County Fermaagh 

1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment
- Sorted By Parish - and Townland -

The files have been broken down into smaller charts, from the original supplied by Vynette Sage.
Adams, Francis Galloon Doohat 1834
Adams, Robt. Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Adams, Rosan Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Adams, Rosan Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Adams, Thos. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Allan, Alexr. Galloon Drumralla 1834
Allen, Alexr. Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Allen, Alexr. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Allen, Alexr., jun. Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Allen, Alexr., sen. Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Allen, Andw. Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Allen, Elizth. Galloon Mulnahorn 1834
Allen, Elliott Galloon Drumralla 1834
Allen, Elliott Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Allen, Elliott Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Allen, James Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
Allen, Jas. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Allen, Jas. Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Allen, John Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Allen, John Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Allen, John Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Allen, John, sen. Galloon Cullion 1834
Allen, Robt. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Allen, Thos. Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Allen, Thos. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Allen, Wm. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Allen, Wm. Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Allen, Wm. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Allen, Wm., jun. Galloon Mullaghgar 1834
Allen, Wm., jun. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Allen, Wm., sen. Galloon Mullaghgar 1834
Allen, Wm., sen. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Alwell, John Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Argue, Robt. Galloon Clonetty 1834
Armstrong, Alex. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Andw. Galloon Ratoal 1834
Armstrong, Anne Galloon Fargram 1834
Armstrong, Arch. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Archd. Galloon Caramore 1834
Armstrong, Archd. Galloon Cormonlay 1834
Armstrong, Arthur Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Armstrong, Benjn. Galloon Killnicran 1834
Armstrong, Christopher Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Caramore 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Ratoal 1834
Armstrong, Henry, jun. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, Henry, sen. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, Jas. Galloon Bellmount 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Cargins 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Clincarn 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Clinumphry 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Drummusky 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Lislea 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Armstrong, John, jun. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, John, sen. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Drumma 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Keady 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Kilroot 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Ringvilla 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Galloon Clincarn 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Galloon Ratoal 1834
Armstrong, Wm. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Wm. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Armstrong, Wm. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Arthurs, Thos. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Atwill, Benj. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Atwill, Richd. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Atwill, Saml. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Atwill, Wm. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Bailey, Thos. Galloon Kilready 1834
Bailey, Thos. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Bannor, Mary Galloon Kilturk 1834
Baxter, Hugh Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Beard, Hugh Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Beatty, John Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Beatty, John Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Beatty, Martin Galloon Drumclay 1834
Beatty, Martin Galloon Drumcrew 1834
Beatty, Sarah Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Drumgullagh 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Killawhey 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Kilmakirk 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Beggan, Berd. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Beggan, Berd. Galloon Corlatt 1834
Beggan, Hugh Galloon Blenish 1834
Beggan, Hugh Galloon Ports 1834
Beggan, James Galloon Boneal 1834
Beggan, Jas. Galloon Donagh 1834
Beggan, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Beggan, John Galloon Bohosett 1834
Beggan, John Galloon Ports 1834
Beggan, Matw. Galloon Donagh 1834
Beggan, Michl. Galloon Bohosett 1834
Beggan, Michl. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Beggan, Owen Galloon Bohosett 1834
Beggan, Pat. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Beggan, Patt. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Beggan, Terce. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Beggan, Thos. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Beggan, Thos. Galloon Ports 1834
Bell, John Galloon Letrim 1834
Best, Henry Galloon Killilahard 1834
Bird, James Galloon Killydowny 1834
Bowes, Jas. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Boylan, Edwd. Galloon Fargram 1834
Boyle, John Galloon Bellahullistan 1834
Brady, John Galloon Derradoon 1834
Breadin, Thos. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Bredin, John Galloon Kilready 1834
Bredin, Saml. Galloon Kilready 1834
Bredin, Wm. Galloon Kilready 1834
Breen, Berd. Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Breen, John Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Breen, Michael Galloon Donagh 1834
Breen, Pat. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Bride, John Galloon Derracorby 1834
Bride, Wm. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Brooks, Wm. Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Brown, Jas. Galloon Kilnicran 1834
Brown, Jas. Galloon Kilnicran 1834
Brown, Wm. Galloon Clinaff 1834
Brown, Wm. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Browne, Wm. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Bruister, Simeon Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Bryans, Alexr. Galloon Sallaghy 1834
Bryans, Christ. Galloon Coragh 1834
Bryans, Edwd. Galloon Deralee 1834
Bryans, Edwd. Galloon Screevagh 1834
Bryans, Edwd. Galloon Tiraffy 1834
Bryans, James Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bryans, James Galloon Screevagh 1834
Bryans, Jas. Galloon Killard 1834
Bryans, Jas. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Bryans, John Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Bryans, John Galloon Sallaghy 1834
Bryans, Robt. Galloon Deralee 1834
Bryans, Robt. Galloon Screevagh 1834
Bryans, Saml. Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bryans, Thos. Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bryans, Wm. Galloon Deralee 1834
Bryans, Wm. Galloon Dernish Island 1834
Bryans, Wm. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Bryans, Wm. Galloon killard 1834
Buchanan, John Galloon Kilroot 1834
