County Fermaagh 

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Tithe Applotment

Contributed by Vynette Sage
Arnold, George Aghalurcher Toney 1833
Arnold, Robert Aghalurcher Teereighan 1833
Arnold, Robert Aghalurcher Aughacramphill 1833
Arthurs, Andw. Rossorry Little Bodara 1826
Arthurs, Christ. Rossorry Big Bodara 1826
Arthurs, Edwd. Cleenish Lurgandurragh 1834
Arthurs, Edwd. Cleenish Maybawn 1834
Arthurs, Edwd. Cleenish Mullygarry 1834
Arthurs, Edwd. Rossorry Lurgandarragh 1826
Arthurs, Edwd. Rossorry Rigg 1826
Arthurs, George Cleenish Derryinch 1834
Arthurs, James Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Arthurs, James Rossorry Rigg 1826
Arthurs, James Rossorry Tedegar 1826
Arthurs, Jas. Cleenish Gortadrate 1834
Arthurs, Jas. Cleenish Lurgandurragh 1834
Arthurs, John Cleenish Aughliss 1834
Arthurs, John Rossorry Lurgandarragh 1826
Arthurs, John Rossorry Rigg 1826
Arthurs, John, jun. Rossorry Rigg 1826
Arthurs, Robt. Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Arthurs, Thos. Cleenish Lurgandurragh 1834
Arthurs, Thos. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Arthurs, Thos. Rossorry Rigg 1826
Arthurs, William Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Atcheson, Robt. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Atcheson, W. Inishmacsaint Aughamore and Callow 1834
Atcheson, William Cleenish Drummaren 1834
Atcheson, Wilson Killesher Coolacrim 1828
Atcheson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Tullybelcoo 1834
Atchison, A. Inishmacsaint Dramore 1834
Atchison, Robt. Inishmacsaint Blackslee 1834
Atchison, W. Inishmacsaint Drumadoonain 1834
Atchison, Wm. Inishmacsaint Dramara 1834
Atkins, James Cleenish Drummod 1834
Atthill, W., Rev Magheraculmoney Ardess 1828
Atwell, Widow? Derryvullen Dhring 1835
Atwil, Thomas Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Atwil, Thomas Aghalurcher Maguirebridge 1833
Atwill, Benj. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Atwill, James Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Atwill, John Enniskillen Aughaward 1832
Atwill, Mary Enniskillen Cavinaleck 1832
Atwill, Richd. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Atwill, Saml. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Atwill, Wm. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Auchenlick, Rev? Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Auchenlick, John Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Auchurlick, Alexr., Rev. Rossorry Mullalogan 1826
Aughnaleck, James Aghalurcher Lisnagole 1833
Bacus?, John Drummully Clincalick 1828
Bafler, Charles Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Bafler, Edward Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Bafler, George Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Bafler, George Aghalurcher Erdinagh 1833
Bahum, Edward Magheracross Seesagh 1829
Bailey, Thos. Galloon Kilready 1834
Bailey, Thos. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Baily, Wm. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Bainford, William Aghalurcher Bohatten 1833
Baird, James Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Baird, William Derryvullen Forthhill/Spratshill 1835
Baird, William Derryvullen Invinestown 1835
Baker, John Aghavea Lisnabane 1834
Balford, Andrew Enniskillen Breandrum 1832
Balford, Andw. Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Balford, Andw. Rossorry Drumsillagh 1826
Balford, Blanch Rossorry Portmuske 1826
Balford, Henry Cleenish Toneyhague 1834
Balford, James Cleenish Toneyhague 1834
Balford, James Rossorry Dernasesk 1826
Balford, Robert Cleenish Toneyhagure 1834
Balford, Samuel Cleenish Artonagh 1834
Balford, William Cleenish Drumconnor 1834
Balford, William Cleenish Toneyhague 1834
Balfour, Alexander Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
Balfour, Jane Aghalurcher Slushhill 1833
Balfour, Jas. Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Ball, Francis Enniskillen Aughaward 1832
Ball, Francis Trory Drumcoo 1825
Ball, James Enniskillen Aughaward 1832
Ball, James Enniskillen Drumgarrow 1832
Ball, Jas. Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Ball, John Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Ball, Joseph Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Ball, Richard Enniskillen Cornagrade 1832
Ball, Richard Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Ball, Richd. Drumkeeran Garticar 1832
Ball, Thomas Enniskillen Aughaward 1832
Ball, William Enniskillen Aughaward 1832
Ball, William Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Ball, Richd. Trory Drumcoo 1825
Bamford, James Aghavea Creagh 1834
Bamford, Samuel Aghavea Derryheely 1832
Bamford, Widow? Enniskillen Camgart 1832
Bamfort, George Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Bannen, Widow? Boho Drumboy 1827
Bannon, Anne Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Bannon, Catherine Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Bannon, Hugh Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannon, James, jun. Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannon, James, sen. Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannon, Michael Aghalurcher Corrynewy 1833
Bannon, Michael Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannon, Patrick Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannon, Patt. Enniskillen Killee 1832
Bannon, Robert Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Weavers Lane 1835
Bannon, Sarah Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannon, Thomas Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannon, Wm. Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Bannor, Mary Galloon Kilturk 1834
Barber, John Enniskillen Killee 1832
Barber, Joseph Enniskillen Killee 1832
Barber, Robert Enniskillen Killee 1832
Barnet, Thomas Aghalurcher Alderwood 1833
Barney, Francis Cleenish Abocurragh 1834
Barney, Jas. Cleenish Aughanagh 1834
Barnford, Alexander Aghalurcher Ramutt 1833
Barren, Charles Belleek Derrahollow 1832
Barret, Edwd. Drumkeeran Drummagrecial 1832
Barret, Mick. Drumkeeran Gushadays 1832
Barret, Patt. Drumkeeran Gushadays 1832
Barret, Wm. Drumkeeran Gushadays 1832
Barrett, Hugh Derryvullen Cultagh 1835
Barrett, Patrick Derryvullen Cultagh 1835
Barrett, John Cleenish Toneylisderritt 1834
Bartin, Acheson Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Bartin, Acheson Drumkeeran Keeran 1832
Bartin, Anty. Drumkeeran Drummony 1832
Bartin, Edwd. Drumkeeran Terwiny 1832
Bartin, Fols., Esq. Drumkeeran Curraghmore 1832
Bartin, Geo. Drumkeeran Fidings 1832
Bartin, Gusty Drumkeeran Drumhurren 1832
Bartin, Hugh Drumkeeran Drumkeeran 1832
Bartin, James Drumkeeran Ednatecrumin 1832
Bartin, James Drumkeeran Ednatecrumin 1832
Bartin, James Drumkeeran Terwiny 1832
Bartin, Jas. Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Bartin, Oliver Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Bartin, Oliver Drumkeeran Keeran 1832
