County Fermaagh 

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File 10) MOAN to NUGENT
1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment

Contributed by Vynette Sage
Moan, Anne Galloon Carmaculla 1834
Moan, Berd. Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Berd. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Moan, Berd. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Moan, Chas. Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Edwd. Galloon Boarrin 1834
Mona, Edwd. Galloon Bohora 1834
Moan, James Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Moan, John Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, John Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Moan, John Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Moan, John Galloon Kilturk 1834
Moan, Kitty Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Mark Galloon Caramaculla 1834
Moan, Michl. Galloon Boarrin 1834
Moan, Patt Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Moan, Phil. Galloon Greacushel 1834
Moan, Thos. Galloon Caramaculla 1834
Moffat, Irvine Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Moffat, Thomas Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Moffatt, Thos. Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Moffet, Galbreath Aghalurcher Rossmacole 1833
Moffet, Tom Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Moffet, William Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Moffett, George Aghalurcher Carrickapollin 1833
Moffett, Robert Aghalurcher Rehack Glebe 1833
Moffett, Thos. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Moffett, Thos. Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Moffit, Galbraith Enniskillen Drumcor 1832
Moffit, Galbraith Enniskillen Leamb 1832
Moffit, Galbraith Enniskillen Pubble 1832
Moffit, Galbraith Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Moffit, Galbraith Enniskillen Camgart 1832
Moffit, James Enniskillen Camgart 1832
Moffit, James Enniskillen Tonyglaskin 1832
Moffit, John Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Moffit, Lewis Enniskillen Knocknastackin 1832
Moffit, Thomas Killesher Clinatumpher 1828
Moffit, Thos. Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Moffit, Tom Drumkeeran Campalagh 1832
Moffit, Tom Drumkeeran Corrocroghery 1832
Moffit, Tom Drumkeeran Rottonmountain 1832
Moffit, Wm. Drumkeeran Corrocroghery 1832
Moffitt, Rev. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Moffitt, Andrew Derryvullen Drumschool 1835
Moffitt, Andrew Killesher Linemoyle 1828
Moffitt, James Derryvullen Drumschool 1835
Moffitt, Peter Cleenish Drumhirk 1834
Moffitt, William Derryvullen Drumschool 1835
Moffitt, William Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Moffitt, Wm. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Mogolrick, John Drumkeeran Drumnagenahan 1832
Mogolrick, Patt Drumkeeran Drumnagenahan 1832
Mohan, James Galloon Bohosett 1834
Mohan, Jas. Galloon Mullaghgar 1834
Mohan, Owen Galloon Bohosett 1834
Mohan, Philip Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Mohan, Stephen Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
Mohon, Patt Galloon Bohosett 1834
Moinagh, Patt Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Mollyneaux, Jas. Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Monaghan, Mr. Drumkeeran Aughahanagh 1832
Monaghan, Anne Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Monaghan, B. Belleek Larkhill 1832
Monaghan, Bard. Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Monaghan, Berd. Drumkeeran Gushadays 1832
Monaghan, Berd. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Monaghan, Bernard Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Monaghan, Bernd. Drumkeeran Meentullycligh 1832
Monaghan, Bridget Enniskillen Little Ring 1832
Monaghan, Bryan Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Monaghan, Bryan Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
Monaghan, Bryan Drumkeeran Legmore 1832
Monaghan, Charles Killesher Curragh 1828
Monaghan, Charles Killesher Gorteen 1828
Monaghan, Cormick Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Monaghan, Cormick Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Monaghan, Denis Belleek North Commons 1832
Monaghan, Edward Belleek Derrahollow 1832
Monaghan, Edwd. Cleenish Drummain 1834
Monaghan, Edwd. Derryvullen Meenaghan 1835
Monaghan, Edwd. Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Monaghan, Edwd. Drummully Clincalick 1828
Monaghan, Edwd. Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Monaghan, Ellen Drumkeeran Drumyearny 1832
Monaghan, Felix Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Monaghan, Francis Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Monaghan, Frans. Drumkeeran Drumbristian 1832
Monaghan, Frans. Drumkeeran Portanoid 1832
Monaghan, Harry Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Monaghan, Henry Derryvullen Drumduff 1835
Monaghan, Hugh Derryvullen Druminchin Large 1835
Monaghan, Hugh Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Monaghan, Hugh Drumkeeran Banaghmore 1832
Monaghan, Hugh Drumkeeran Tulnashamer 1832
Monaghan, James Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
Monaghan, James Belleek Meenatully 1832
Monaghan, James Belleek Middle Scardons 1832
Monaghan, James Cleenish Gardrum 1834
Monaghan, James Derryvullen Drumduff 1835
Monaghan, James Derryvullen Drummonaghan 1835
Monaghan, James Drumkeeran Clonelly 1832
Monaghan, James Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Monaghan, James Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Monaghan, James Killesher Curragh 1828
Monaghan, James Killesher Macken 1828
Monaghan, James Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Monaghan, James Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Monaghan, Jas. Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Monaghan, Jas. Drumkeeran Gushadays 1832
Monaghan, Jno. Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Topetnow 1835
