. 1834
Johnston, Geo. Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Johnston, Henry Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Johnston, James Inishmacsaint Ardgart E. 1834
Johnston, James Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Johnston, James Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Johnston, Jas. Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Johnston, John Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Johnston, John Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher More 1834
Johnston, Robt. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Johnston, Robt. Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Johnston, Robt. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Johnston, Robt. Inishmacsaint Loughahook 1834
Johnston, Simon Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Johnston, Thomas Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Johnston, Thomas Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Johnston, Thomas Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
Johnston, Thos. Inishmacsaint Hoheaveny 1834
Johnston, Thos. Inishmacsaint Callagheen 1834
Johnston, Thos. Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher More 1834
Johnston, Widow Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Johnston, William Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Johnston, Wm. Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Johnston, Wm. Inishmacsaint Bohahoan 1834
Johnston, Wm. Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Keenaghan, Cormick Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Keenan, D. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Keenan, D. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Keenan, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Keenan, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Keenan, Frank Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Keenan, M. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Keenan, M., sen. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Keenan, Michl., jun. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Keenan, Pat., jun. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Keenan, Pat., sen. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Keenan, Roger Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kelly, Danl. Inishmacsaint St.Catherine 1834
Kelly, Edward Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Kelly, James Inishmacsaint St.Catherine 1834
Kelly, John Inishmacsaint St.Catherine 1834
Kelly, Luke Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Kelly, M. Inishmacsaint St.Catherine 1834
Kelly, Michl. Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Kelly, Mick. Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Kelly, Thady. Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Keon,......... Inishmacsaint Cornahilty 1834
Keon,......... Inishmacsaint Cornakilty 1834
Keon, Mr. Inishmacsaint Killybeg 1834
Kerr, C. Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Kerr, E. Inishmacsaint Dramara 1834
Kerr, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Carrick 1834
Kerr, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Correll 1834
Kerr, Gabl. Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
Kerr, Robt. Inishmacsaint Carrick 1834
Kerr, Robt. Inishmacsaint Whial Hill 1834
Kerr, Thos. Inishmacsaint Correll 1834
Kerr, Widow Inishmacsaint Correll 1834
Kerr, Wm. Inishmacsaint Correll 1834
Kerrigan, Andw. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Kerrigan, Chas. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Kerrigan, D. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Kerrigan, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Kerrigan, John Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Kerrigan, John Inishmacsaint Tullymore 1834
Kerrigan, Michl. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Kerrigan, Mick. Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Kerrigan, Neil Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Kerrigan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Kerrigan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Kerrigan, Thomas Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Kerrigan, Widow Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Keys, James Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
Kilfedder, Danl. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kilfedder, Jas., jun. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kilfedder, John Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kilfedder, M. Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Kilfedder, Michl. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kilfedder, Michl., jun. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kilfedder, Theady Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kilfedder, Theady Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Kilfedder, Widow Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Kilpatrick, John Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Kittson, W. Inishmacsaint Derrygormely 1834
Koen, Mr. Inishmacsaint Leglehead 1834
Koen, Andrew Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Bryan Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Danl. Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Denis Inishmacsaint Derrynaharven 1834
Koen, James Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
Koen, James Inishmacsaint Drumataphin 1834
Koen, James Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Koen, James Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Jas. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Koen, John Inishmacsaint Derrynaharven 1834
Koen, John Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Koen, John Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Koen, John Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Koen, Martin Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Koen, Mick. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Koen, Pat. Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Koen, Pat. Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Pat. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Koen, Pat., jun. Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Pat., sen. Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Peter Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Koen, Peter Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Koen, Terry Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Koen, Widow Inishmacsaint Gartnalee Beg 1834
Koen, Widow Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Lane, Chas. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Lane, J. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Lannan, John Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Leard, A. Inishmacsaint Drumlasleen 1834
Leard, R. Inishmacsaint Drumlasleen 1834
Leeth, John Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
Leonard, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
Leonard, James Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
Lilly, Denis Inishmacsaint Lecter 1834
Little, George Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Love, A. Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Love, Frank Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Loyd, Wm. Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Luth, Robt. Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Luth, Wm. Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Magee, Bryan Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Magee, Chas. Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Magee, D. Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Magee, James Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Magee, James Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Magee, James Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Magee, John Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Magee, John Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Magee, Peter Inishmacsaint St.Catherine 1834
Magee, Philip Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Magennis, Hugh Inishmacsaint Corgary 1834
Maginley, Frank Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Maginnis, Bryan Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Maginnis, Bryan Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Magrath, Arnold Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Magrath, Felix Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Magrath, Felix Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Magrath, James Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Magrath, James Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Magrath, Thos. Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Maguire, Anthony Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Maguire, Bryan Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Maguire, Chs. Inishmacsaint Derryrian 1834