Bartin, Richd. Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Bartin, Robt. Drumkeeran Banaghmore 1832
Bartin, Widow? Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Bartin, Widow? Drumkeeran Drumhurren 1832
Bartin, Wm. Drumkeeran Brackland 1832
Bartin, Wm. Drumkeeran Drumhurren 1832
Bartin, Wm., Esq. Drumkeeran Ardore 1832
Bartin, Wm., Esq. Drumkeeran Clonaweel 1832
Bartin, Wm., Esq. Drumkeeran Clonelly 1832
Bartin, Wm., Esq. Drumkeeran Derrybrick 1832
Bartin, Wm., Esq. Drumkeeran Stragoland 1832
Bartley, Widow? Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Barton, O. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Barton, Oliver Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Barton, Robt. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Bavis, Adam Aghalurcher Slushhill 1833
Bavis, Francis Aghavea Tulnagoan 1832
Bavis, William Aghavea Tulnagoan 1832
Bawn, Tarlaugh Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Baxter, Edward Aghalurcher Cornarooslan 1833
Baxter, Edward Enniskillen Breandrum 1832
Baxter, Hugh Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Baxter, James Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Baxter, James Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Baxter, Liddle Enniskillen Coragrade 1832
Baxter, Liddle Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Baxter, Liddle Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Baxter, Robert Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Bayley, Wm. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Beacom, Mr? Drumkeeran Drumborty 1832
Beacom, Geo. Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Beacom, James, jun. Enniskillen Falls 1832
Beacom, James, sen. Enniskillen Falls 1832
Beacom, John Enniskillen Knockalough 1832
Beacom, Robt. Drumkeeran Drumborty 1832
Beacon, Christopher Cleenish Faughart 1834
Beacon, Christopher Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Beacon, Henry Enniskillen Killynure 1832
Beacon, James Enniskillen Carrickmacmea 1832
Beacon, Robert Enniskillen Killynure 1832
Beacon, William Cleenish Skea 1834
Beaker, Thomas Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Beakim, Christr. Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Topetnow 1835
Beakim, Henry Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Beakim, Robert Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Beard, Davd. Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Beard, Hugh Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Beard, James Drumkeeran Drumyearny 1832
Beard, John Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Beatty, Dr? Aghalurcher Farnaconahy 1833
Beatty, Dr? Aghalurcher Farnascullog 1833
Beatty, Dr? Aghalurcher Macknagh 1833
Beatty, Mrs? Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Beatty, Alex. Derryvullen Rossclare 1835
Beatty, Andrew Aghavea Anagrane 1834
Beatty, Anne Derryvullen Drummarkey 1835
Beatty, Anne Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Beatty, Archibald Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Beatty, Archibald Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Beatty, Christr. Derryvullen Drummarkey 1835
Beatty, Christr. Derryvullen Drumpeen 1835
Beatty, Christr. Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Beatty, Crozier Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Beatty, David Derryvullen Tamlaght 1835
Beatty, Edward Aghalurcher Cleen 1833
Beatty, Edward Aghavea Cornafanauge 1832
Beatty, Elinor Aghalurcher Ballymacaffrey 1833
Beatty, Francis Aghavea Ervey 1832
Beatty, George Aghalurcher Cavanaleck 1833
Beatty, George Aghalurcher Cleen 1833
Beatty, George Aghalurcher Currghlare 1833
Beatty, George Aghalurcher Killarburn 1833
Beatty, George Aghavea Aughanaclough 1832
Beatty, George Aghavea Currin 1832
Beatty, George Aghavea Killkeeran 1832
Beatty, George Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Beatty, George Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Beatty, George Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Beatty, Henry Killesher Drumduff 1828
Beatty, Isabella Killesher Killybrackin 1828
Beatty, James Aghalurcher Aughavoory 1833
Beatty, James Aghalurcher Bohatten 1833
Beatty, James Aghalurcher Corlough 1833
Beatty, James Aghalurcher Owenskerry 1833
Beatty, James Aghalurcher Tullykenny 1833
Beatty, James Aghavea Ervey 1832
Beatty, James Aghavea Tresna 1834
Beatty, James Killesher Killybrackin 1828
Beatty, John Aghalurcher Corlough 1833
Beatty, John Aghalurcher Killarburn 1833
Beatty, John Aghalurcher Rafinton 1833
Beatty, John Aghalurcher Raw 1833
Beatty, John Aghalurcher Tullykenny 1833
Beatty, John Aghavea Killykeeran 1832
Beatty, John Aghavea Knockmacmanus 1832
Beatty, John Aghavea Tresna 1834
Beatty, John Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Beatty, John Derryvullen Leam 1835
Beatty, John Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Beatty, John Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Beatty, John Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Beatty, John, Esq. Derryvullen Ardaghbeg 1835
Beatty, John, sen. Aghalurcher Corlough 1833
Beatty, Luke Derryvullen Drumarkey 1835
Beatty, Luke Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Beatty, Martin Galloon Drumclay 1834
Beatty, Martin Galloon Drumcrew 1834
Beatty, Mary Derryvullen Cooliske 1835
Beatty, Mary Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Beatty, Richard Aghalurcher Killarburn 1833
Beatty, Richard Aghavea Currin 1832
Beatty, Robert Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Beatty, Robert Aghalurcher Tullykenny 1833
Beatty, Robert Aghavea Ervey 1832
Beatty, Roland Derryvullen Drumarkey 1835
Beatty, Roland Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Beatty, Roland Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Beatty, Samuel Aghalurcher Rafinton 1833
Beatty, Sarah Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Beatty, Thomas Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Drumgullagh 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Killawhey 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Kilmakirk 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Beatty, Thos. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Beatty, Widow? Derryvullen Aughy 1835
Beatty, Widow Mary Derryvullen Drumarkey 1835
Beatty, William Aghalurcher Carrickmacosker 1833
Beatty, William Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Beatty, William Aghavea Sattindillor 1832
Beatty, William Aghavea Tawnawilla 1832
Beatty, William, sen. Aghalurcher Carrickmacosker 1833
Beatty, Wm. Derryvullen Aughy 1835
Beaty, Frans. Drummully Gubdoo 1828
Beaty, Henry Boho Aughinaglack 1827
Beaty, John Boho Aughinaglack 1827
Beaty, Robt. Drummully Clonkee 1828
Beaty, Robt. Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Beaty, Wm. Drummully Gubdoo 1828
Beavis, Francis Drummully Clinshanagh 1828
Beavis, Wm. Drummully Clinshanagh 1828