Monaghan, Jo. Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Monaghan, John Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
Monaghan, John Cleenish Drummain 1834
Monaghan, John Cleenish Drummod 1834
Monaghan, John Derryvullen Drummarn 1835
Monaghan, John Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
Monaghan, John Drumkeeran Drumyearny 1832
Monaghan, John Drumkeeran Teevenaveny 1832
Monaghan, John Drummully Drumgraugh 1828
Monaghan, John Magheracross Craghan 1829
Monaghan, Js. Drumkeeran Gushadays 1832
Monaghan, Mary Cleenish Drummod 1834
Monaghan, Mathew Drummully Clincalick 1828
Monaghan, Michl. Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Monaghan, Michl. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Monaghan, Nichs. Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Monaghan, O. Magheraculmoney Drumchose 1828
Monaghan, O. Magheraculmoney Lower Ednamohill 1828
Monaghan, Owen Drumkeeran Drumborick 1832
Monaghan, Owen Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Monaghan, Pat. Belleek Middle Scardons 1832
Monaghan, Pat. Rossorry Rossorry 1826
Monaghan, Patrick Cleenish Cessiagh 1834
Monaghan, Patt Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
Monaghan, Patt Drumkeeran Fartagh 1832
Monaghan, Patt Drumkeeran Mullaghmore 1832
Monaghan, Patt Enniskillen Cloghtogal 1832
Monaghan, Patt Enniskillen Glen 1832
Monaghan, Phil. Enniskillen Drummackin 1832
Monaghan, Phill. Drummully Roran 1828
Monaghan, Redm. Drumkeeran Tulnashamer 1832
Monaghan, Robert Cleenish Toneylisderritt 1834
Monaghan, Robert Killesher Curragh 1828
Monaghan, Rodger Magheraculmoney Ednaclyhe 1828
Monaghan, Roger Aghalurcher Killenare 1833
Monaghan, Roger Derryvullen Rossinnen 1835
Monaghan, Tarlagh Bawn Drumkeeran Legmore 1832
Monaghan, Terence Belleek Ross Harbour 1832
Monaghan, Terence Cleenish Drummain 1834
Monaghan, Terence Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Monaghan, Thomas Killesher Macken 1828
Monaghan, Thos. Drumkeeran Meentullycligh 1832
Monaghan, Widow Belleek Meenatully 1832
Monaghan, Widow Cleenish Farnmullan 1834
Monaghan, Widow Derryvullen Forthill/Spratshill 1835
Monaghan, Widow Drumkeeran Gushadays 1832
Monaghan, William Belleek Middle Scardons 1832
Monaghan, William Cleenish Drumhirk 1834
Monaghan, William Enniskillen Glen 1832
Monaghan, Wm. Derryvullen Drumhonney 1835
Monaghan, Wm. Derryvullen Drummonaghan 1835
Monaghan, Wm. Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Monaghan, Wm. Drumkeeran Meentullycligh 1832
Monday, Terence Cleenish Cornahowl 1834
Monla, Patt. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Monroe, Goege Belleek Ougherdrum 1832
Montgomery, Colonel Aghalurcher Cullenane 1833
Montgomery, Alexander Aghalurcher Droals 1833
Montgomery, Andr. Derryvullen Ennishmore Island Tully 1835
Montgomery, Andrew Cleenish Clonatrig 1834
Montgomery, Andrew Magheracross Mullaghman 1829
Montgomery, Andy Derryvullen Aughy 1835
Montgomery, Anthy. Derryvullen Townhill 1835
Montgomery, Edwd. Cleenish Derrygill 1834
Montgomery, Edwd. Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Montgomery, Gabriel Derryvullen Ennishmore Island Tully 1835
Montgomery, Geo. Derryvullen Shallong 1835
Montgomery, George Cleenish Derrygill 1834
Montgomery, Henry Aghalurcher Aughmore North 1833
Montgomery, Henry Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Montgomery, Hugh Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Montgomery, Hugh Aghalurcher Droals 1833
Montgomery, Hugh Aghalurcher Drumhack 1833
Montgomery, Hugh Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Montgomery, Hugh Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Montgomery, Hugh Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Montgomery, Hugh Derryvullen Crockalean 1835
Montgomery, Hugh Derryvullen Ennishmore Island Tully 1835
Montgomery, James Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Montgomery, James Aghalurcher Cavanaleck 1833
Montgomery, James Cleenish Derrygill 1834
Montgomery, James Magheracross Knockmanoul 1829
Montgomery, Jas. Cleenish Drumsillagh 1834
Montgomery, Jas. Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Montgomery, Jno. Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Montgomery, John Aghalurcher Killerman 1833
Montgomery, John Aghalurcher Teereighan 1833
Montgomery, John Cleenish Cessiagh 1834
Montgomery, John Cleenish Toneyhague 1834
Montgomery, Joseph Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Montgomery, Joseph Cleenish Mullmesker 1834
Montgomery, Noble Derryvullen Tullylammy 1835
Montgomery, Ralph Derrybrusk Foxwood 1825
Montgomery, Robert Aghalurcher Cavanaleck 1833
Montgomery, Robert Aghalurcher Clea 1833
Montgomery, Robert Aghalurcher Drumhack 1833
Montgomery, Robert Aghalurcher Tattynuccle 1833
Montgomery, Samuel Aghalurcher Killerman 1833
Montgomery, Samuel Aghalurcher Killybawn 1833
Montgomery, Thomas Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Montgomery, Thos. Cleenish Toneyhague 1834
Montgomery, William Aghalurcher Clea 1833
Montgomery, William Aghalurcher Crockadevin 1833
Montgomery, William Aghalurcher Mullaghkippin 1833
Montgomery, William Cleenish Derrygill 1834
Montgomery, William Derryvullen Drumcruel 1835
Montgomery, William, sen. Aghalurcher Clea 1833
Montgomery, Wm. Aghalurcher Aughnaloo 1833
Montgomery, Wm. Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Montgomery, Wm. Derryvullen Ennishmore Island Tully 1835
Montgomery, Wm., jun. Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Montgomery, Wm., sen. Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Montgomrey, Philip Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Montgomrey, Robt Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Mooghan, Patrick Belleek Rathmore (Big Island) 1832
Mooghane, Widow Belleek North Commons 1832