Buchanan, Robt. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Burns, Hugh Galloon Gub 1834
Burns, Michl. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Burns, Patt. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Bussell, Crumin Galloon Garrarooskey 1834
Bussell, Danl. Galloon Kilready 1834
Bussell, Edward Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Bussell, Edwd. Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bussell, Edwd. Galloon Sallaghy 1834
Bussell, John Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Bussell, Robt. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Bussell, Thos Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Bussell, Wm. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Byrns, James Galloon Kilturk 1834
Byrns, John Galloon Cornavray 1834
Byrns, Patt. Galloon Cornavray 1834
Campbell, Henry Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Campbell, Thos. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Carbary, Berd. Galloon Kerrinmore 1834
Carbray, Andw., jun. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Carbray, Andw., sen. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Carbray, Berd. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Carbray, Geo. Galloon Kerrinmore 1834
Carbray, Jas. Galloon Drummurl 1834
Carbray, John Galloon Kerrinmore 1834
Carbray, John Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Carbray, Thos. Galloon Kerrinmore 1834
Carlton, ........... Galloon Derryadd 1834
Carmichael, Owen Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Carmichal, Hugh Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
Carrol, James Galloon Kilready 1834
Carroll, John Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Carroll. Thos. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Cassidy, Felix Galloon Roosky 1834
Cassidy, Morris Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Cassidy, Phelix Galloon Foarmast 1834
Caudin, Alexr. Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Caudin, Elizth. Galloon Askhill 1834
Caudin, Hugh Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Cavanagh, John Galloon Corlatt 1834
Cawden, Wm. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Clark, John Galloon Drumcrew 1834
Clark, Saml. Galloon Drumcrew 1834
Clarke, Elenor Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Clarke, James Galloon Milltate 1834
Clarke, Jas. Galloon Roosky 1834
Clarke, Saml. Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Clarke, Thos. Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Clendinen, Martin Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Clendinen, Robt. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Clendinen, Wm. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Clerkin, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Clifferty, Jas. Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Clifferty, Thos. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Clingan, Fleming Galloon Deralee 1834
Clingan, Geo. Galloon Ports 1834
Clingan, Jas. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Clingan, Jas. Galloon Ports 1834
Clingan, Robt. Galloon Deralee 1834
Clingan, Robt. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Clingan, Thos. Galloon Deralee 1834
Collin, Dennis Galloon Derryany 1834
Collin, Owen Galloon Tattygare 1834
Collin, Patt. Galloon Derrychanan 1834
Collin, Thos. Galloon Derryany 1834
Collins, Jerrom Galloon Gortgranah 1834
Conlon, Francis Galloon Derradoon 1834
Conly, Cathne. Galloon Ports 1834
Conolly, Edwd. Galloon Cormonlay 1834
Conolly, James Galloon Doohat 1834
Conolly, John Galloon Cormonlay 1834
Conolly, Mary Galloon Cushlea 1834
Conolly, Thos. Galloon Farm 1834
Corrigan, John Galloon Kilready 1834
Corrigan, Pat. Galloon Derryany 1834
Corrigan, Thos. Galloon Rockfield 1834
Corry, Wm. Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Corry, Wm. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Cosgrove, Berd. Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Cosgrove, Jas. Galloon Kavenagh 1834
Cosgrove, John Galloon Lehinch 1834
Cosgrove, Patt. Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Cosgrove, Thos. Galloon Lehinch 1834
Cosgrove, Thos. Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Cougan, Thady Galloon Mullaghbreedin 1834
Coulson, Christ. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Coulson, Christopher Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Couslon, John Galloon Clinumphry 1834
Coulson, John Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Coulson, John Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Coulson, Joseph Galloon Killilahard 1834
Coulter, James Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Coulter, Jane Galloon Cortrasna 1834
Coulter, Robt. Galloon Cortrasna 1834
Coulter, Robt. Galloon Kilready 1834
Coulter, Robt. Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Coulter, Saml. Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Coulter, Wm. Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Courtney, Henry Galloon Cruckahose 1834
Courtney, Henry Galloon Strarahan 1834
Courtney, John Galloon Cruckahose 1834
Cowan, James Galloon Garvaghy 1834
Cox, James Galloon Cullion 1834
Cox, John Galloon Drumloan 1834
Cox, John Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Cox, John Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Crawford, Andw. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Crawford, Saml. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Crawford, Saml. Galloon Derrychanan 1834
Crawford, Wm. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Creighton, J. Galloon Innisfendra 1834
Creighton, J. Galloon Knocknabrass 1834
Creighton, Jn. Galloon Ardiller 1834
Creighton, Jn. Galloon Aughadrum 1834
Creighton, Jn. Galloon Crum 1834
Cross, John Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
Crozier, John Galloon Gortra 1834
Crudden, Berd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Crudden, Pat. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Cupples, Wm. Galloon Concora 1834
Curry, Wm. Galloon Gub 1834
Darby, John Galloon Cornavray 1834
Darby, Patt. Galloon Cornavray 1834
Darcy, James Galloon Deralee 1834
Darling, Wm. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Darling, Wm. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Davin, Edward Galloon Derradoon 1834
Deary, Patt. Galloon Drumma 1834
Deery, James Galloon Mullaghbreedin 1834
Deery, Wm. Galloon Cargins 1834
Devitt, Edwd. Galloon Corsale 1834
Dignon, Jas. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Dixon, Arthur Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Dogherty, Edwd. Galloon Donagh 1834
Dogherty, Geo. Galloon Kilnicran 1834
Dogherty, Wm. Galloon Kilnicran 1834
Dolan, Patt. Galloon Farm 1834
Donaghy, Peter Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Donaghy, Phill. Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
Donaghy, Thos. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Donahy, Edwd. Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Donahy, Hugh Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Donahy, Hugh Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Donegan, Jas. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Donegan, John Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Donegan, John Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Donegan, John Galloon Mullined 1834
Donegan, Phil. Galloon Drumgullagh 1834
Donegan, Phil. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Donegan, Thos. Galloon Caramaculla 1834
Donegan, Thos. Galloon Kilnakirk 1832
Donelly, Elizth. Galloon Rockfield 1834
Doogan, John, jun. Galloon Drumrainduff 1834
Doogan, John, sen. Galloon Drumrainduff 1834
Doonan, James Galloon Kilroot 1834
Doonan, John Galloon Kilroot 1834
Doonan, Thos. Galloon Kilroot 1834
Doonan, Wm. Galloon Kilroot 1834
