County Fermaagh 

1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment
- Sorted By Parish - and Townland -

The files have been broken down into smaller charts, from the original supplied by Vynette Sage.
Alwill, John Drummully Coravahan 1828
Andrew, Jos. Drummully Clinrigh 1828
Armstrong, Charles Drummully Clinkeran 1828
Armstrong, Geo. Drummully Caramore 1828
Armstrong, Henry Drummully Clonkee 1828
Armstrong, Will. Drummully Clinkeran 1828
Armstrong, Wm. Drummully Colmon 1828
Bacus?, John Drummully Clincalick 1828
Bayley, Wm. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Beaty, Frans. Drummully Gubdoo 1828
Beaty, Robt. Drummully Clonkee 1828
Beaty, Robt. Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Beaty, Wm. Drummully Gubdoo 1828
Beavis, Francis Drummully Clinshanagh 1828
Beavis, Wm. Drummully Clinshanagh 1828
Bell, Abraham Drummully Leas 1828
Bell, Alexr. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Bell, Danl. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Bell, Ebenzr. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Bell, Ebenzr., jun. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Bell, Ebenzr., sen. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Bell, Jas. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Jas. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, John Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Jos. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Bell, Jos. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Thos. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Widow? Drummully Leas 1828
Bell, Wm. Drummully Leas 1828
Best, Henry Drummully Clinagor 1828
Boyle, Thos. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Brown, Jas. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Bulfinch, Robt. Drummully Clincorick 1828
Campble, Robt. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Carlton, Jas. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Carlton, John Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Carlton, John, jun. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Carlton, Lanty Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Carol, Patt. Drummully Clinola 1828
Carrol, Darby Drummully Clonfad 1828
Cassidy, Con. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Cassidy, Wm. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Cawfield, Jas. Drummully Clingacona 1828
Conlon, Francis Drummully Drumslone 1828
Conlon, Patt. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Conlon, Patt. Drummully Gubdoo 1828
Conlon, Peter Drummully Clinlura 1828
Conlon, Peter Drummully Drumslone 1828
Conlon, Widow? Drummully Clonfad 1828
Conlon, Widow? Drummully Gubdoo 1828
Conly, Connor Drummully Clinlura 1828
Conly, Hugh Drummully Inshanagh 1828
Conly, Jas. Drummully Inshanagh 1828
Conly, Owen Drummully Drumorin 1828
Conly, Owen Drummully Inshanagh 1828
Conly, Peter Drummully Inshanagh 1828
Conly, Wm. Drummully Derigosh 1828
Conners, Andw. Drummully Clinlura 1828
Conners, Jas. Drummully Clinlura 1828
Corigan, ..... Drummully Kiltober 1828
Corr, John Drummully Clincalick 1828
Corrigan, Patt. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Courtney, John Drummully Clinola 1828
Courtney, John Drummully Fritzanagh 1828
Courtny, David Drummully Fritzanagh 1828
Courtny, Henry Drummully Fritzanagh 1828
Courtny, John Drummully Clinaroo 1828
Courtny, Thos. Drummully Clinaroo 1828
Crawford, Thos. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Crorken, Pam. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Croskan, Edwd. Drummully Denkerb 1828
Crowe, Chas. Drummully Clincalick 1828
Crozier, Thos. Drummully Drummully 1828
Crudden, Edwd. Drummully Clinlura 1828
Crummer, Saml. Drummully Clincalick 1828
Dawley, Jas. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Dawley, Jas. Drummully Clinrigh 1828
Donaghy, Bernard Drummully Derakerb 1828
Donaghy, Frank Drummully Denkerb 1828
Donaghy, James Drummully Derakerb 1828
Donaghy, Phill. Drummully Denkerb 1828
Donaghy, Phill., jun. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Donaghy, Phill., sen. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Donaghy, Widow Drummully Derakerb 1828
Doonan, Thos. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Elliott, Christopher Drummully Colmon 1828
Elliott, Christopher Drummully Doulig 1828
Elliott, Jas. Drummully Doulig 1828
Elliott, John Drummully Colmon 1828
Elliott, John Drummully Drummully 1828
Elliott, Thos. Drummully Annaghmullin 1828
Elliott, Widow Drummully Edergole 1828
Emerson, Thos. Drummully Derelvin 1828
Farley, Jas. Drummully Drumslone 1828
Farly, Alexr. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Farly, Hugh Drummully Clinagor 1828
Farly, Jas. Drummully Clincorick 1828
Farly, Jas. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Farly, Robt. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Farly, Robt. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Farly, Thos. Drummully Annaghmullin 1828
Fitzpatrick, Danl. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Fitzpatrick, John Drummully Derelvin 1828
Fitzpatrick, Michl Drummully Denkerb 1828