Beggan, Berd. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Beggan, Berd. Galloon Corlatt 1834
Beggan, Hugh Galloon Blenish 1834
Beggan, Hugh Galloon Ports 1834
Beggan, James Galloon Boneal 1834
Beggan, Jas. Galloon Donagh 1834
Beggan, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Beggan, John Aghavea Drummoris 1832
Beggan, John Galloon Bohosett 1834
Beggan, John Galloon Ports 1834
Beggan, Matw. Galloon Donagh 1834
Beggan, Michl. Galloon Bohosett 1834
Beggan, Michl. Galloon Drumbarry 1834
Beggan, Owen Galloon Bohosett 1834
Beggan, Pat. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Beggan, Patt. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Beggan, Terce. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Beggan, Thos. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Beggan, Thos. Galloon Ports 1834
Beggan, Francis Enniskillen Breandrum 1832
Beggs, Matthew Trory Laragh 1825
Bell, Major? Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Bell, Abraham Drummully Leas 1828
Bell, Alexr. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Bell, Ben. Derryvullen Drumbow 1835
Bell, Danl. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Bell, David Enniskillen Knocknastackin 1832
Bell, Ebenzr. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Bell, Ebenzr., jun. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Bell, Ebenzr., sen. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Bell, Edw. Belleek Finner 1832
Bell, Edwd. Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Bell, Hugh Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Bell, James Aghalurcher Mullaghmakervey 1833
Bell, James Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Bell, James Belleek Finner 1832
Bell, James Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Bell, James Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Bell, James Rossorry Crown Hall 1826
Bell, Jane Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Bell, Jas. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Jas. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Jas. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Bell, John Drumkeeran Mullaghmore 1832
Bell, John Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, John Enniskillen Aughaward 1832
Bell, John Galloon Letrim 1834
Bell, John Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Bell, John Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Bell, John, jun. Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Bell, John, sen. Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Bell, Jos. Drummully Anaghra 1828
Bell, Jos. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Robert Aghalurcher Corrard 1833
Bell, Sydney Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Bell, Thomas Derryvullen Drumduff 1835
Bell, Thomas Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Bell, Thos. Drummully Clenagh 1828
Bell, Watty. Derryvullen Brownhill 1835
Bell, Watty. Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Bell, Watty. Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Bell, Watty. Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Bell, Watty. Derryvullen Tullnaghgarran 1835
Bell, Widow? Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Bell, Widow? Drummully Leas 1828
Bell, William Aghalurcher Killynamph 1833
Bell, William Aghavea Tattykeeran 1834
Bell, William Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Bell, William Enniskillen Drumnamail 1832
Bell, Wm. Drummully Leas 1828
Bell, Wm. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Belmore, Earl of Aghalurcher Billberrey 1833
Belmore, Earl of Aghalurcher Dale 1833
Belmore, Earl of Aghalurcher Innisfacey 1833
Belmore, Earl of Aghalurcher Innisleague 1833
Belmore, Earl of Cleenish Deal Island 1834
Belmore, Earl of Derrybrusk Boney Brook 1825
Belmore, Earl of Derrybrusk Thomas-Town 1825
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Castle Coole Demesne 1835
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Cavancross 1835
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Lackaboy 1835
Belmore, Earl of Cleenish Deal Island 1834
Belmore, Earl of Derrybrusk Boney Brook 1825
Belmore, Earl of Derrybrusk Thomas-Town 1825
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Castle Coole Demesne 1835
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Cavancross 1835
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Belmore, Earl of Derryvullen Lackaboy 1835
Bencly, James Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Beng, Arhcy Rossorry Drummee 1826
Benson, George Cleenish Letterbreen 1834
Benson, James Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Benson, James Cleenish Letterbreen 1834
Benson, John Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Benson, Samuel Aghalurcher Henrystuchon 1833
Benson, Thomas Cleenish Clonaveil 1834
Berlin, Widow? Cleenish Poilliter or Whilleter 1834
Berney, William Cleenish Corrard 1834
Bernie, Alexander Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Bernie, James Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Berry, Christy Enniskillen Big Ring 1832
Berry, Robert Killesher Clinarsen 1828
Best, Henry Drummully Clinagor 1828
Best, Henry Galloon Killilahard 1834
Betty, Mrs? Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
Betty, Andw. Magheracross Bigh 1829
Betty, Anne Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Betty, Anne Enniskillen Carnagillagh 1832
Betty, Archd. Enniskillen Carnagillagh 1832
Betty, Archibald Enniskillen Killnabragher 1832
Betty, Chas. Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Betty, Chas. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Betty, Christopher Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Betty, Christr. Magheraculmoney Aughinver 1828
Betty, Christy Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Betty, Corry Magheracross Drummory 1829
Betty, Crozier Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, David Derrybrusk Boney Brook 1825
Betty, Frd. Magheracross Coa 1829
Betty, Guy Enniskillen Carnagillagh 1832
Betty, Guy Enniskillen Doon 1832
Betty, Guy Magheracross Bigh 1829
Betty, Henry Derrybrusk Faughey and Aughey 1825
Betty, James Derrybrusk Boney Brook 1825
Betty, James Enniskillen Drumderg 1832
Betty, James Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Betty, James Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Betty, James Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Betty, John Cleenish Cleenish Island 1834
Betty, John Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Betty, John Derrybrusk Cappy 1825
Betty, John Derrybrusk Tonnyreagh 1825
Betty, John Enniskillen Drumderg 1832
Betty, John Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Betty, Joseph Enniskillen Clarnagh 1832
Betty, Oliver Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Betty, Robert Enniskillen Doon 1832
Betty, Robert Magheracross Killee 1829