Maguire, Cornelius Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Maguire, Danl. Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Maguire, Danl. Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Maguire, Denis Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Maguire, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Maguire, Frank Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Maguire, Hugh Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Maguire, James Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Maguire, John Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Maguire, Michl. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Maguire, Michl. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Maguire, Owen Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Maguire, Pat. Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Maguire, Pat. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Maguire, Phil, sen. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Maguire, Terence Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Maguire, Thomas Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Maguire, Widow Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Maguire, Wm. Inishmacsaint Derryrian 1834
Magurrile, Thos. Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Marshall, Willm. Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
Marshell, James Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
McAfee, Owen Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
McAteer, Pat. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
McBrein, Robt. Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
McBride, Alexr. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
McBrien, Sgt. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
McBrien, David Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, David Inishmacsaint Ardees Upper 1834
McBrien, Denis Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Gartnalee Beg 1834
McBrien, Frank Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, Guy Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, Hugh Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, James Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, James Inishmacsaint Ardees Upper 1834
McBrien, James Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
McBrien, John Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, Joseph Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
McBrien, L. Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, Lewis Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
McBrien, Noble Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher More 1834
McBrien, P. Inishmacsaint Derrynamew 1834
McBrien, Thos. Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, Thos. Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher More 1834
McBrien, Walter Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher More 1834
McBrien, Widow Inishmacsaint Ardees Lower 1834
McBrien, Wm. Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
McBrien, Wm. Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
McCafary, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
McCafary, James Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
McCafary, Peter Inishmacsaint Dresdoran 1834
McCaffry, Pat. Inishmacsaint Tulllynanny 1834
McCan, John Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
McCan, John Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
McCann, B. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
McCann, Owen Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
McCawley, James Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
McCinsey, Robt. Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
McClelland, Geo. Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
McCue, Anthony Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
McCue, John Inishmacsaint Argart E. 1834
McCulry, Frank Inishmacsaint Corcloon 1834
McDermot, James Inishmacsaint Derrynamew 1834
McElheny, James Inishmacsaint Pushin Island 1834
McEntyre, Jas. Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
McEntyre, Pat. Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
McFelim, Wm. Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
McGarrigle, Owen Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
McGee, John Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
McGinley, John Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
McGinness, James Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
McGloan, Hugh Inishmacsaint Brawd 1834
McGloan, John Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
McGloan, Thady. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
McGuire, Anthony Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
McGuire, James Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
McGurren, Pat Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
McKenny, Michl. Inishmacsaint Tullynanny 1834
McLoughlin, James Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
McLoughlin, Michl. Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
McLoughlin, Pat. Inishmacsaint Whial Hill 1834
McManus, Bryan Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
McManus, Constant. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
McManus, Denis Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
McManus, Philip Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
McManus, Wm. Inishmacsaint Drumataphin 1834
McMillen, Wm. Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
McMorry, John Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
McMorry, Pat. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
McNulty, Hugh Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
McNulty, James Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
McNulty, M. Inishmacsaint Drumataphin 1834
Mills, John Inishmacsaint Ardees Upper 1834
Milly, Owen Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moffat, Thomas Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Moffatt, Thos. Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Moffett, Thos. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Moffett, Thos. Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Mohan, Stephen Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Moohan, Andw. Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Moohan, C. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, Chas. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, J. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, James Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Moohan, John Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Moohan, Michael Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Moohan, Mich. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Moohan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Moohan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Moohan, Terence Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, Widow Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Moohan, Widow Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moor, James Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Moore,........ Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Moore, ........ Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Moore, James Inishmacsaint Minim 1834
Moore, Pat Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Morrison, C. Inishmacsaint Corcloon 1834
Morrow, Robt. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Muldoon, James Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Mulheran, M. Inishmacsaint Minim 1834
Mulhern, James Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Mulhern, Pat. Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Mulhern, Pat. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Mulhern, Thos. Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
Mulholland, John Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
Murphy, William Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Myhan, Connor Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Myhan, Thos. Inishmacsaint Garvaross 1834
Nailen, Miles Inishmacsaint Derrynacrush West 1834
Nixon, James Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Nixon, James Inishmacsaint Urris 1834
Nixon, N. Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
O'Brien, Michl. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
O'Brien, Michl. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
O'Dare, John Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
O'Dare, John Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
O'Donnel, James Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
O'Reily, Mr. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Owens, A. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Owens, A. Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
Owens, Miss Inishmacsaint Slishgarrow 1834
Owens, Amelia Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Owens, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Owens, Gerrard Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Owens, Hugh Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Owens, Hugh Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Owens, John Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Owens, Thos. Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Owens, Widow Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Owens, Wm. Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Owens, Wm. Inishmacsaint Corcloon 1834
Owens, Wm. Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Payne, Wm. Inishmacsaint Favagh 1834