Fitzpatrick, Micl. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Fitpatrick, Phill. Drummully Goladuff 1828
Flanagan, Jas. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Flanigan, John Drummully Derigosh 1828
Gleason, Patt. Drummully Clinrigh 1828
Gleason, Patt. Drummully Clinshano 1828
Gleason, Peter Drummully Clinshano 1828
Goodwin, Geo. Drummully Clincalick 1828
Goodwin,Patt. Drummully Derigosh 1828
Graham, Geo. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Graham, Wm. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Greg, Gerald Drummully Coravahan 1828
Greg, John Drummully Coravahan 1828
Greg, Robt. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Greg, Robt. Drummully Coravahan 1828
Grey, Edwd. Drummully Clincalick 1828
Hagerty, Bernd. Drummully Roran 1828
Hagerty, Dennis Drummully Roran 1828
Hall, John Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Hall, Widow Drummully Clinshanagh 1828
Hassard, Wm. Drummully Clinaroo 1828
Hassard, Wm. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Hassard, Wm., Esq. Drummully Cara 1828
Howy, Thos. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Johnston, John Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Johnston, Saml. Drummully Colmon 1828
Johnston, Widow Drummully Colmon 1828
Jones, Jas. Drummully Fritzanagh 1828
Kearnan, Hugh Drummully Anaghra 1828
Kearman, Jas. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Kearman, Michl. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Keleghan, Jas. Drummully Clingacona 1828
Kelly, John Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Kelly, Owen Drummully Clincalick 1828
Kelly, Patt. Drummully Clincorick 1828
Kelly, Thos. Drummully Clincorick 1828
Kenedy, Owen Drummully Clincloghy 1828
King, Jas. Drummully Clinshano 1828
Lappin, Bernd. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Lappin, Jas. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Lappin, John Drummully Clinocloghy 1828
Lappin, Patt. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Lavery, Cormick Drummully Drumorin 1828
Leary, John Drummully Drumslone 1828
Leghorn, Archd. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Leghorn, Thos. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Leghorn, Widow Drummully Clinisten 1828
Lindsy,........ Drummully Derigosh 1828
Litle, Andw. Drummully Derabrack 1828
Litle, Isaick Drummully Clincalick 1828
Litle, John Drummully Derabrack 1828
Madole, Hugh Drummully Roran 1828
Madole, Jas. Drummully Roran 1828
Maguire, John Drummully Derakerb 1828
Maguire, Prunty Drummully Derakerb 1828
Martin, John Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Martin, Patt Drummully Cornacahan 1828
McAdam, Jas. Drummully Derakerb 1828
McCabe, ....... Drummully Annaghmullin 1828
McCabe, Bernd. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
McCabe, Frans. Drummully Anaghra 1828
McCabe, Henry Drummully Clincalick 1828
McCabe, Jas. Drummully Clincorick 1828
McCabe, Patt Drummully Clincorick 1828
McCabe, Phil. Drummully Anaghra 1828
McCabe, Terence Drummully Clinoony 1828
McCaffey, Owen Drummully Leas 1828
McCaffrey, James Drummully Derakerb 1828
McCaffry, Hugh Drummully Clonkuland 1828
McCaffry, Jas. Drummully Denkerb 1828
McCaffry, Jas., jun. Drummully Drumgraugh 1828
McCaffry, Jas., sen. Drummully Drumgraugh 1828
McCaffry, John Drummully Clinaroo 1828
McCaffry, John Drummully Clincorick 1828
McCaffry, Patt Drummully Drummully 1828
McCaffry, Roddy Drummully Clogher 1828
McCaffry, Widow Drummully Clinisten 1828
McCaffry, Widow Drummully Cornacahan 1828
McCaffry, Widow Drummully Drummully 1828
McCall, John Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCarny, Bernd. Drummully Clonfad 1828
McCarny, Danl. Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCarny, Edwd. Drummully Clonfad 1828
McCarny, Felix Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCarny, Hugh Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCarny, Owen Drummully Clinlura 1828
McCarny, Owen Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCarny, Patt. Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCarny, Phill. Drummully Clonfad 1828
McCarny, Terence Drummully Clinlura 1828
McCarny, Terns. Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCarny, Thos. Drummully Drumslone 1828
McCaul, John Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
McClean, John Drummully Kiltober 1828
McCormick, Chas. Drummully Clincorick 1828
McCullaghland, Jas. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
McDermott, Arthr. Drummully Clonfad 1828
McDermott, Martin Drummully Clonfad 1828
McDermott, Phillip Drummully Derakerb 1828
McDermott, Phill. Drummully Denkerb 1828
McDermott, Thos. Drummully Clincorick 1828
McDermott, Widow Drummully Denkerb 1828
McDermott, Widow Drummully Derakerb 1828
McDonald, Alexr. Drummully Cara 1828
McDonald, Arthr. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
McDonald, Arthur Drummully Denkerb 1828
McDonald, Arthur Drummully Derakerb 1828
McDonald, Bernd. Drummully Clingacona 1828
McDonald, Dennis Drummully Derigosh 1828
McDonald, Jas. Drummully Clonfad 1828
McDonald, John Drummully Clonfad 1828
McDonald, John Drummully Denkerb 1828
McDonald, John Drummully Derakerb 1828
McDonald, John Drummully Drumorin 1828