Betty, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Betty, Rowland Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, Rowland, jun. Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, Samuel Enniskillen Cornagrade 1832
Betty, Samuel Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Betty, Samuel Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Betty,Thos. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Betty, Thos. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Betty, Walter Magheraculmoney Drumchrun 1828
Betty, Widow? Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Betty, Widow? Trory Laragh 1825
Betty, Widow Anne Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Betty, William Derrybrusk Foxwood 1825
Betty, William Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Betty, William Enniskillen Boholkin 1832
Betty, William Enniskillen Carrokeel 1832
Betty, William Enniskillen Clarnagh 1832
Betty, William Enniskillen Drumderg 1832
Betty, William Enniskillen Tempo Gardens in Edenmore 1832
Betty, William Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Betty, William Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Betty, Wm., jun. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Bird, James Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Bird, James Galloon Killydowny 1834
Birk, Patt. Drumkeeran Drumnagalagh 1832
Birney, Adam Inishmacsaint Ardgart 1834
Birney, Anthony Aghalurcher Sattenelland 1833
Birney, Arthur Aghalurcher Cullentry 1833
Birney, Chas. Inishmacsaint Ardees Upper 1834
Birney, George Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Birney, James Aghalurcher Longfield 1833
Birney, John Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Birney, John Aghalurcher Whitepark 1833
Birney, Robert Aghalurcher Teereighan 1833
Birney, Thomas, Rev. Aghavea Aughaveaglebe 1832
Birney, William Aghalurcher Sattenelland 1833
Birney, William Cleenish Cloonaharon 1834
Birtner, William Magheraculmoney Lackaboy 1828
Bitty, Corry Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Black, Achison Derryvullen Clougheur 1835
Black, George Derryvullen Clougheur 1835
Black, James Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Black, James Derryvullen Clougheur 1835
Black, James Magheracross Cavan 1829
Black, John Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Black, John Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Black, John Derryvullen Clougheur 1835
Black, John Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Mount Drum 1835
Black, John Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Black, John Rossorry Rossorry 1826
Black, Mary Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Weavers Lane 1835
Black, Robert Derryvullen Clougheur 1835
Black, William Derryvullen Derryhillogh 1835
Blair, Edward Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Blair, James Cleenish Moneyoregan 1834
Blair, Samuel Aghalurcher Erdinagh 1833
Blair, William Cleenish Moneyoregan 1834
Blair, William Killesher Curragh 1828
Blair, William Killesher Drumcard 1828
Blair, William Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Blake, Pattk. Magheracross Salry 1829
Blakeley, Willaim Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Blakely, Andr. Derryvullen Drumduff 1835
Blakely, Blany Derryvullen Tullnaghgarran 1835
Blakely, Geo., sen. Derryvullen Druminchin Little 1835
Blakely, George Derryvullen Drogan/Druminchin Ardagh 1835
Blakely, Guy Derryvullen Gortmessin 1835
Blakely, James Derryvullen Druminchin Little 1835
Blakely, Jno. Derryvullen Tullnaghgarran 1835
Blakeley, John Derryvullen Cassidy 1835
Blakely, John Derryvullen Meenaghan 1835
Blakely, John Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Blakely, Rose Derryvullen Tamlaght 1835
Blakely, Thomas Derryvullen Drogan/Druminchin Ardagh 1835
Blakely, Thomas Derryvullen Drumchrin 1835
Bland, Charles Rossorry Colehill 1826
Bleak, John Rossorry Rigg 1826
Bleakeley, George Cleenish Derrygill 1834
Bleakely, Charles Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Bleakely, Christr. Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Bleakely, Francis Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Bleakely, John Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Bleakley, Alexr. Rossorry Colehill 1826
Bleakley, Andw. Magheracross Ardgart 1829
Bleakley, Charles Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Bleakley, Charles Aghalurcher Farnaconahy 1833
Bleakley, Charles Aghalurcher Farnascullog 1833
Bleakley, Charles Aghalurcher Lisduff 1833
Bleakley, Charles Aghalurcher Macknagh 1833
Bleakley, Charles Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Bleakley, Charles Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Bleakley, Charles Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Bleakley, David Enniskillen Cornagrade 1832
Bleakley, Guy Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Bleakley, Mary Aghalurcher Killnamullagh 1833
Bleakley, Robert Aghalurcher Corryanne 1833
Bleakley, Thomas Aghalurcher Corryanne 1833
Bleakley, Wm. Rossorry Killycat 1826
Bleakly, Chas. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, Francis Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Bleakly, George Derryvullen Muynaghan 1835
Bleakly, Henry Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, John Aghavea Foydra 1834
Bleakly, John Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, Joseph Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, Thos. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Bleakly, William Aghavea Foydra 1834
Blessington, Mick. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Blessington, Thomas Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Blessington, Major? Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek Ballymagaghran 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek Dulrush 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek Lowry 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek Rofsmore 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek Rossgoal 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek Rossley 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek Stone Park 1832
Bloomfield, J.C. Belleek The Island 1832
Bodle, George Cleenish Drumhirk 1834
Bogan, Chas. Drumkeeran Gortgeeran 1832
Bogan, Hugh Drumkeeran Portanoid 1832
Bogan, Patt. Drumkeeran Gortgeeran 1832
Bogan, Peter Drumkeeran Gortgeeran 1832
Boggs, Terence Belleek Ross Harbour 1832
Bogne, Hugh Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Bogs, Edwd. Magheracross Bara 1829
Bogs, James Drumkeeran Pruckless 1832
Bogue, Anne Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Bogue, Bernard Aghalurcher Breakley 1833
Bogue, Bernard Aghalurcher Derrycrum 1833
Bogue, Bernard Aghalurcher Longfield 1833
Bogue, Hannagh Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Bogue, Henry Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Bogue, Hugh Aghalurcher Alderwood 1833
Bogue, Hugh Aghalurcher Burbrawn 1833