Doonan, Wm., jun. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Doonan, Wm., sen. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Downey, Andw. Galloon Bohora 1834
Downey, Andw., jun. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Downey, Andw., sen. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Downey, Geo. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Downey, Geo. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Downey, Wm. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Ebbitt, John Galloon Doohat 1834
Ebbitt, Joseph Galloon Doohat 1834
Elliot, Archd. Galloon Carishmore 1834
Elliott, Archd. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Elliott, Francis Galloon Artanagh 1834
Elliott, Geo. Galloon Drumclay 1834
Elliott, Geo. Galloon Drumrainduff 1834
Elliott, Geo. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Elliott, James Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Elliott, Jas. Galloon Drumrainduff 1834
Elliott, Jas. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Elliott, John Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Elliott, John Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Elliott, William Galloon Ardiller 1834
Elliott, Wm. Galloon Artanagh 1834
Elliott, Wm. Galloon Carishmore 1834
Elliott, Wm. Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
Elliott, Wm. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Evans, Saml. Galloon Mulnahorn 1834
Evans, Saml. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Farrel, Rodger Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Farrell, Hugh Galloon Branish 1834
Farrell, Mary Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Farrell, Wm. Galloon Cornavray 1834
Faucett, Andw. Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Faucett, Geo. Galloon Garrarooskey 1834
Faucett, Jas. Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Faucett, Jas. Galloon Cormonlay 1834
Faucett, John Galloon Deralee 1834
Faucett, John Galloon Tiraffy 1834
Faucett, Robt. Galloon Kilnicran 1834
Faucett, Wm. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Faucett, Wm. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Faucett, Wm. Galloon Garrarooskey 1834
Fee, John Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Fitzpatrick, Berd. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Fitzpatrick, Edwd. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Galloon Derradoon 1834
Fitzpatrick, Jas. Galloon Tonnnyboy 1834
Fitzpatrick, Jno. Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Fitzpatrick, John Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Fitzpatrick, John Galloon Galloon 1834
Fitzpatrick, John Galloon Gub 1834
Fitzpatrick, Judy Galloon Derradoon 1834
Fitzpatrick, Mary Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Fitzpatrick, Pat. Galloon Tonnnyboy 1834
Fitzpatrick, Patt. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Fitzpatrick, Peter Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Fitzpatrick, Phil Galloon Derradoon 1834
Fitzpatrick, Thos. Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Fitzpatrick, Thos. Galloon Innisfendra 1834
Fleming, Andw. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Fleming, Andw. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Fleming, Jas. Galloon Blenish 1834
Fleming, Jas. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Fleming, Jas. Galloon Killard 1834
Fleming, John, jun. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Fleming, John, sen. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Fleming, Thos. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Fleming, Thos. Galloon Killard 1834
Fleming, Wm. Galloon Blenish 1834
Flood, Luke Galloon Coragh 1834
Fodihan, Jno. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Fodihan, Phil. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Forster, Archbd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Forster, Arthur Galloon Caramore 1834
Forster, Biddy Galloon Lisagurry 1834
Forster, Chas. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Forster, Edwd. Galloon Tonnyboy 1834
Forster, Geo. Galloon Doohat 1834
Forster, Jane Galloon Cloghagaddy 1834
Forster, Jas. Galloon Lisagurry 1834
Forster, John Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Forster, Malcm. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Forster, Robt. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Forster, Wm. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Fox, John Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Gardner, Edwd. Galloon Sallaghy 1834
Gardner, Edwd. Galloon Screevagh 1834
Gardner, Jane Galloon Coragh 1834
Gardner, Robt. Galloon Gortgranagh 1834
Gilleese, Chas. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Gilleese, Frank Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Gilleese, Jas. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Gillespie, Alexr. Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Gleason, Danl. Galloon Knockboy 1834
Goan, Margt. Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Goan, Margt. Galloon Drummaren 1834
Goan, Mary Galloon Drumloan 1834
Goan, Peter Galloon Drumloan 1834
Goodwin, Edwd. Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Goodwin, Edwd. Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Goodwin, Edwd. Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Goodwin, Edwd. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Gould, James Galloon Cullion 1834
Gould, Michl. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Gould, Richd. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Gould, Robt. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Gould, Thos. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Gould, Wm. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Gould, Wm. Galloon Mullaghblaney 1834
Graham, Christ. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Graham, Frank Galloon Derryadd 1834
Graham, Jas. Galloon Branish 1834
Graham, John Galloon Lehinch 1834
Graham, John Galloon Sandholes 1834
Graham, Richd. Galloon Sandholes 1834
Graimes, Edwd. Galloon Cornavray 1834
Graydon, Edwd. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Graydon, J., Rev. Galloon Drummusky 1834
Graydon, Joseph Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Graydon, Josh. Galloon Cloghagaddy 1834
Graydon, Robt. Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Graydon, Robt. Galloon Piperhill 1834
Graydon, Wm. Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Graydon, Wm. Galloon Tonnyboy 1834
Grue, Berd. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Guddin, Hugh Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Guddin, Jas. Galloon Kavenagh 1834
Guddin, Jas. Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Guddin, John Galloon Gub 1834
Guddin, Patt. Galloon Innisfendra 1834
Guddin, Sarah Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Guddin, Thos. Galloon Dernish Island 1834
Guddin, Thos. Galloon Gub 1834
Gunn, Berd. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Gunn, Patt. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Halpin, James Galloon Bohosett 1834
Hamilton, Frances Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Hamilton, John Galloon Mullynavannoge 1834
Hamilton, Wm. Galloon Drumclay 1834
Hamilton, Wm. Galloon Mulnahorn 1834
Hart, John Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Hart, Michael Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Hart, Thos. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Heavey, Edwd. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Heavey, Phil. Galloon Lehinch 1834
Heferlin, Danl. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Heferlin, Phil. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Henry, Adam Galloon Cargins 1834
Hicks, Bridget Galloon Greaterif 1834
Hicks, Frank Galloon Bunn 1834