Moohan, Andw. Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Moohan, C. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, Chas. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, J. Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, James Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Moohan, John Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Moohan, Michael Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Moohan, Mich. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Moohan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Moohan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Moohan, Terence Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moohan, Widow Inishmacsaint Corrymore 1834
Moohan, Widow Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Moon, Montgomery Derrybrusk Cappy 1825
Mooney, Francis Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Mooney, Pat. Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Mooney, Thos. Rossorry Windmilhill 1826
Moor, James Inishmacsaint Boheaveny 1834
Moor, Montgomery Derrybrusk Tonnyreagh 1825
Moore, Mrs. Drumkeeran Drummagalagh 1832
Moore,........ Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Moore, .......... Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Mooare, Alexr. Galloon Gorta 1834
Moore, Christr. Drumkeeran Drumnagrecial 1832
Moore, Geo. Galloon Mulladinity 1834
Moore, George Aghavea Aughavea 1832
Moore, George Aghavea Carrickahenan 1832
Moore, George Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Moore, George Cleenish Lustamore 1834
Moore, Hugh Enniskillen Glencorit 1832
Moore, James Aghalurcher Aughavoory 1833
Moore, James Aghalurcher Carrickroe 1833
Moore, James Aghalurcher Coolbeg 1833
Moore, James Aghalurcher Derinvogy 1833
Moore, James Aghalurcher Drumbadmore 1833
Moore, James Aghalurcher Drumcoo 1833
Moore, James Aghalurcher Inniscrenry 1833
Moore, James, Rev. Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Moore, James Aghalurcher Simpany 1833
Moore, James Cleenish Foilliter or Whilleter 1834
Moore, James Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Moore, James Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Moore, James Galloon Killawhey 1834
Moore, James Inishmacsaint Minim 1834
Moore, James Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Moore, John Aghavea Gortin 1834
Moore, John Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Moore, John Galloon Drumralla 1834
Moore, John Galloon Feaugh 1834
Moore, John Galloon Sandholes 1834
Moore, M. Derryvullen Ennishmore Island Drummee 1835
Moore, Montgomery Aghalurcher Carrickroe 1833
Moore, Montgomery Aghalurcher Inniscrenry 1833
Moore, Montgomery Aghavea Carrickahenan 1832
Moore, Mun. Aghalurcher Drumcoo 1833
Moore, Pat Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Moore, Robert Derryvullen Drumbow 1835
Moore, Samuel Derryvullen Cassidy 1835
Moore, Thomas Aghalurcher Tattynuccle 1833
Moore, Tom. Drumkeeran Drumnagrecial 1832
Moore, William Belleek Finner 1832
Moore, William Magheracross Ferny 1829
Moore, Willm. Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Moore, Wm. Drumkeeran Drumkeeran 1832
Moore, Wm. Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Moore, Wm. Galloon Mulladinity 1834
Moore, Wm. Galloon Piperhill 1834
Moore, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Moore, Wm., jun. Drumkeeran Drumnagalagh 1832
Moorehead, Charles Aghalurcher Ballymakenny 1833
Moorehead, Charles Aghalurcher Derryhulla 1833
Moran, Michl. Derryvullen Rosguire Kernan 1835
Moran, Tom Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
Moran, Tom Drumkeeran Derrybrick 1832
Moran, William Derryvullen Legnameltogue 1835
Morgan, John Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Morisey, Thos. Magheracross Coa 1829
Morris, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Morris, Alexr. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Morris, Andr. Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Morris, Andrew Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Morris, Berd. Galloon Deralee 1834
Morris, Berd. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Morris, Christr. Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Morris, David Derryvullen Drumschool 1835
Morris, Ellen Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Morris, Felix Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Morris, Jas. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Morris, John Derryvullen Drumarkey 1835
Morris, John Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Morris, Michl. Galloon Kilready 1834
Morris, Owen Galloon Deralee 1834
Morris, Owen Magheraculmoney Aughnagafort 1828
Morris, Patrick Derryvullen Drumschool 1835
Morris, Patrick Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Morris, Patt. Enniskillen Ardgrohan 1832
Morris, Patt. Enniskillen Tempo Gardens in Edenmore 1832
Morris, Phill Galloon Ports 1834
Morris, Thos. Cleenish Drumhirk 1834
Morris, Widow Derryvullen Drumschool 1835
Morris, Widow Derryvullen Rossfad 1835
Morrison,........ Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828
Morrison, Alexander Aghalurcher Edderadacorragh 1833
Morrison, Andrew Cleenish Trellick 1834
Morrison, Anthony Magheracross Telerane 1829
Morrison, Anty. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, C. Inishmacsaint Corcloon 1834
Morrison, Edward Enniskillen Relagh 1832
Morrison, Edwd. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, George Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Hamlet Galloon Screevagh 1834
Morrison, James Aghalurcher Corragarragh 1833
Morrison, James Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Morrison, James Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Morrison, James Aghavea Lisolvin 1832
Morrison, James Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Morrison, James Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Jas. Drumkeeran Drumrush 1832
Morrison, Jas. Galloon Lisagurry 1834
Morrison, Jas. Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Morrison, John Aghalurcher Corragarragh 1833
Morrison, John Aghalurcher Killygullen 1833