Bogue, Matthew Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Bogue, Michael Aghalurcher Alderwood 1833
Bogue, Michael Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Bogue, Owen Aghalurcher Alderwood 1833
Bogue, Robert Aghalurcher Crockanerin 1833
Bogue, Robert Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Bogue, Terens. Aghalurcher Derrycrum 1833
Bogue, Terens. Aghalurcher Eshnasillogmore 1833
Bogue, Terens. Aghalurcher Lurganbawn 1833
Bogue, Thomas Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Bogue, William Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Bogues, Denis Aghalurcher Attigohan 1833
Bogues, Denis Aghalurcher Crocknagrawley 1833
Bogues, John Aghalurcher Attigohan 1833
Bogues, Mary Aghalurcher Attigohan 1833
Bolan, Andw. Rossorry Retona 1826
Bolan, Michl. Rossorry Portmuske 1826
Bolan, Michl. Rossorry Retona 1826
Boles, Alexander Aghavea Tullyreagh 1834
Boles, John Killesher Clinatumpher 1828
Boles, Thos. Cleenish Drummaren 1834
Boles, William Killesher Macken 1828
Bonner, Edward Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Boorman, James Aghalurcher Coolbeg 1833
Boosby, Henry Magheracross Craghan 1829
Booth, George Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Booth, George Magheracross Sydare 1829
Booth, John Enniskillen Lurganclaly 1832
Bothwell, Hugh Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Bothwell, James Boho Tubber Dan 1827
Bothwell, James Boho Upper Drumherk 1827
Bothwell, Wm. Rossorry Retona 1826
Bowers, Christopher Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Bowers, John Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Bowes, Jas. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Bowles, Andrew Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Bowles, James Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Bowles, James Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Bowles, Thos. Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Bowls, Alexander Aghavea Skeagh 1832
Bowls, Henry Aghavea Guillagh 1832
Bown, Thomas Derrybrusk Glassmullagh 1825
Bows, Edward Aghavea Eshahorran 1832
Bows, John Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Boyd, Edwd. Cleenish Clonatrig 1834
Boyd, Edwd., jun. Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Boyd, Edwd., sen. Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Boyd, Hugh Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Boyd, Jacob Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Boyd, James Aghalurcher Aughamore South 1833
Boyd, James Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Boyd, Jo. Drumkeeran Mullenmeen 1832
Boyd, John Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Boyd, Moses Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Boyd, Robt. Magheracross Killee 1829
Boyd, Thomas Aghalurcher Simpany 1833
Boyd, Thos. Cleenish Clonatrig 1834
Boyd, William Aghavea Anagrane 1834
Boyd, William Cleenish Artonagh 1834
Boyd, William Killesher Curragh 1828
Boylan, Edwd. Galloon Fargram 1834
Boylan, Hugh Cleenish Cornacully 1834
Boylan, Owen Cleenish Mullylusty 1834
Boyle, Archibald Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Boyle, Charles Belleek Derryronagh/ Larmors Qtr. 1832
Boyle, Ferd. Drumkeeran Tubrit 1832
Boyle, Francis Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Boyle, James Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Boyle, John Belleek Derryronagh/ Larmors Qtr. 1832
Boyle, John Galloon Bellahullistan 1834
Boyle, Michael Derryvullen Drumskea 1835
Boyle, Mick. Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
Boyle, Owen Cleenish Rosswillan 1834
Boyle, Phelix Trory Canrick 1825
Boyle, Philix Magheracross Salloon 1829
Boyle, Thos. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Boyle, Widow? Cleenish Drumbargy 1834
Boyle, William Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Bracken, Andrew Killesher Crusmurrin 1828
Bracken, Andrew Killesher Legnahorna 1828
Bracken, Edward Killesher Lanmore 1828
Bracken, Edward Killesher Salisgrove 1828
Bracken, Hugh Cleenish Gortahurk West 1834
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Drumsillagh 1828
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Knockageehan 1828
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Leefan 1828
Bracken, Hugh Killesher Screen 1828
Bracken, John Cleenish Aughrim 1834
Bracken, John Cleenish Carrickatrentan 1834
Bracken, John Killesher Doonens 1828
Bracken, John Killesher Lisderry 1828
Bracken, John Killesher Lismooley 1828
Bracken, Richard Cleenish Carrickniaflerty 1834
Bracken, Richard Cleenish Cordenybrock 1834
Bracken, Richard Killesher Derrylester 1828
Bracken, Richd. Cleenish Gardenhill 1834
Bracken, Richd. Cleenish Templenefrin 1834
Bracken, William Killesher Crusmurrin 1828
Bracken, William Killesher Lismooley 1828
Brackin, Andrew Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Brackin, Hugh Killesher Drumgague 1828
Brackin, Hugh Killesher Drumhack 1828
Brackin, James Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Brackin, John Killesher Curragh 1828
Brackin, John Killesher Drumgague 1828
Brackin, John Killesher Gorteen 1828
Brackin, Richard Killesher Curragh 1828
Brackin, Richard Killesher Marlbank 1828
Bradley, Charles Enniskillen Pubble 1832
Brady, Ann Cleenish Drumconlin West 1834
Brady, Daniel Killesher Lisderry 1828
Brady, Edwd. Cleenish Drumconlin West 1834
Brady, James Killesher Lisderry 1828
Brady, John Cleenish Drumconlin West 1834
Brady, John Cleenish Drummain 1834
Brady, John Galloon Derradoon 1834
Brady, John, Rev. Killesher Drummuck 1828
Brady, Michael Cleenish Corryglass 1834
Brady, Owen Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Brady, Patrick Cleenish Drumconlin West 1834
Brady, Thomas Cleenish Kilkuskey (Island) 1834
Brady, Thomas Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Brady, Thomas Killesher Lisderry 1828
Brady, Widow? Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Brady, Widow Ellen Derryvullen Lisson 1835
Brady, William Derryvullen Rosguire Kernan 1835
Brady, William Killesher Lisderry 1828
Braiden, Andrew Enniskillen Drumnamail 1832
Brandon,......... Magheraculmoney Aughama 1828
Brandon,......... Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Brandon, Chr. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St. George 1828
Brandon, Connor Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Brandon, Francis Belleek Ross Harbour 1832
Brandon, Geo. Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Brandon, James Drumkeeran Clonee 1832
Brandon, James Drumkeeran Clonee 1832
Brandon, James Magheraculmoney Drumchunny 1828
Brandon, John Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Brandon, Mathew Drumkeeran Clonaweel 1832
Brandon, Mathew Drumkeeran Curraghmore 1832
Brandon, Owen Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Brandon, Robert Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Branley, Chas. Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Brannan, David Inishmacsaint Shronanure 1834