McDonald, Phill. Drummully Gortnacana 1828
McDoole, Danl. Drummully Clinola 1828
McDoole, Widow Drummully Clinola 1828
McElroy, John Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
McFaddan, Jimmy Drummully Kiltober 1828
McGinnis, Michl. Drummully Clinaroo 1828
McGowan, Patt. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
McGuiness, Phill. Drummully Goladuff 1828
McGuire, Bernd. Drummully Clinoony 1828
McGuire, Dennis Drummully Derelvin 1828
McGuire, Dennis Drummully Roran 1828
McGuire, Hugh Drummully Drummully 1828
McGuire, John Drummully Denkerb 1828
McGuire, Jos. Drummully Clinoony 1828
McGuire, Phill. Drummully Cara 1828
McGuire, Phill. Drummully Edergole 1828
McGuire, Prunty Drummully Denkerb 1828
McGuire, Thos. Drummully Coravahan 1828
McGuire, Widow Drummully Clincalick 1828
McKearnan, Thos. Drummully Clonkee 1828
McLeasken, Chas. Drummully Clonkee 1828
McMahan, Bernd. Drummully Clinrigh 1828
McMahan, Edwd. Drummully Cara 1828
McMahan, Owen Drummully Clonkee 1828
McMahan, Thos. Drummully Leas 1828
McMahon, John Drummully Clincorick 1828
McMahon, Owen Drummully Gortnacana 1828
McManus, Bernd. Drummully Derakerb 1828
McQuillin, John Drummully Cara 1828
McTegart, Bernd. Drummully Derakerb 1828
McTegart, Hugh Drummully Derakerb 1828
McTegart, Owen Drummully Derakerb 1828
McTegart, Patt. Drummully Derakerb 1828
McTeggert, Bernd. Drummully Denkerb 1828
McTeggert, Hugh Drummully Denkerb 1828
McTeggert, Owen Drummully Denkerb 1828
Moffitt, Rev. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Moffitt, Wm. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Monaghan, Edwd. Drummully Clincalick 1828
Monaghan, John Drummully Drumgraugh 1828
Monaghan, Mathew Drummully Clincalick 1828
Monaghan, Phill. Drummully Roran 1828
Mullin, Bernd. Drummully Clincorick 1828
Mulvany, Thos. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Murphy, Patt Drummully Clingacona 1828
Murphy, Terence Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Murry, John Drummully Clinisten 1828
Murry, Michl. Drummully Clinola 1828
Murry, Peter Drummully Clinaroo 1828
Neeson, Hugh Drummully Clonfad 1828
Neeson, John Drummully Clinola 1828
Neeson, Peter Drummully Clinola 1828
Neil, Hugh Drummully Clogher 1828
Nichol, Geo. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Pogue, Andrew Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Annaghmullin 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Clinaroo 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Clogher 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Edergole 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Presly, Jos. Drummully Clinshanagh 1828
Presly, Jos. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Reed, ............. Drummully Drummully 1828
Reily, Phill. Drummully Clingacona 1828
Reily, Phillip Drummully Clincalick 1828
Renick, Alexr. Drummully Derigosh 1828
Ricky, Wm. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Riddall, Hugh Drummully Clincalick 1828
Riddell, Hugh Drummully Clinisten 1828
Rielly, Hugh, Rev. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Ruly, Widow Drummully Clinshano 1828
Scollen, Hugh Drummully Derelvin 1828
Scollin, Patt. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Sinclair, Jas. Drummully Rabit Island 1828
Sinclair, Wm. Drummully Rabit Island 1828
Sinclair, Wm. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Sloan, Elenor Drummully Clinrigh 1828
Smiley, Samuel Drummully Clincalick 1828
Smiley, Widow Drummully Clincalick 1828
Smith, David, Esq. Drummully Clinoony 1828
Smith, Jas. Drummully Cara 1828
Smith, John Drummully Cara 1828
Smith, Michael Drummully Clincalick 1828
Smith, Owen Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Smith, Thos. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Smyth, Hugh Drummully Clingacona 1828
Smyth, Hugh Drummully Derigosh 1828
Strain, Robt. Drummully Clinoony 1828
Terny, James Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Thompson,...... Drummully Drummully 1828
Thompson, Jas. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Timney, Bernard Drummully Goladuff 1828
Timney, Hugh Drummully Goladuff 1828
Trotter, Alexr. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Trotter, Richd. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Trotter, Wm. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Tummin, Michl. Drummully Goladuff 1828
Tummin, Widow Drummully Goladuff 1828
Tummin, William Drummully Goladuff 1828
Tummon, Patt. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Turnir, Edwd. Drummully Cornachan 1828
Turnir, John Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Turnir, Patt. Drummully Denkerb 1828
Turnir, Wm., jun. Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Turnir, Wm., sen. Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Wilson, John Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Wilson, Saml. Drummully Colmon 1828
Winters, Hugh Drummully Clinlura 1828
Winters, John Drummully Clinlura 1828
Winters, John Drummully Clinoony 1828
Winters, Patt. Drummully Clinshano 1828
Winters, Widow Drummully Clinlura 1828
Wright, Thos. Drummully Clinisten 1828

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