Hicks, John Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Hicks, John Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Hicks, John, jun. Galloon Bunn 1834
Hicks, John, sen. Galloon Bunn 1834
Hicks, Robert Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Hicks, Robert, jun. Galloon Bunn 1834
Hicks, Robert, sen. Galloon Bunn 1834
Hicks, Thos. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Hicks, Wm. Galloon Bunn 1834
Hughes, Thos. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Hughes, Wm. Galloon Conmaulin 1834
Hunt, Larry Galloon Lehinch 1834
Hutchinson, Jas. Galloon Clinaff 1834
Hutchinson, Jas. Galloon Magheramore 1834
Hutchinson, Robt. Galloon Clinaff 1834
Hutchinson, Saml. Galloon Clinumphry 1834
Hutchinson, Saml. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Hynds, John Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Irwin, Geo. Galloon Cullindoo 1834
Irwin, Gerrard Galloon Cullindoo 1834
Irwin, Mary Galloon Drumgullagh 1834
Irwin, Thos. Galloon Carishmore 1834
Irwin, Wm. Galloon Drumclay 1834
Jackson, Jas. Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
Jardin, Andw. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Joabs, Robt. Galloon Derrychanan 1834
Joabs, Wm. Galloon Derrychanan 1834
Johnston, Frank Galloon Blenish 1834
Johnston, Hugh Galloon Killineber 1834
Johnston, Jas. Galloon Gub 1834
Johnston, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Johnston, Jas. Galloon Tonnyboy 1834
Johnston, John Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Johnston, John Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Johnston, John Galloon Magheramore 1834
Johnston, Josh. Galloon Tattycam 1834
Johnston, Michl. Galloon Gub 1834
Johnston, Sarah Galloon Drummusky 1834
Johnston, Wm. Galloon Corlatt 1834
Johnston, Wm. Galloon Tattycam 1834
Jones, Alexr. Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Andy, sen. Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Elliott Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Henry Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Hugh Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, James, jun. Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, James, sen. Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Jane Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, John Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Robert Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Robt., jun. Galloon Cullion 1834
Jones, Wm. Galloon Cullion 1834
Jordan, Andw. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Karbray, Berd. Galloon Bellahullistan 1834
Keary, Alex. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Keary, Alexr. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Keary, Hugh Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Keary, Hugh Galloon Moorlough 1834
Keary, Jas. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Keary, John Galloon Bellmounty 1834
Keary, John Galloon Kilturk 1834
Keary, Pat. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Keary, Pat. Galloon moorlough 1834
Keary, Patt. Galloon Bohosett 1834
Keary, Patt. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Keary, Patt. Galloon Gub 1834
Keary, Patt. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Keary, Peter Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Keary, Peter Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Keary, Phil. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Keary, Rodger Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Keary, Rodger Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Keenan, Elenor Galloon Drumloan 1834
Keenan, Peter Galloon Drumloan 1834
Kells, John Galloon Concora 1834
Kells, Richd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Kelly, John Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Kerbry, James Galloon Drummirl 1834
Kerr, James Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Kerr, Robt. Galloon Drumrally 1834
Kerr, Robt. Galloon Feaugh 1834
Kerran, Betty Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Kerran, James Galloon Deralee 1834
Kerran, Thos. Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Kerrans, John Galloon Concora 1834
Kerrin, Jas. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Kerrin, John Galloon Dernish Island 1834
Kerrin, John Galloon Knockmaddaro 1834
Kerrin, Thos. Galloon Knockmaddaro 1834
Kettle, Alexr. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Kettle, Allen Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Kettle, Archd. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Kettle, Archd. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Kettle, Francis Galloon Derryadd 1834
Kettle, Frank Galloon Gortgranah 1834
Kettle, Geo. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Kettle, Jas. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Kettle, John Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Kettle, John Galloon Derryadd 1834
Kettle, John Galloon Gortgranah 1834
Kettle, Thos. Galloon Derryadd 1834
King, Geo. Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Koan, Chas. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Lang, Humpy. Galloon Farm 1834
Lang, Jas. Galloon Drumralla 1834
Lang, John Galloon Feaugh 1834
Lang, Simeon Galloon Feaugh 1834
Lang, Wm. Galloon Drumralla 1834
Lanktree, Wm. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Latimore, Jas. Galloon Blenish 1834
Leary, Jas. Galloon Letrim 1834
Leary, Pat. Galloon Letrim 1834
Leary, Phil. Galloon Letrim 1834
Levingston, Jas. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Liddle, James Galloon Deralee 1834
Liddle, Noble Galloon Cornavray 1834
Liddle, Noble Galloon Killilahard 1834
Liddle, Robt. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Liddle, Robt. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Liddle, Wm. Galloon Gortgranah 1834
Liddle, Wm. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Linch, Margt. Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Linn, James Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Little, Anne Galloon Cloghagaddy 1834
Little, Geo. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Little, Geo. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Little, Jas. Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Little, Jas. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Little, John Galloon Cloghagaddy 1834
Little, Joseph Galloon Derracorby 1834
Little, Mary Galloon Letrim 1834
Little, Wm. Galloon Cloghagaddy 1834
Little, Wm. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Logan, Jas. Galloon Branish 1834
Logan, Margt. Galloon Deralee 1834
Macabe, Hugh Galloon Deralee 1834
Macahara, Patt. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Macormick, David Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Madden, J. Galloon Clievaghy 1834
Madden, J. Galloon Drumhoas 1834
Madden, J. Galloon Keady 1834
Madden, J. Galloon Milltate 1834
Madden, J. Galloon Roosky 1834
Madden, J. Galloon Tattygare 1834
Magee, Jane Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Magernan, Thos. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Magin, Terry Galloon Keerimore 1834
Maginnes, Jas. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Maginnis, Mary Galloon Askhill 1834
Maginnis, Michl. Galloon Askhill 1834
Magoveran, Edwd. Galloon Derabeg West 1834
Magoverin, Abby. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Magoverin, Bartle Galloon Cornavray 1834
Magrath, Michl. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Magrory, John Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Maguire, Anne Galloon Corlatt 1834
Maguire, Anne Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Cushlea 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Deralee 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Kilnacran 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Knockboy 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Mullaghblaney 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Mullaghbreedin 1834