Morrison, John Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Morrison, John Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Morrison, Mary Aghalurcher Corragarragh 1833
Morrison, Robt. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Morrison, Robt. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Morrison, Samuel Derryvullen Cultagh 1835
Morrison, Thomas Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Morrison, Thomas Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Thos. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrison, Thos. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Morrison, Tom Drumkeeran Doorahs 1832
Morrison, Walter Derryvullen Legnameltogue 1835
Morrison, Widow Eliza. Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Morrison, William Aghalurcher Drumcunis 1833
Morrison, William Aghalurcher Drummack 1833
Morrison, William Derryvullen Legnameltogue 1835
Morrison, William Enniskillen Cornagrade 1832
Morrison, Wm. Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Morrison, Wm. Magheracross Curren 1829
Morrisson, Adam Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Morrisson, Jno. Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Morrisson, John Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Morrisson, Widow Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Morrisy, Thos. Cleenish Cessiagh 1834
Morrow, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St.George 1828
Morrow, Alexr. Rossorry Killycat 1826
Morrow, Felix Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
Morrow, George Magheraculmoney Drumhoney 1828
Morrow, George Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Morrow, James Aghalurcher Derrylummon 1833
Morrow, James Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Morrow, James Enniskillen Tullyullagh 1832
Morrow, James Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, Jane Enniskillen Tullyullagh 1832
Morrow, John Enniskillen Edinbawn 1832
Morrow, John Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, Mathew Derryvullen Dorroo 1835
Morrow, Pharul Derryvullen Dorroo 1835
Morrow, Richard Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, Robert Enniskillen Tullyullagh 1832
Morrow, Robert Magheraculmoney Crivenish 1828
Morrow, Robt. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Morrow, Thos. Galloon Donagh 1834
Morrow, Widow Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Morrow, William Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Mortimer, William Belleek North Commons 1832
Mortin, Dr. Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Morton, Alexr. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Morton, Geo. Galloon Killydowny 1834
Morton, James Killesher Killbrackin 1828
Morton, Jas. Galloon Killydowny 1834
Morton, Wm. Galloon Killydowny 1834
Mosgrove, James Aghavea Edinilhorn 1834
Mosgrove, John Aghavea Edinilhorn 1834
Mosgrove, William Magheracross Sherdian 1829
Mossy, James Derryvullen Feddins 1835
Mountain, John Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Mountain, John Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Mourn, Patt. Enniskillen Glen 1832
Moutray, James Enniskillen Killee 1832
Moutray, James Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Moutry, Jno. Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Mowan, Anthony Aghalurcher Eshnasillogbeg 1833
Mowan, Bernard Aghalurcher Altmartin 1833
Mowan, Bernard Aghalurcher Eshnasillogbeg 1833
Mowan, Francis Aghalurcher Eshnasillogbeg 1833
Mowan, James Aghalurcher Eshnasillogbeg 1833
Mowan, Patt. Aghalurcher Altmartin 1833
Mowan, Patt. Aghalurcher Attiponer+C10773 1833
Mowan, Patt. Aghalurcher Eshnasillogbeg 1833
Mowan, Thomas Aghalurcher Eshbawn 1833
Muldoon, Mr. Drumkeeran Springtown 1832
Muldoon, And. Drumkeeran Gortaree 1832
Muldoon, And. Drumkeeran Mielrow 1832
Muldoon, Arthur Derryvullen Drumchrin 1835
Muldoon, Atty. Drumkeeran Banaghmore 1832
Muldoon, Bryan Enniskillen Cooleran 1832
Muldoon, Charles Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
Muldoon, Christ. Drumkeeran Corlaght East 1832
Muldoon, Christopher Magheraculmoney Drumrain 1828
Muldoon, Christr. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Muldoon, Christr. Magheraculmoney Fargram 1828
Muldoon, Danl. Magheracross Coolgarron 1829
Muldoon, Francis Magheraculmoney Gortran 1828
Muldoon, James Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Muldoon, James Derryvullen Drumsluse 1835
Muldoon, James Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Muldoon, James Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Muldoon, James Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Muldoon, James Killesher New Tate 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Gortran 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Muldoon, James Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Muldoon, Jas. Drumkeeran Corlaght East 1832
Mulddon, John Derryvullen Townhill 1835
Muldoon, John Drumkeeran Corlaght East 1832
Muldoon, John Drumkeeran Drumbristian 1832
Muldoon, John Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Muldoon, John Magheraculmoney Fargram 1828
Muldoon, Lanty Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Muldoon, Mathew Enniskillen Cooleran 1832
Muldoon, Owen Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
Muldoon, Owen Drumkeeran Mielrow 1832
Muldoon, Owen Magheraculmoney Upper Ednamohill 1828
Muldoon, Pat. Belleek Larkhill 1832
Muldoon, Pat. Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Muldoon, Patrick Magheraculmoney Lissingle 1828
Muldoon, Patt Aghalurcher Tranish 1833
Muldoon, Patt Drumkeeran Daughrug 1832
Muldoon, Patt Drumkeeran Fartagh 1832
Muldoon, Patt Enniskillen Doonan 1832
Muldoon, Raymd. Derryvullen Doonan/Mullybrack 1835
Muldoon, Silvester Derryvullen Tullnaghgarran 1835
Muldoon, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Muldoon, Thos. Derryvullen Muynaghan 1835
Muldoon, Thos. Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Muldoon, Tom Drumkeeran Cahore 1832
Muldoon, Widow Drumkeeran Drumavehin 1832
Muldoon, Widow Enniskillen Doon 1832