Brannen, John Boho Drumboy 1827
Brannon, James, sen. Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Brannon, John Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Brannon, Patt. Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Brannon, Tom. Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Branon, Bernard Enniskillen Carrokeel 1832
Branon, Mary Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Branon, Therence Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Braslin, James Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Bratton, Saml. Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Breaden, Andrew Aghavea Anagrane 1834
Breaden, Andrew Aghavea Cliffany 1834
Breadin, George Enniskillen Knocknastackin 1832
Breadin, Thos. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Breadon, Andrew Aghalurcher Rafinton 1833
Breadon, Christopher Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Breadon, Christopher Cleenish Derryhoney 1838
Breadon, Edward Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Breadon, Henry Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Breadon, James Aghavea Greagh 1832
Breadon, James Aghavea Skeagh 1832
Breadon, John Aghalurcher Crocknagrawley 1833
Breadon, John Aghavea Drummoris 1832
Breadon, John Aghavea Killykeeran 1832
Breadon, Peter Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Breadon, Robert Aghalurcher Lislea 1833
Breadon, Robert Aghavea Ardish 1832
Breadon, Robert Aghavea Drumgowney 1832
Breadon, Robt. Magheracross Bigh 1829
Breadon, Samuel Aghavea Skeagh 1832
Breadon, Thomas Aghavea Boyhill 1832
Breadon, Thomas Aghavea Carntrone 1832
Breadon, William Aghalurcher Rossbeg 1833
Breadon, William Aghavea Derryvree 1832
Breadon, William Aghavea Killykeeran 1832
Breadon, William Aghavea Liscusker 1832
Breadon, William Aghavea Skeagh 1832
Bready, Bernard Aghalurcher Aughamore South 1833
Bready, George Aghalurcher Coolbeg 1833
Bready, James Aghalurcher Kinmore 1833
Bready, Jane Aghalurcher Kinmore 1833
Bready, Owen Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Bready, Pat Aghalurcher Kinmore 1833
Bready, Phil Aghalurcher Kinmore 1833
Brean, Hugh Aghavea Mulnadoran 1832
Breason, James Aghalurcher Attawark 1833
Breason, James Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Breason, Maxwell Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Breason, Maxwell Aghalurcher Attawark 1833
Breason, Thomas Aghalurcher Attawark 1833
Breason, William Aghalurcher Attawark 1833
Breden, Francis Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Breden, William Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Bredin, John Galloon Kilready 1834
Bredin, Saml. Galloon Kilready 1834
Bredin, Wm. Galloon Kilready 1834
Breen, Berd. Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Breen, Bernard Enniskillen Tonnyglaskin 1832
Breen, Catherine Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Connor Enniskillen Letterbailey 1832
Breen, Dennis Enniskillen Tonnyglaskin 1832
Breen, Edward Derryvullen Drumskea 1835
Breen, Edward Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Francis Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, George Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Breen, George Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, Henry Derryvullen Bandyacre 1835
Breen, Henry Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Breen, Henry Magheracross Killee 1829
Breen, Henry Magheracross Killee 1829
Breen, Henry Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, Henry Magheracross Salloon 1829
Breen, Henry Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Hugh Cleenish Killywillen 1834
Breen, Hugh Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, James Aghalurcher Aughavoory 1833
Breen, James Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Breen, James Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Breen, James Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, John Derryvullen Drumskea 1835
Breen, John Drumkeeran Drumbrick 1832
Breen, John Galloon Mulnacligh 1834
Breen, John Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Breen, John Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Breen, John Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, John Magheracross Salry 1829
Breen, Michael Enniskillen Tonnyglaskin 1832
Breen, Michael Galloon Donagh 1834
Breen, Owen Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Pat. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Breen, Pat Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Patrick Cleenish Corrigakeenan 1834
Breen, Patrick Derryvullen Knockrow 1835
Breen, Patrick Enniskillen Tonnyglaskin 1832
Breen, Patrick Magheracross Bigh 1829
Breen, Patt Aghavea Knockmacmanus 1832
Breen, Patt Cleenish Boshanny 1834
Breen, Patt Enniskillen Glenarn 1832
Breen, Phil Aghavea Bunnisnagapile 1832
Breen, Phil. Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Breen, Philip Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Robert Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, Teague Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Thomas Derryvullen Drumskea 1835
Breen, Thomas Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Thomas Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Breen, Thos. Cleenish Corrigakeenan 1834
Breen, Widow? Belleek Larkhill 1832
Breen, Widow? Magheracross Drummory 1829
Breen, William Belleek Larkhill 1832
Breen, William Derryvullen Drumskea 1835
Breen, William Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Breen, William Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Breen, William Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Breen, William Magheracross Relagh 1829
Breen, William Magheracross Salloon 1829
Breen, Wm. Drumkeeran Drumbrick 1832
Breen, Wm. Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Breen, Wm., jun. Drumkeeran Drumbrick 1832
Breen, Wm., sen. Drumkeeran Drumbrick 1832
Brenan, Hugh Trory Shanmulla 1825
Brenan, Terence Boho Upper Gortgall 1827
Brennan, John Cleenish Derryinch 1834
Brennan, John Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Brennan, Mick. Cleenish Gardenhill 1834
Brennan, Patrick Cleenish Killycreen East 1834
Brennan, Patt. Boho Lesky 1827
Brennan, Peter Cleenish Gardenhill 1834
Brennan, Peter Derryvullen Rosguire Leith 1835
Brennan, Terence Boho Lesky 1827
Brennan, Thomas Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Breslan, Michl. Rossorry Mullalogan 1826
Breslan, Pat. Rossorry Locard 1826
Breslin, Andrew Aghalurcher Drumbaughlin 1833
Breslin, Bernard Aghavea Cornafianauge 1832
Breslin, Constantine Aghalurcher Killyrover 1833
Breslin, Hugh Aghalurcher Edderadacorragh 1833
Breslin John Aghalurcher Clea 1833
Breslin, John Aghalurcher Drummeer 1833
Breslin, John Aghavea Breandrum 1832
Breslin, John Cleenish Coolyermour 1834
Breslin, Owen Rossorry Tedegar 1826
Breslin, Patt Aghalurcher Drumrue 1833