Maguire, Berd. Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Maguire, Bernd. Galloon Aughadreenan 1834
Maguire, Christ. Galloon Concora 1834
Maguire, Con. Galloon Aughnaglogh 1834
Maguire, Danl. Galloon Corsale 1834
Maguire, Edwd. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Maguire, Frank Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Maguire, Frank Galloon Kilturk 1834
Maguire, Frank Galloon Mullaghblaney 1834
Maguire, Frank Galloon Mullaghbreedin 1834
Maguire, Hanna Galloon Concora 1834
Maguire, Hugh Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Maguire, Hugh Galloon Kavenagh 1834
Maguire, Hugh Galloon Lisagurry 1834
Maguire, Hugh Galloon Rockfield 1834
Maguire, James Galloon Cushlea 1834
Maguire, James Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Maguire, James Galloon Kilnacran 1834
Maguire, Jas. Galloon Aughadreenan 1834
Maguire, Jas. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Maguire, Jas. Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Maguire, Jas. Galloon Drumma 1834
Maguire, Jas. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Maguire, Jas. Galloon Magheramore 1834
Maguire, Jas. Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Maguire, Jas., jun. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Maguire, Jas., sen. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Maguire, John Galloon Aughnaglogh 1834
Maguire, John Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Maguire, John Galloon Boneal 1834
Maguire, John Galloon Deralee 1834
Maguire, John Galloon Lisagurry 1834
Maguire, John Galloon Ports 1834
Maguire, Judy Galloon Landbrock 1834
Maguire, Martin Galloon Donagh 1834
Maguire, Mary Galloon Drumloan 1834
Maguire, Michl. Galloon Bohosett 1834
Maguire, Michl. Galloon Derradoon 1834
Maguire, Owen Galloon Drummurl 1834
Maguire, Pat. Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Maguire, Pat. Galloon Kilnacran 1834
Maguire, Pat. Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Maguire, Patt Galloon Aughnaglogh 1834
Maguire, Peter Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Maguire, Phil Galloon Corsale 1834
Maguire, Phil Galloon Killaraw 1834
Maguire, Phil Galloon Kilturk 1834
Maguire, Phil Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
Maguire, R. Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Maguire, Redmd. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Maguire, Robt. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Maguire, Sally Galloon Aughnaglogh 1834
Maguire, Saml. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Maguire, Simeon Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Maguire, Thady Galloon Mullaghbreedin 1834
Maguire, Thos. Galloon Aughadreenan 1834
Maguire, Thos. Galloon Boneal 1834
Maguire, Thos. Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Maguire, Thos. Galloon Greaterif 1834
Maguire, Thos. Galloon Killydowny 1834
Maguire, Thos. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Maguire, Thos. Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Makusker, Anthony Galloon Cornavray 1834
Makusker, Arth. Galloon Cornavray 1834
Makusker, John Galloon Cornavray 1834
Malarkey, Owen Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Malarkey, Thos. Galloon Caramaculla 1834
Martin, Anne Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Martin, James Galloon Clonmaulin 1834
Martin, John Galloon Augharoosky 1834
Martin, Owen Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Martin, Pat. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Martin, Patt Galloon Augharoosky 1834
Martin, Phil Galloon Kilturk 1834
Martin, Philip Galloon Kilturk 1834
Martin, Thos. Galloon Augharoosky 1834
Martin, Thos. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Mays, Mathew Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Mays, Mathw. Galloon Tattygare 1834
McAdam, Alexr. Galloon Concora 1834
McAdam, Berd. Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Cathn. Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Danl. Galloon Derabeg East 1834
McAdam, Edwd. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
McAdam, Edwd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McAdam, Edwd. Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Frank Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Geo. Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Jas. Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, John Galloon Kavenagh 1834
McAdam, John Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Michl. Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Owen Galloon Landbrock 1834
McAdam, Terne. Galloon Derabeg East 1834
McAloon, Patt Galloon Derradoon 1834
McAloon, Patt Galloon Kilready 1834
McAraw, Phil. Galloon Drumgullagh 1834
McAvinue, Conor Galloon Killard 1834
McAvinue, Molly Galloon Bellawillen 1834
McAvinue, Pat. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
McAvinue, Patt Galloon Derabeg West 1834
McAvinue, Patt Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
McAvinue, Phil Galloon Kavenagh 1834
McAvinue, Phil Galloon Lehinch 1834
McAvinue, Phil Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
McAvinue, Thos. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
McAvinue, Thos. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
McAvoy, Thos. Galloon Killnicran 1834
McBrien, Anne Galloon Gortgommon 1834
McBryan, Edwd. Galloon Kilmore 1834
McBryan, Pat. Galloon Kilmore 1834
McBryan, Thos. Galloon Kilmore 1834
McCabe, Terence Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
McCaffray, Berd. Galloon Bellmount 1834
McCaffray, Jas. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
McCaffray, Mary Galloon Drumgoland 1834
McCaffray, Patt. Galloon Ballagh 1834
McCaffray, Patt. Galloon Bellmount 1834
McCaffray, Patt. Galloon Derrakenny 1834
McCaffray, Rose Galloon Ballagh 1834
McCaffry, Anne Galloon Greaterif 1834
McCaffry, Atty. Galloon Ports 1834
McCaffry, Berd. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McCaffry, Berd. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
McCaffry, Dennis Galloon Mullacopple 1834
McCaffry, Edward Galloon Askhill 1834
McCaffry, Edwd. Galloon Aughadreenan 1834
McCaffry, Edwd. Galloon Mullacopple 1834
McCaffry, Hugh Galloon Corsale 1834
McCaffry, James Galloon Kilready 1834
McCaffry, Jas. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McCaffry, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McCaffry, Jas. Galloon Tattycam 1834
McCaffry, John Galloon Drummall 1834
McCaffry, John Galloon Ports 1834
McCaffry, Owen Galloon Mullacopple 1834
McCaffry, Patt Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McCaffry, Patt Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
McCaffry, Patt Galloon Tattycam 1834
McCaffry, Phil Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
McCaffry, Sarah Galloon Mullacopple 1834
McCaffry, Thos. Galloon Drummall 1834
McCaffry, Wm. Galloon Drummall 1834
McCan, John Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
McCann, Wm. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
McClean, Jas. Galloon Milltate 1834
McConel, Berd. Galloon Greacushel 1834
McConel, Terry Galloon Greacushel 1834
McCormick, Berd. Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
McCormick, Elenor Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
McCormick, Hugh Galloon Bohosett 1834
McCormick, John Galloon Concora 1834
McCormick, Michl. Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
McCorry, Jas. Galloon Dernish Island 1834
McCoy, Chas. Galloon Cormonlay 1834
McCoy, Josph. Galloon Tonnyboy 1834
McCullen, Anne Galloon Kilturk 1834
McCullen, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McCullen, Thos. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McCullin, Andw. Galloon Drummurl 1834