Muldoon, William Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Muldoon, William Enniskillen Drumcoo 1832
Mulhartagh, Patrick Belleek Derryronagh/McGees Qtr. 1832
Mulhartagh, Willm. Belleek Derryronagh/McGees Qtr. 1832
Mulheran, M. Inishmacsaint Minim 1834
Mulherin, Patrick Cleenish Teeban 1834
Mulhern, Chas. Belleek Derantrig 1832
Mulhern, Dennis Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Mulhern, Dennis Rossorry Cloughan 1826
Mulhern, James Cleenish Cordenybrock 1834
Mulhern, James Inishmacsaint Lahill 1834
Mulhern, James, jun. Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Mulhern, Jno. Belleek Garvary West 1832
Mulhern, Michl. Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Mulhern, Nichl. Rossorry Gortadrale 1826
Mulhern, Pat. Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Mulhern, Pat. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Mulhern, Robt. Belleek Garvary East 1832
Mulhern, Thos. Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
Mulheron, Thomas Trory Kilmacormick 1825
Mulherron, Dennis Rossorry Rossorry 1826
Mulholland, John Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
Mulladoon, Arthur Galloon Deralee 1834
Mulladoon, Danl. Galloon Deralee 1834
Mulladoon, Danl. Galloon Derryany 1834
Mulladoon, Jas. Galloon Corsale 1834
Mulladoon, Jas. Galloon Drumloan 1834
Mulladoon, Michl. Galloon Ports 1834
Mulladoon, Peter Galloon Derryany 1834
Mulladoon, Thos. Galloon Deralee 1834
Mullan, Charles Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Mullan, Lawrence Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Mullanaphy, Cecil Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Mullanaphy, Daniel Killesher New Tate 1828
Mullanaphy, Elanor Killesher Greentown 1828
Mullanaphy, Frances Killesher New Tate 1828
Mullanaphy, Frank Killesher Greentown 1828
Mullanaphy, James Killesher Greentown 1828
Mullanaphy, Michael Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Mullanaphy, Patt Killesher Gortaree 1828
Mullanaphy, Patt Killesher New Tate 1828
Mullanaphy, Thos. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Mullawell, Mr. Drumkeeran Innisklen 1832
Mullawell, Michl Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Mullen, Catherine Derryvullen Coolaness 1835
Mullen, James Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
Mullen, Mat. Drumkeeran Terwiny 1832
Mullen, Michl. Belleek Under Scardons 1832
Mullen, Patrick Derryvullen Brackey 1835
Mullhearne, Hugh Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Mulligan, Andrew Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Mulligan, Anne Aghalurcher Coolain 1833
Mulligan, Edward Aghalurcher Cornakessagh 1833
Mulligan, Hugh Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Mulligan, Hugh Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Mulligan, James Aghalurcher Cornakessagh 1833
Mulligan, James Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Mulligan, James Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Mulligan, James Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Mulligan, Jas. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Mulligan, Jas. Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Mulligan, John Drumkeeran Drumrush 1832
Mulligan, John Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Mulligan, Margt. Galloon Augharoosky 1834
Mulligan, Patk. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Mulligan, Patrick Derrybrusk Drumcrow 1825
Mulligan, Patt Galloon Keerinmore 1834
Mullin, Bernd. Drummully Clincorick 1828
Mulrane, Christ. Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Mulrane, Christr. Drumkeeran Drumhullen 1832
Mulrane, Hugh Drumkeeran Drumhullen 1832
Mulrane, Hugh, jun. Drumkeeran Scrunny 1832
Mulrane, Hugh, sen. Drumkeeran Scrunny 1832
Mulrane, James Drumkeeran Banaghmore 1832
Mulrane, James Drumkeeran Drumhullen 1832
Mulrane, John Drumkeeran Banaghmore 1832
Mulrane, John Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Mulrane, Michl. Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Mulrane, Michl. Drumkeeran Keeranbeg 1832
Mulrane, Patt. Drumkeeran Drumhullen 1832
Mulrane, Patt. Drumkeeran Scrunny 1832
Mulrane, Willy. Drumkeeran Scrunny 1832
Mulroan, James Belleek Derryronagh/Mulroans Qtr. 1832
Mulroan, John Belleek Derryronagh/Mulroans Qtr. 1832
Mulroan, Patrick Belleek Derryronagh/Mulroans Qtr. 1832
Mulroan, Thos. Belleek Garvary West 1832
Mulvany, Thos. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Mulworngh, Patrick Magheracross Kilimitten 1829
Munday, James Cleenish Oldtown 1834
Munday, Patrick Cleenish Drumhirk 1834
Munday, Phillip Cleenish Oldtown 1834
Munday, Terence Cleenish Oldtown 1834
Munday, Widow Belleek Teeragannon 1832
Munsey, John Enniskillen Drumgay 1832
Munsey, Mathew Enniskillen Ballylucas 1832
Munsy, Wm. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphey, Andrew Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Murphey, James Aghalurcher Corlough 1833
Murphey, James Aghalurcher Cornaskea 1833
Murphey, Joseph Aghalurcher Corlough 1833
Murphey, Patt Aghalurcher Claraghy 1833
Murphy, Andrew Aghavea Drummarraght 1832
Murphy, Berd., jun. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Berd., sen. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Bryan Enniskillen Killculla 1832
Murphy, Charles Aghavea Edinilhorn 1834
Murphy, Constantine Aghavea Tulnagoan 1832
Murphy, Edward, jun. Derrybrusk Drumcrow 1825
Murphy, Edwd. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphy, Edwd. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Edwd. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Murphy, Elizabeth Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Murphy, Francis Aghavea Tulnagoan 1832
Murphy, Francis Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Murphy, Francis Enniskillen Temp Gardens in Edenmore 1832
Murphy, Francis Enniskillen Tulnaglug 1832
Murphy, Henry Aghavea Lisnabane 1834
Murphy, Hugh Aghavea Lurgan 1832
Murphy, Hugh Cleenish Sessnagh 1834