Breslin, Thomas Aghalurcher Killyrover 1833
Breslin, William Aghalurcher Drumbaughlin 1833
Brians, James Cleenish Drummaren 1834
Bride, John Galloon Derracorby 1834
Bride, Wm. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Brien, Edward Derryvullen Dernanny 1835
Brien, James Aghavea Derryvree 1832
Brien, James Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Brien, Jas. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Brien, John Derryvullen Dernanny 1835
Brien, Lowther Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
Briens, George Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Brimstone, Geo. Drumkeeran Drumhurren 1832
Brine, Thos. Cleenish Gortadrate 1834
Brinnan, James Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Brinnon, James, jun. Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Brinnon, Jas. Drumkeeran Daughrug 1832
Brinnon, Miles Drumkeeran Daughrug 1832
Brinnon, Tony Drumkeeran Daughrug 1832
Brinnon, Wm. Drumkeeran Daughrug 1832
Britton, Major? Boho Lesky 1827
Britton, Charles Boho Lesky 1827
Britton, George Boho Aghaharrish 1827
Britton, James Boho Tullyholvin 1827
Britton, Robert Boho Lesky 1827
Britton, Thos. Cleenish Cornagee 1834
Britton, William Boho Aghaharrish 1827
Britton, William Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Brock, John Inishmacsaint Killymore 1834
Brock, Robt. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Brock, Thomas Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Brock, Thos. Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Brook, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Curralongford 1833
Brook, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Brook, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Tattyreagh 1833
Brook, Henry, Sir Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Brook, Henry, Sir Aghavea Deer Park 1832
Brook, James Cleenish Derryleck 1834
Brooke, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Colebrooke Demesne 1833
Brooke, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Derrycrum 1833
Brooke, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Derrylummon 1833
Brooke, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Mullineddy 1833
Brooke, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Rafinton 1833
Brooke, Henry, Sir Aghalurcher Satnaheglish 1833
Brooke, Thos., Rev. Aghalurcher Cleen 1833
Brooks, James Cleenish Derrynim 1834
Brooks, Thomas Enniskillen Breandrum 1832
Brooks, Wm. Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Broose, George Aghavea Drumadagarrow 1832
Broose, John Aghavea Drumadagarrow 1832
Brouster, Robert Inishmacsaint Adrees Upper 1834
Brouster, Widow? Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Brouster, William Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Brown, Mr? Drumkeeran Crimlin 1832
Brown, Mr? Drumkeeran Drumycarny 1832
Brown, Alexander Aghalurcher Ramutt 1833
Brown, Charles Aghalurcher Loghermore Glebe 1833
Brown, Charles Aghalurcher Relessy 1833
Brown, Charles Aghalurcher Surcarr 1833
Brown, Edwd. Derryvullen Orbabshainney 1835
Brown, Forbis Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Brown, George Cleenish Drumhirk 1834
Brown, Henry Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Brown, James Aghalurcher Mullaghmore 1833
Brown, James Aghalurcher Relessy 1833
Brown, James Aghalurcher Tattynuccle 1833
Brown, James Derryvullen Rossfad 1835
Brown, James Magheracross Craghan 1829
Brown, James Magheraculmoney Upper Ednamohill 1828
Brown, Jas. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Brown, Jas. Galloon Kilnicran 1834
Brown, Jas. Galloon Kilnicran 1834
Brown, John Aghalurcher Mullaghmore 1833
Brown, John Cleenish Snowhill 1834
Brown, John Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Brown, John Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Brown, John Magheracross .......... 1829
Brown, John Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Brown, John Magheraculmoney Upper Ednamohill 1828
Brown, Joseph Aghalurcher Doedderny 1833
Brown, Joseph Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Brown, Little Magheracross Bara 1829
Brown, Patrick Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Brown, Robert Derryvullen Collaness 1835
Brown, Robert Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Brown, Thomas Derryvullen Dorroo 1835
Brown, Thomas Magheracross Salloon 1829
Brown, Thos. Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Brown, William Aghalurcher Ramutt 1833
Brown, William Aghalurcher Tattyreagh 1833
Brown, William Magheracross Bara 1829
Brown, William Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Brown, William Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Brown, Willm. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Brown, Wm. Galloon Clinaff 1834
Brown, Wm. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Brown, Wm. Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Browne, Christ. Rossorry Drumlion 1826
Browne, George Killesher Greentown 1828
Browne, Henry Killesher Drumcannon 1828
Browne, James Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Browne, James Rossorry Killycat 1828
Browne, John Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Browne, John Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Browne, John Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Browne, John Rossorry Drumlion 1826
Browne, Robert Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Brown, Widow? Rossorry Colehill 1826
Browne, William Cleenish Maybawn 1834
Browne, William Killesher Killybrackin 1828
Browne, Wm. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Browning, John Rossorry Drumsillagh 1826
Browning, John, jun. Rossorry Drumsillagh 1826
Browning, Robert Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Browning, Robert Rossorry Kinnarlagh 1826
Browning, Thos. Rossorry Drumsillagh 1826
Brownlee, Chas. Cleenish Coolyermour 1834
Brownlee, Chas. Cleenish Leamore 1834
Brownlee, John Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Brownlee, Robert Cleenish Carrickniaflerty 1834
Brownlee, Robert Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Brownlee, Robert Cleenish Gardenhill 1834
Brownlee, Robert Cleenish Gardrum 1834
Brownlee, Robert Cleenish Leamore 1834
Brownlee, Robert Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Brownlee, William, jun. Cleenish Gardrum 1834
Brownlee, William, sen. Cleenish Gardrum 1834
Brownlee, Charles Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Brownley, James Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Browster, Andw., jun. Belleek Tullycherry 1832
Browster, David Belleek Tullyfad 1832
Browster, James Belleek Tullyfad 1832
Browster, James Belleek Tullymeenagram 1832
Browster, James Belleek Tullynaboge 1832
Browster, John Belleek Tullyfad 1832
Browster, John Belleek Tullymeenagram 1832
Browster, John, jun. Belleek Tullycherry 1832
Browster, John, sen. Belleek Tullycherry 1832