McCullin, Berd. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McCullin, Berd. Galloon Knockmaddaro 1834
McCullin, Jas. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McCullin, John Galloon Drummurl 1834
McCullin, Pat., jun. Galloon Moorlough 1834
McCullin, Pat., sen. Galloon Moorlough 1834
McCullion, Jas. Galloon Cornavray 1834
McCutchin, Alexr. Galloon Concora 1834
McDermot, Chas. Galloon Drumsastry 1834
McDermot, Danl. Galloon Killard 1834
McDermot, Henry Galloon Lettergreen 1834
McDermot, John Galloon Gubnacor 1834
McDermot, Pat. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
McDermot, Pat. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
McDermott, Con. Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
McDermott, Henry Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
McDermott, Henry Galloon Donagh 1834
McDermott, Hugh Galloon Derrakenny 1834
McDonagh, Andw. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
McDonagh, Arthur Galloon Doohat 1834
McDonagh, Atty. Galloon Gub 1834
McDonagh, Frank Galloon Gub 1834
McDonagh, Frank Galloon Kavenagh 1834
McDonagh, Hugh Galloon Killydowny 1834
McDonagh, Hugh Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
McDonagh, Mary Galloon Gub 1834
McDonagh, Michl. Galloon Gub 1834
McDonagh, Michl. Galloon Killydowny 1834
McDonagh, Patt Galloon Keerinmore 1834
McDonagh, Phill Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McDonald, Alex. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
McDonald, Alexr. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
McDonald, Alexr. Galloon Foarmast 1834
McDonald, Alexr. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McDonald, Berd. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
McDonald, Berd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McDonald, Edwd. Galloon Farmgram 1834
McDonald, Hanna Galloon Kilturk 1834
McDonald, Hugh Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McDonald, Hugh Galloon Drumgallon 1834
McDonald, James Galloon Caramaculla 1834
McDonald, Jas. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
McDonald, Jas. Galloon Killineber 1834
McDonald, Jas. Galloon Lisagurry 1834
McDonald, Jas. Galloon Rockfield 1834
McDonald, Jas., jun. Galloon Boneal 1834
McDonald, Jas., sen. Galloon Boneal 1834
McDonald, Jerm. Galloon Boneal 1834
McDonald, Jno. Galloon Cornavray 1834
McDonald, John Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
McDonald, John Galloon Gortbranon 1834
McDonald, John Galloon Kilturk 1834
McDonald, John Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
McDonald, John Galloon Rockfield 1834
McDonald, Larry Galloon Rockfield 1834
McDonald, Michl. Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
McDonald, Michl. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McDonald, Mick. Galloon Kavenaugh 1834
McDonald, Mick. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
McDonald, Owen Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
McDonald, Owen Galloon Killineber 1834
McDonald, Pat. Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
McDonald, Pat. Galloon Rockfield 1834
McDonald, Patt. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
McDonald, Peter Galloon Moorlough 1834
McDonald, Philip Galloon Derradoon 1834
McDonald, Robt. Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
McDonald, Rodger Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
McDonald, Rodger Galloon Mullyduff 1834
McDonald, Rose Galloon Askhill 1834
McDonell, Jas. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
McDool, Berd. Galloon Killilahard 1834
McElgun, Anne Galloon Caramaculla 1834
McElgun, Conor Galloon Kilnacran 1834
McElgun, Edwd. Galloon Deralee 1834
McElgun, Hugh Galloon Gub 1834
McElgun, J. Galloon Kilmore 1834
McElgun, Jas. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
McElgun, Jas. Galloon Gub 1834
McElgun, Jas. Galloon Kilnacran 1834
McElgun, John Galloon Kilnacran 1834
McElgun, John Galloon Lettergreen 1834
McElgun, John, sen. Galloon Kilnacran 1834
McElgun, Michl. Galloon Bohora 1834
McElgun, Pat. Galloon Kilmore 1834
McElgun, Pat. Galloon Kilnacran 1834
McElgun, Peter Galloon Drumloan 1834
McElgun, Terry Galloon Drumloan 1834
McElgun, Thos. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
McElgun, Thos. Galloon Caramaculla 1834
McElgun, Thos. Galloon Gub 1834
McElgun, Tierney Galloon Kilroot 1834
McElgun, Tierney Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
McElroy, James Galloon Donagh 1834
McElroy, John Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
McElroy, Pat. Galloon Kilturk 1834
McElroy, Patt. Galloon Bellmount 1834
McEnally, Owen Galloon Kilturk 1834
McGernan, Edwd. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
McGernon, Jas. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McGernon, Rose Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
McKan, Hugh Galloon Gortgranah 1834
McKeever, Eliza. Galloon Ballagh 1834
McKeiver, Patt Galloon Beltreagh 1834
McKeiver, Patt Galloon Killineber 1834
McKeiver, Peter Galloon Killineber 1834
McKenna, Pat. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
McKenna, Patt. Galloon Killawhey 1834
McKnipe, Geo. Galloon Augharoosky N East 1834
McKnipe, Geo. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
McKnipe, George Galloon Augharoosky N East 1834
McKusker, Anthy. Galloon Killydowny 1834
McKusker, Jas. Galloon Drumsastry 1834
McLean, John Galloon Piperhill 1834
McLelland, John Galloon Branish 1834
McLelland, John Galloon Cormonlay 1834
McLelland, Saml. Galloon Cormonlay 1834
McLoghlin, Jas. Galloon Killawhey 1834
McLoghlin, John Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
McLoghlin, Thos. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
McMahon, Danl. Galloon Deralee 1834
McMahon, Hugh Galloon Moorlough 1834
McMahon, Jas. Galloon Ports 1834
McMahon, John Galloon Concora 1834
McMahon, John Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
McMahon, John Galloon Killard 1834
McMahon, Joseph Galloon Concora 1834
McMahon, Pat. Galloon Killard 1834
McMahon, Pat. Galloon Moorlough 1834
McMahon, Patt Galloon Deralee 1834
McMahon, Patt Galloon Keerinmore 1834
McMahon, Phillip Galloon Concora 1834
McMahon, Thos Galloon Aughnaglogh 1834
McMahon, Thos. Galloon Gorgorwin 1834
McMahon, Wm. Galloon Magheramore 1834
McMahon, Wm. Galloon Magherareagh 1834
McMahon, Wm. Galloon Ringvilla 1834
McMahon, Wm. Galloon Tanatybuk 1834
McManus, Alexr. Galloon Moorlough 1834
McManus, Anthony Galloon Deralee 1834
McManus, Arth. Galloon Deralee 1834
McManus, Berd. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
McManus, Berd. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
McManus, Berd. Galloon Drummurl 1834
McManus, Chas. Galloon Ballagh 1834
McManus, Chas. Galloon Boarrin 1834
McManus, Connor Galloon Derranacrow 1834
McManus, Conor Galloon Drummurl 1834
McManus, Cooey Galloon Moorlough 1834
McManus, Eliza Galloon Kavenagh 1834
McManus, Jas. Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
McManus, Jas. Galloon Moorlough 1834
McManus, John Galloon Bellawillen 1834
McManus, John Galloon Killineber 1834
McManus, John Galloon Lehinch 1834
McManus, Oliver Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
McManus, Pat. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
McManus, Pat. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
McManus, Peter Galloon Branish 1834
McManus, Peter Galloon Tattygare 1834
McManus, Thos. Galloon Boarrin 1834
McManus, Thos. Galloon Killineber 1834
McNeil, Chas. Galloon Mullaghblaney 1834
McSherry, Matw. Galloon Knockmaddaro 1834
McSherry, Matw. Galloon Lisagurry 1834
McTegart, John Galloon Coragh 1834
McTigart, John Galloon Derraginidy 1834
McTigart, John Galloon Killydowny 1834
McWade, Cath. Galloon Concora 1834
Meconahy, Francis Galloon Doohat 1834