Murphy, Hugh Enniskillen Killculla 1832
Murphy, Irwin Derryvullen Drummonaghan 1835
Murphy, James Aghalurcher Ashnish Islands 1833
Murphy, James Aghalurcher Coolane 1833
Murphy, James Aghalurcher Corradillor 1833
Murphy, James Aghalurcher Crohan 1833
Murphy, James Aghalurcher Leboty 1833
Murphy, James Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Murphy, James Aghalurcher Tullynevin 1833
Murphy, James Aghavea Currin 1832
Murphy, James Aghavea Lisnabane 1834
Murphy, James Aghavea Tatnamoney 1834
Murphy, James Cleenish Sessnagh 1834
Murphy, James Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Murphy, James Rossorry Carrigan 1826
Murphy, Jas. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphy, Jas. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Jas. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Murphy, John Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Murphy, John Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Murphy, John Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Murphy, John Derrybrusk Glassmullagh 1825
Murphy, John Derryvullen Cavancross 1835
Murphy, John Derryvullen Clonkeen 1835
Murphy, John Enniskillen Drumard 1832
Murphy, John Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Murphy, John Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, John Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, John Galloon Moorlough 1834
Murphy, John Rossorry Drumlion 1826
Murphy, Mathew Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Murphy, Mathw. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Murphy, Michael Aghavea Mummurray 1832
Murphy, Michael Killesher Keeltine 1828
Murphy, Owen Cleenish Greenwoodhill 1834
Murphy, Owen Cleenish Screen 1834
Murphy, Owen Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Murphy, Owen Rossorry Portora 1826
Murphy, P. Aghavea Gortin 1834
Murphy, Pat. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Murphy, Patrick Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Murphy, Patrick Derryvullen Tamlaght 1835
Murphy, Patt Aghalurcher Drumliff 1833
Murphy, Patt Aghalurcher Eshmeen 1833
Murphy, Patt Aghalurcher Moore 1833
Murphy, Patt Drummully Clingacona 1828
Murphy, Patt Enniskillen Cooleran 1832
Murphy, Patt Enniskillen Killculla 1832
Murphy, Patt Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, Patt Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Patt Killesher Drumhack 1828
Murphy, Patt Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Murphy, Peter Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, Phil Aghalurcher Drumliff 1833
Murphy, Philip Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Murphy, Philip Enniskillen Shillinmore 1832
Murphy, Phill. Enniskillen Carrickmacmea 1832
Murphy, Phill. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Murphy, Phillip Aghavea Anagrane 1834
Murphy, Rodger Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Murphy, Sarah Galloon Drumhoas 1834
Murphy, T. Aghavea Gortin 1834
Murphy, Teague Aghalurcher Eshnasillogmore 1833
Murphy, Terence Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Murphy, Terry Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Murphy, Thomas Aghalurcher Millwood 1833
Murphy, Thomas Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Murphy, Thomas Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Murphy, Thomas Aghavea Tulnagona 1832
Murphy, Thos. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Murphy, Thos. Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Murphy, Thos. Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Murphy, Thos. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Murphy, Thos. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Murphy, Widow Cleenish Derryinch 1834
Murphy, Widow Enniskillen Carrickmacmea 1832
Murphy, William Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Murphy, William Aghavea Guillagh 1832
Murphy, William Derryvullen Ardlogher 1835
Murphy, William Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Murphy, William Enniskillen Cooleran 1832
Murphy, William Enniskillen Killculla 1832
Murphy, William Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Murphy, William Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Murphy, William Killesher Drumhack 1828
Murphy, William Killesher Gollough 1828
Murphy, Wm. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Murphy, Wm. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Murphy, Wm. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Murray, Anne Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, Daniel Belleek Finner 1832
Murray, Daniel Belleek North Commons 1832
Murray, Danl. Belleek South Commons 1832
Murray, Edwd. Belleek North Commons 1832
Murray, Edwd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Murray, James Belleek Canal Gardens 1832
Murray, James Belleek Rathmore 1832
Murray, James Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, James Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Murray, James, jun. Belleek Belleek Gardens 1832
Murray, Jas. Belleek Graffy 1832
Murray, Jas. Belleek North Commons 1832
Murray, John Galloon Kilroot 1834
Murray, John Rossorry Windmilhill 1826
Murray, John Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Murray, Larry Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, Martin Cleenish Tullyrusmearin 1834
Murray, Patt Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Murray, Patt Killesher Derryvrane 1828
Murray, Rosealle Belleek Belleek Gardens 1832
Murray, Sarah Cleenish Tullyrusmearin 1834
Murray, Thos. Galloon Kilroot 1834
Murrey, James Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Murry, Alexr. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Murry, Chas. Drumkeeran Derrymore 1832
Murry, Danl. Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Murry, John Drummully Clinisten 1828
Murry, Michael Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Murry, Michl. Drummully Clinola 1828