Peterson, James Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Piper, James Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Quinn, Daniel Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Quinn, Pat Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Reeves, ....... Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Reily, B. Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Reily, Darby Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Reily, Frank Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Reily, Hugh Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
Reily, Widow Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
Reily, Widow Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Reily, William Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Roan, Noher Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Roan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Roan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Roan, Thos. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Robinson, Alexr. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, Fredrick Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Robinson, James Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, John Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, John Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, Pat. Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Robinson, Robt. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, Robt. Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher Beg 1834
Robinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, William Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Robinson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Roen, Danl. Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Roen, Pat. Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Rogers, Mr. Inishmacsaint Blackslee 1834
Rogers, E. Inishmacsaint Moneywilkin 1834
Rogers, E. Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Rogers, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Rogers, John Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Rogers, Matthew Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Rogers, Pat. Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Rogers, R. Inishmacsaint Aughamore and Callow 1834
Rogers, R. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Rogers, R. Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Rogers, Robt. Inishmacsaint Drumlasleen 1834
Rogers, Robt. Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Corcloon 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Maghe 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Minim 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint St.Catherine 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Rogers, Wm. Inishmacsaint Moneywilkin 1834
Rogers, Wm. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Rutherford, Allen Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, David Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, Gabl. Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, Geo. Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, James Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Sanderson, Geo. Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Sanderson, James Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Sanderson, James, jun. Inishmacsaint Shean 1834
Sanderson, James, sen. Inishmacsaint Shean 1834
Scott,........ Inishmacsaint Tunnypull 1834
Scott, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Scott, John Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Scott, John Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Scott, Walter Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Scott, Wm. Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Sharp, Robt. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Sheeran, John Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Sheeran, Michl. Inishmacsaint Drummasreen 1834
Sherry, Thomas Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Sherry, Thos. Inishmacsaint Whial Hill 1834
Simpson, C. Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Slavin, Stephen Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Snow, James Inishmacsaint Fully `834
Snow, John Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Snow, John Inishmacsaint St. Catherine 1834
Snow, Pat. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Snow, Thomas Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Snow, Widow Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Somerville, Andw. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Sonerville, John Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Somerville, Lowry Inishmacsaint Gartnalee Beg 1834
Somerville, Thos. Inishmacsaint Derrynamew 1834
Somerville, Wm. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Spence, James Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Stafard, John Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Stinson, Archd. Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Stinson, John Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Stinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Stinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Dramore 1834
Stinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Stinson, Wat. Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Sumerville, Robt. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Sweeney,............ Inishmacsaint Tunnypull 1834
Taylor, Robert Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Teevan, A. Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Teevan, Andrew Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Teevan, B. Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Teevan, James Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Teevan, James Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Teevan, Jas. Inishmacsaint Farren-Cassidy 1834
Teevan, Mick. Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Teevan, Moses Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Teevan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Teevan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Teevan, Widow Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Ternan, Robt. Inishmacsaint Old Island 1834
Thompson, Isaac Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Thompson, James Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Thompson, John Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Thompson, John Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Thompson, William Inishmacsaint Rooskey 1834
Thompson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Thornly, James Inishmacsaint Corry West 1834
Timony, James Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Timony, John Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher Beg 1834
Timony, Pat. Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Trafsy, Andw. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trassy, Andw., sen. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trassy, Anthony Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Trassy, Frank Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Trassy, James Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Trassy, John Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Trassy, John Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trassy, John, sen. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trassy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Trassy, Phil Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Tredennick, Capt. Inishmacsaint Corry East 1834
Tredennick, John Inishmacsaint Brallagh 1834
Trotter, David Inishmacsaint St. Catherine 1834
Tumouth, Geo. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Waid, Miles Inishmacsaint Corbystwon 1834
Walsh, Michl. Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Walsh, Pat. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Walsh, Peter Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Wamsley, Hugh Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Wamsley, Thomas Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Ward,.......... Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Ward, Denis Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Ward, John Inishmacsaint Sandhill 1834
Ward, Miles Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Ward, Nicholas Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Ward, Pat. Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Ward, Wm. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Weir, Robt. Inishmacsaint Innishmacsaint Island 1834
Weir, Robt. Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint Island 1834
Whittaker, Geo. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Whittaker, Wm. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Wilkin, John Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Wilkin, John Inishmacsaint Magherahare 1834
Willis, Geo. Inishmacsaint Ross Point 1834
Wilson, David Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Wilsons, Mr. Inishmacsaint Blackslee 1834
Wood, David Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Wood, David Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Woods, A. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Woods, A. Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Woods, Thomas Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Wray, Henry Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834

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