Medill, David Galloon Kilturk 1834
Medill, Saml., jun. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Medill, Saml., sen. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Medole, Saml. Galloon Letrim 1834
Medole, Wm. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Megilly, Wm. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Megoveran, Bartel Galloon Drummurl 1834
Megoveran, Owen Galloon Drummurl 1834
Megoveran, Peter Galloon Drummurl 1834
Megoveran, Phil Galloon Ports 1834
Megrory, Wm. Galloon Galloon 1834
Mehaffy, Edwd., Rev. Galloon Donagh 1834
Miles, Wm. Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Moan, Anne Galloon Carmaculla 1834
Moan, Berd. Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Berd. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Moan, Berd. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Moan, Chas. Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Edwd. Galloon Boarrin 1834
Mona, Edwd. Galloon Bohora 1834
Moan, James Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Moan, John Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, John Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Moan, John Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Moan, John Galloon Kilturk 1834
Moan, Kitty Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Mark Galloon Caramaculla 1834
Moan, Michl. Galloon Boarrin 1834
Moan, Patt Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Moan, Phil. Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Thos. Galloon Caramaculla 1834
Mohan, James Galloon Bohosett 1834
Mohan, Jas. Galloon Mullaghgar 1834
Mohan, Owen Galloon Bohosett 1834
Mohan, Philip Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Mohon, Patt Galloon Bohosett 1834
Moinagh, Patt Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Monaghan, Berd. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Monaghan, Michl. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Monla, Patt. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Mooare, Alexr. Galloon Gorta 1834
Moore, Geo. Galloon Mulladinity 1834
Moore, James Galloon Killawhey 1834
Moore, John Galloon Drumralla 1834
Moore, John Galloon Feaugh 1834
Moore, John Galloon Sandholes 1834
Moore, Wm. Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Moore, Wm. Galloon Mulladinity 1834
Moore, Wm. Galloon Piperhill 1834
Morris, Alexr. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Morris, Berd. Galloon Deralee 1834
Morris, Berd. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Morris, Jas. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Morris, Michl. Galloon Kilready 1834
Morris, Owen Galloon Deralee 1834
Morris, Phill Galloon Ports 1834
Morrison, Hamlet Galloon Screevagh 1834
Morrison, Jas. Galloon Lisagurry 1834
Morrison, Jas. Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Morrison, John Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Morrison, Robt. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Morrison, Robt. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Morrison, Wm. Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Morrow, Thos. Galloon Donagh 1834
Morton, Alexr. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Morton, Geo. Galloon Killydowny 1834
Morton, Jas. Galloon Killydowny 1834
Morton, Wm. Galloon Killydowny 1834
Mulladoon, Arthur Galloon Deralee 1834
Mulladoon, Danl. Galloon Deralee 1834
Mulladoon, Danl. Galloon Derryany 1834
Mulladoon, Jas. Galloon Corsale 1834
Mulladoon, Jas. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Mulladoon, Michl. Galloon Ports 1834
Mulladoon, Peter Galloon Derryany 1834
Mulladoon, Thos. Galloon Deralee 1834
Mulligan, Jas. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Mulligan, Jas. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Mulligan, Margt. Galloon Augharoosky 1834
Mulligan, Patt Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Munsy, Wm. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphy, Berd., jun. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Berd., sen. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Edwd. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphy, Edwd. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Jas. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphy, Jas. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Jas. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Murphy, John Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Murphy, John Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, John Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, John Galloon Moorlough 1834
Murphy, Patt Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, Patt Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Peter Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, Rodger Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Murphy, Sarah Galloon Drumhoas 1834
Murphy, Terry Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, Thos. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Wm. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphy, Wm. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Murray, Anne Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, Edwd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Murray, James Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, John Galloon Kilroot 1834
Murray, Larry Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, Patt Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, Thos. Galloon Kilroot 1834
Murry, Alexr. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Murry, Danl. Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Murry, Thos. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Murry, Thos. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Murry, Wm. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Nawn, Anne Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Hugh Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Nawn, Hugh Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Mary Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Patt Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Nawn, Phill Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Thos. Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Neal, John Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Neal, Robt. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Nealer, Wm. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Neison, Patt Galloon Rockfield 1834
Nickle, Peter Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Nickle, Richd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Nickle, Sarah Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Nieson, Jas. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Nixon, James, sen. Galloon Derabeg West 1834
Nixon, John Galloon Clinumphry 1834
Nixon, John Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Nixon, Mary Galloon Derracorby 1834
Nixon, Robt Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Nixon, Robt., jun. Galloon Derabeg West 1834
Noble, Arthur Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Nowland, Jas. Galloon Killmackbrack 1834
O'Donell, James Galloon Donagh 1834
O'Donell, Jas. Galloon Rockfield 1834
O'Donnell, Cath. Galloon Drummusky 1834
Ormston, Geo. Galloon Bohora 1834
Ormston, Geo. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Ormston, Mungo Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Ormston, Thos., jun. Galloon Bohora 1834
Ormston, Thos., sen. Galloon Bohora 1834
Patterson, Hugh Galloon Innisfendra 1834
Patton, John Galloon Ports 1834
Peters, Alice Galloon Donagh 1834
Peters, Forbis Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Peters, Forbis Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Philips, Edwd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Plunket, Christ. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Plunket, Robt. Jr. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Prunty, Chas. Galloon Derabeg East 1834