Murry, Owen Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Murry, Peter Drummully Clinaroo 1828
Murry, Thos. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Murry, Thos. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Murry, Widow Drumkeeran Aughahanagh 1832
Murry, Wm. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Murtagh, Thomas Aghalurcher Killycloghy 1833
Musgrave, Mr. Drumkeeran Keeran 1832
Musgrave, Samuel Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Myhan, Connor Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Myhan, Thos. Inishmacsaint Garvaross 1834
Myles, Andrew Killesher Drumhack 1828
Myles, Ferd. Drumkeeran Banaghmore 1832
Myles, James Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Myles, John Drumkeeran Drumrush 1832
Myles, John Killesher Legnavigh 1828
Myles, John Killesher New Tate 1828
Myles, Patt. Killesher New Tate 1828
Myles, Robert Killesher Carragoley 1828
Naan, Hugh Derryvullen Cavancross 1835
Naan, John Derryvullen Cavancross 1835
Naan, John Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Nail, William Aghavea Coolcoughill 1832
Nailen, Miles Inishmacsaint Derrynacrush West 1834
Nale, Martin Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Nassan Frith, William Cleenish Skea 1834
Nathin, Francis Aghalurcher Drumbrocas North 1833
Nawn, Anne Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Edward Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Nawn, Hugh Aghavea Derryvree 1832
Nawn, Hugh Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Nawn, Hugh Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Mary Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Patt Aghavea Greagh 1832
Nawn, Patt Aghavea Tawnawilla 1832
Nawn, Patt Galloon Lisnashileda 1834
Nawn, Phil Aghalurcher Crockaane 1833
Nawn, Phill Galloon Ports 1834
Nawn, Thos. Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Neal, James Magheracross Bara 1829
Neal, John Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Neal, Robt. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Nealer, Wm. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Nealin, Cath. Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Nealin, Catherine Belleek Graffy 1832
Neely, James Aghalurcher Tattynuccle 1833
Neely, Thos. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Neely, Thos. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Neeson, Hugh Drummully Clonfad 1828
Neeson, James Aghalurcher Drumbrocas North 1833
Neeson, John Aghalurcher Drumbrocas North 1833
Neeson, John Aghalurcher Forphy 1833
Neeson, John Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Neeson, John Drummully Clinola 1828
Neeson, Patt Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Neeson, Peter Drummully Clinola 1828
Neeson, Terens. Aghalurcher Satnaheglish 1833
Neeson, William Aghalurcher Drumbrocas North 1833
Neil, Hugh Drummully Clogher 1828
Neil, James Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Neill, Robert Killesher Lismooley 1828
Neilly, George Enniskillen Shanco 1832
Neilly, James Enniskillen Doon 1832
Neison, Patt Galloon Rockfield 1834
Neithercut, Hugh Drumkeeran Drumbarin 1832
Nelson, Allen Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Nelson, James Enniskillen Falls 1832
Nelson, James Enniskillen Lettin 1832
Nelson, James Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Nelson, Simon Aghavea Drumgowney 1832
Nelson, Thomas Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Nerrin, Anthony Enniskillen Tullywell 1832
Nethercoat, John Rossorry Resole 1826
Nethercoat, Wm. Rossorry Resole 1826
Neville, George Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Newcom, James Enniskillen Falls 1832
Nichol, Geo. Drummully Clinagor 1828
Nickle, Peter Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Nickle, Richd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Nickle, Sarah Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Nickle, William Aghalurcher Lisaderney 1833
Nickles, William Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Niddery, Alexr. Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Niddery, John Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Niecson, Bernard Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Nieson, Jas. Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Nilly, Michael Magheraculmoney Drumbarna 1828
Nivens, Anthony Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Nivens, Hugh Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Nivens, Hugh Aghalurcher Ramutt 1833
Nivens, Richard Aghalurcher Rafinton 1833
Nivens, Thomas Aghalurcher Rafinton 1833
Nixon,......... Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Nixon, Adam, Esq. Rossorry Kinnarlagh 1826
Nixon, Alexander Enniskillen Moysnaught 1832
Nixon, Alexr., Esq. Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Nixon, Alexr., Esq. Cleenish Cleenish Island 1834
Nixon, Alexr., Esq. Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Nixon, Alexr., Esq. Cleenish Tully 1834
Nixon, Andrew Aghalurcher Hollybrook 1833
Nixon, Andrew Aghalurcher Killgullen 1833
Nixon, Andrew Cleenish Corryglass 1834
Nixon, Andrew, Esq. Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Nixon, Andrew, Esq. Cleenish Leamore 1834
Nixon, Andrew, Esq. Cleenish Ross 1834
Nixon, Andrew, Esq. Cleenish Rosswillan 1834
Nixon, Andrew, Esq. Cleenish Toneyhague 1834
Nixon, Anne Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Nixon, Edwd. Cleenish Cornahowl 1834
Nixon, G., Esq. Cleenish Drummain 1834
Nixon, Hugh Cleenish Cornahowl 1834
Nixon, Humphry Cleenish Crockaready 1834
Nixon, James Cleenish Carney Hill 1834
Nixon, James Derrybrusk Glassdrummond 1825
Nixon, James Enniskillen Moysnaught 1832
Nixon, James Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Nixon, James Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Nixon, James Inishmacsaint Urris 1834
Nixon, James Rossorry Cloughan 1826
Nixon, James, sen. Galloon Derabeg West 1834
Nixon, Jane, Mrs. Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Nixon, John Aghalurcher Garvohal 1833