Browster, Robert Belleek Tullyfad 1832
Browster, Robert Belleek Tullymeenagram 1832
Browster, Robt. Belleek Tullycherry 1832
Bruce, Margt. Inishmacsaint Carrowhill 1834
Bruister, Simeon Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Brumfield, James Enniskillen Furnace 1832
Brunt, Widow? Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Bryan, George Aghavea Drumlone 1832
Bryans, Alexr. Galloon Sallaghy 1834
Bryans, Christ. Galloon Coragh 1834
Bryans, Edward Aghalurcher Carrickmacosker 1833
Bryans, Edwd. Galloon Deralee 1834
Bryans, Edwd. Galloon Screevagh 1834
Bryans, Edwd. Galloon Tiraffy 1834
Bryans, James Cleenish Currygaboyan 1834
Bryans, James Cleenish Drummaren 1834
Bryans, James Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bryans, James Galloon Screevagh 1834
Bryans, Jas. Galloon Killard 1834
Bryans, Jas. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Bryans, John Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Bryans, John Galloon Sallaghy 1834
Bryans, Robt. Galloon Deralee 1834
Bryans, Robt. Galloon Screevagh 1834
Bryans, Saml. Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bryans, Thos. Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bryans, William Aghalurcher Drumbrocas South 1833
Bryans, Wm. Galloon Deralee 1834
Bryans, Wm. Galloon Dernish Island 1834
Bryans, Wm. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Bryans, Wm. Galloon killard 1834
Bryens, James Cleenish Gorahurk West 1834
Bucannon, Arth. Rossorry Locard 1826
Buchanan, Christopher Boho Lower Gortgall 1827
Buchanan, Christopher Boho Tonneel 1827
Buchanan, John Galloon Kilroot 1834
Buchanan, Robt. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Buchanan, William Boho Drumboy 1827
Buchannon, Mr? Derryvullen Corry 1835
Buchannon, Arthur Cleenish Aughliss 1834
Buchannon, John Killesher Moher 1828
Buchannon, Malcolm Cleenish Drumderg 1834
Buchannon, Wm. Cleenish Maybawn 1834
Buchannon, Wm. Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Buck, Wm. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Bulfinch, Robt. Drummully Clincorick 1828
Bull, Wm. Rossorry Rossorry 1826
Burgess, Francis Derryvullen Feddins 1835
Burgess, James Cleenish Derins East 1834
Burgess, James Derryvullen Lackaboy 1835
Burgess, Robert Derryvullen Lackaboy 1835
Burgess, William Cleenish Derins East 1834
Burgess, William, jun. Cleenish Derins East 1834
Burke, Lewis Cleenish Skea 1834
Burley, Chas. Cleenish Drumagever 1834
Burley, Elizabeth Killesher Carragoley 1828
Burley, George Cleenish Moykeel 1834
Burley, James Killesher Biha 1828
Burley, John Cleenish Drumagever 1834
Burley, Margaret Killesher Carragoley 1828
Burley, Thomas Cleenish Drumagever 1834
Burley, Thomas Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Burley, William Aghavea Bunlogher 1832
Burly, James Killesher Drumsillagh 1828
Burly, Thomas Killesher Tattanamona 1828
Burnes, John Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Burns, Mr? Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Burns, Alexander Derryvullen Gortmessin 1835
Burns, Barny Boho Tullygenavra 1827
Burns, Bryan Boho Tullygenavra 1827
Burns, Cormick Boho Leitrim 1827
Burns, David Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Burns, Dnl. Belleek Keenaghan 1832
Burns, Francis Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Burns, Francis Belleek Belleek Gardens 1832
Burns, Francis Belleek Graffy 1832
Burns, Fras. Belleek Finner 1832
Burns, Gerrard Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Burns, Hugh Galloon Gub 1834
Burns, James Boho Tulleravore 1827
Burns, James Cleenish Latone 1834
Burns, James Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Burns, Michl. Boho Tullygenavra 1827
Burns, Michl. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Burns, Patrick Cleenish Drummelly 1834
Burns, Patrick Cleenish Tullinteskin 1834
Burns, Patt. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Burns, Thomas Derryvullen Gortmessin 1835
Burns, Thos. Cleenish Gardrum 1834
Burnside,.......... Magheracross Cavan 1829
Burnside, Christopher Aghalurcher Tyrenny 1833
Burnside, Isabela Aghalurcher Cornarooslan 1833
Burnside, James Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Burnside, James Aghalurcher Corlackey 1833
Burnside, James Aghalurcher Corlough 1833
Burnside, James Aghalurcher Cornarooslan 1833
Burnside, James Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Burnside, James Aghalurcher Satnaheglish 1833
Burnside, James Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Burnside, John Aghalurcher Cornarooslan 1833
Burnside, John Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Burnside, John Drumkeeran Clonaweel 1832
Burnside, Matthew Aghalurcher Crann 1833
Burnside, Saragh Aghalurcher Cornarooslan 1833
Burnside, Thomas Aghalurcher Corlough 1833
Burnside, Thomas Aghalurcher Cornakessagh 1833
Burnside, Thomas Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Burnside, William Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Burnside, William Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Burnside, Wm. Drumkeeran A rdshankle 1832
Burs, Wm. Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Burtin, Pat. Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Burty, James Magheracross Coa 1829
Busby, Joseph Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Busby, Matt Derrybrusk Glassmullagh 1825
Bushel, Francis Aghavea Drumbad 1832
Bushel, George Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Bushel, John Aghalurcher Aughnascue 1833
Bushel, John Aghavea Drumbad 1832
Bushel, John Aghavea Tawnawilla 1832
Bushel, John Aghavea Tolin 1832
Bushel, John, sen. Aghalurcher Aughnascue 1833
Bushel, Thomas Aghavea Tolin 1832
Bushel, William Enniskillen Cloghtate 1832
Bushell, Henry Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Bushell, John Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Bushell, Robert Cleenish Drumagever 1834
Bushell, Robt. Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Bushell, William Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Bussell, Crumin Galloon Garrarooskey 1834
Bussell, Danl. Galloon Kilready 1834
Bussell, Edward Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Bussell, Edwd. Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Bussell, Edwd. Galloon Sallaghy 1834
Bussell, John Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Bussell, Robt. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Bussell, Thos Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Bussell, Wm. Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Busset, Wm. Aghalurcher Mullinascarley 1833
Byers, Adam Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Byers, James Aghavea Derryheely 1832
Byers, James Derryvullen Dhring 1835
Byers, James Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Byrns, James Galloon Kilturk 1834
Byrns, John Galloon Cornavray 1834
Byrns, Patt. Galloon Cornavray 1834

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