Ray, James Galloon Doohat 1834
Ray, Patt. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Reilly, Edwd. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Reilly, Hugh Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Reilly, James Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Reilly, James Galloon Drumgullagh 1834
Reilly, Jas. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Reilly, Jas. Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Reilly, John Galloon Kavenagh 1834
Reilly, John Galloon Killaraw 1834
Reilly, Patt Galloon Kavenagh 1834
Reilly, Phill Galloon Corlatt 1834
Reilly, Thos. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Rennick, James Galloon Derabeg West 1834
Rennick, Jas. Galloon Tiraffy 1834
Rennick, John Galloon Derracorby 1834
Reynolds, John Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Robinson, Alex. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Robinson, John Galloon Derrychanan 1834
Robinson, John Galloon Feaugh 1834
Robinson, Thos. Galloon Feaugh 1834
Robinson, Wm. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Robinson, Wm. Galloon Feaugh 1834
Rodden, Wm. Galloon Letrim 1834
Russell, Edwd. Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Russell, Edwd. Galloon Cursintian 1834
Scallan, Hugh Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Scarlet, David Galloon Ringvilla 1834
Scarlet, John Galloon Lislarris 1834
Scarlet, Wm., jun. Galloon Lislarris 1834
Scarlet, Wm., sen. Galloon Lislarris 1834
Scollin, Berd. Galloon Killaraw 1834
Scollin, Con. Galloon Galloon 1834
Scollin, Patt. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Scollin, Thos. Galloon Greaterif 1834
Scott, Arthur Galloon Drummarraght 1834
Scott, James Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Scott, Ralph Galloon Drummarraght 1834
Scott, Ralph Galloon Fargram 1834
Scullin, Jas. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Shaw, Jas. Galloon Mullduff 1834
Shaw, Wm. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Sheals, Judy Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Shearson, Abm. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Shearson, John Galloon Sheeney 1834
Sheils, Danl. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Sheils, James Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Sheils, Patt Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Sheils, Thompson Galloon Kilroot 1834
Shenan, Anne Galloon Corlatt 1834
Sheridan, Danl. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Sherry, Geo. Galloon Ports 1834
Sherry, James Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Sherry, Jas. Galloon Ports 1834
Sherry, John Galloon Ports 1834
Sherry, Wm. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Sherry, Wm. Galloon Ports 1834
Slevan, Hugh Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Smith, Hugh Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Smith, James Galloon Derracorby 1834
Smith, John Galloon Cushlea 1834
Smith, John, jun. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Smith, John, sen. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Smith, Richd. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Smith, Thos. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Smyley, John Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Somerville, Wm. Galloon Farm 1834
Stenson, Abm. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Stinson, Saml. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Swift, Chas. Galloon Drumainbaun 1834
Swift, Jas. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Swift, Peter Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Swift, Thos. Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Swindal, Chas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Tarlton, Wm. Galloon Climmin 1834
Taylor, George Galloon Drumgoal 1834
Tearney, Bernard Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Tearney, James Galloon Ballagh 1834
Tearney, Jas. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Tearney, John Galloon Killydowny 1834
Tearney, Mary Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Tearney, Patt. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Tearney, Thos. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Tearny, Owen Galloon Donagh 1834
Tearny, Owen Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Tearny, Thos. Galloon Donagh 1834
Teasey, Jas. Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Thompson, John Galloon Gortbranon 1834
Thompson, Robt. Galloon Drumcrew 1834
Thompson, Robt. Galloon Gortbranon 1834
Thompson, Wm. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Tierney, Jas. Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Tierney, Jas. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Tressy, Jas. Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Tressy, Patk. Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Tressy, Phil. Galloon Kallaraw 1834
Tummon, Berd. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Tummon, Edwd. Galloon Killaraw 1834
Tummon, Hugh Galloon Coragh 1834
Tummon, Patt. Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Tumon, Hugh Galloon Landbrock 1834
Tun, James Galloon Kilready 1834
Tunn, Jas. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Wadsworth, John Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Wadsworth, Thos. Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Wadsworth, Wm. Galloon Kilready 1834
Wadsworth, Wm. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Wallace, Geo. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Wallace, James, jun. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Wallace, James, sen. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Wallce, Jas. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Wallis, James Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Wallis, John Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Ward, Elenor Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Ward, Stephen Galloon Kilturk 1834
Ward, Wm. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Warnock, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Warnock, Jas. Galloon Knockboy 1834
Waters, Isaac Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Waters, Thos. Galloon Kilready 1834
Webb, Rev. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Welsh, John Galloon Magheramore 1834
Welsh, Jos. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Welsh, Joseph Galloon Corlatt 1834
West, Francis, sen. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Fras., jun. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, James Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
West, James Galloon Feaugh 1834
West, Jas. Galloon Drumralla 1834
West, John Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Thos. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Wm., sen. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Wm., jun. Galloon Clonetty 1834
Wiggans, Jas. Galloon Drumma 1834
Wiggins, James Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Wiggins, John Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Wiggins, Robt. Galloon Whitehill 1834
Wiggins, Saml. Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Wiggins, Thos. Galloon Whitehill 1834
Wilson, Andw. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Wilson, Chas. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Wilson, John Galloon Concora 1834
Wilson, Wm. Galloon Magheramore 1834
Wilson, Wm. Galloon Magherareagh 1834
Winny, Chas. Galloon Corlatt 1834
Winny, Hugh Galloon Killydowny 1834
Winny, John Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
Winny, Thos. Galloon Mullaghboy 1834

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