Nixon, John Cleenish Carricknaseer 1834
Nixon, John Cleenish Cornahowl 1834
Nixon, John Cleenish Gortahurk West 1834
Nixon, John Galloon Clinumphry 1834
Nixon, John Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Nixon,M., Major Cleenish Carney Hill 1834
Nixon, Mary Galloon Derracorby 1834
Nixon, Montgomery Cleenish Toneylummon 1826
Nixon, Monty Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Nixon, N. Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Nixon, Robt Galloon Derraginidy 1834
Nixon, Robt Trory Canrick 1825
Nixon, Robt., jun. Galloon Derabeg West 1834
Nixon, Roger Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Nixon, Thomas Derryvullen Feddins 1835
Nixon, Thomas Enniskillen Moysnaught 1832
Nixon, Thomas Killesher Marlbank 1828
Nixon, William Aghalurcher Aughnascue 1833
Nixon, William Aghalurcher Drumliff 1833
Nixon, William Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Nixon, William Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Nixon, William Cleenish Carney Hill 1834
Nixon, William Cleenish Currgaboyan 1834
Nixon, William Cleenish Derryinch 1834
Nixon, William Cleenish Gardenhill 1834
Nixon, William Cleenish Gorahurk West 1834
Nixon, William Derryvullen Feddins 1835
Nixon, William Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Nixon, William Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Nixon, William Enniskillen Ramaly 1832
Nixon, William Killesher Blunisk 1828
Nixon, William Killesher Culintraugh 1828
Nixon, William Killesher Curragh 1828
Nixon, William Killesher Marlbank 1828
Nixon, William Rossorry Cloughan 1826
Nixon, Willm. Cleenish Cornahowl 1834
Noble,....... Magheraculmoney Drumsowna Beg 1828
Noble, Adam Derryvullen Drumsluse 1835
Noble, Adam Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Noble, Alexander Aghavea Foydra 1834
Noble, Alexander Aghavea Tresna 1834
Noble, Andrew Derryvullen Tamlaght 1835
Noble, Archibald Aghalurcher Crohan 1833
Noble, Archibald Aghalurcher Derryhurdin 1833
Noble, Archibald Aghalurcher Gortaharron 1833
Noble, Archibald Aghalurcher Lerau 1833
Noble, Archibald Aghalurcher Rossbeg 1833
Noble, Archibald Aghavea Killcramp 1832
Noble, Arthur Aghalurcher Drumcrew 1833
Noble, Arthur Aghalurcher Henrystuchon 1833
Noble, Arthur Aghalurcher Slushhill 1833
Noble, Arthur Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Noble, Benjamin Derryvullen Drumsluse 1835
Noble, Christr. Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Noble, Christy Cleenish Coolyermour 1834
Noble, Dan. Magheraculmoney Drumkeen 1828
Noble, Edward Aghavea Coolcoughill 1832
Noble, Edward Aghavea Killycramp 1832
Noble, George Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Noble, George Magheraculmoney Drummiagh 1828
Noble, Gerrard Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Noble, Harry Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Noble, James, Lt. Aghalurcher Clenris 1833
Noble, James Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Noble, James Aghavea Killycramp 1832
Noble, James Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Noble, James Derryvullen Ardaghmore 1835
Noble, James, jun. Cleenish Drumcrample 1834
Noble, James, sen. Cleenish Drumcrample 1834
Noble, Jas. Drumkeeran Crimlin 1832
Noble, John Aghalurcher Drumhack 1833
Noble, John Aghalurcher Satnaheglish 1833
Noble, John Belleek Ross Harbour 1832
Noble, John Drumkeeran Crimlin 1832
Noble, John, jun. Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Noble, John, sen. Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Noble, Mark Aghalurcher Attybarron 1833
Noble, Mark Aghalurcher Derryhurdin 1833
Noble, Mark Aghalurcher Drumbagbeg 1833
Noble, Mark Aghalurcher Drumcrew 1833
Noble, Mark Aghalurcher Henrystuchon 1833
Noble, Mark Aghalurcher Lerau 1833
Noble, Mark Aghavea Derryheely 1832
Noble, Mark Aghavea Killycramp 1832
Noble, Mark Drumkeeran Glenvannon 1832
Noble, Robert Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Noble, Sergent Derrybrusk Killyreagh 1825
Noble, Thomas Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Noble, Thomas Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Noble, Thos. Cleenish Drumcrample 1834
Noble, William Aghalurcher Cooltrain 1833
Noble, William Aghalurcher Gortaharron 1833
Noble, William Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Noble, William Aghalurcher Munvil 1833
Noble, William Aghavea Killykeeran 1832
Nolbe, William Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Noble, William Magheracross Lettermoney 1829
Noble, William Magheracross Sydare 1829
Noble, Wm. Drumkeeran Crimlin 1832
Noble, Wm. Drumkeeran Dromores 1832
Nowlan, Anne Aghalurcher Carrickawick 1833
Nowlan, Anne Aghalurcher Eshbawn 1833
Nowlan, Bernard Aghalurcher Crockadreen 1833
Nowlan, Bernard Aghalurcher Legatilledea 1833
Nowlan, Christopher Aghalurcher Eshbawn 1833
Nowlan, Hugh Aghavea Carrickahenan 1832
Nowlan, Hugh, sen. Aghavea Carrickahenan 1832
Nowlan, James Aghalurcher Carrickawick 1833
Nowlan, James Aghalurcher Eshbawn 1833
Nowlan, Michael Aghavea Greagh 1832
Nowlan, Patrick Aghalurcher Altnamullaghboy 1833
Nowlan, Patt Aghalurcher Crocknagoan 1833
Nowlan, Patt Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Nowlan, Patt Aghavea Bunnisnagapile 1832
Nowlan, Peter Aghalurcher Legatilledea 1833
Nowlan, Peter Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Nowlan, Peter Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Nowlan, Peter, sen. Aghalurcher Legatilledea 1833
Nowlan, Thomas Aghalurcher Carrickawick 1833
Nowland, Felix Aghalurcher Attiponey 1833
Nowland, James Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Nowland, Jas. Galloon Killmackbrack 1834
Nowlands, Wm. Trory Long Island 1825
Nugent, Finten Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Nugent, John Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Nugent, John Derryvullen Townhill 1835
Nugent, Patrick Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835

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