County Fermaagh 

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Tithe Applotment

Contributed by Vynette Sage
Abercromby, Alexr. Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Abercromby, Alexr. Rossorry Crown Hill 1826
Abercromby, James Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Abercromby, John Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Abercromby, Thos. Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Abercromby, Wm. Inishmacsaint Aughamullin 1834
Abraham, Franc. Drumkeeran Drumborick 1832
Abraham, Guy Drumkeeran Drumborick 1832
Acheson,.... Trory Derrygore 1825
Acheson, Alexander Aghalurcher Corrard 1833
Acheson, Alxr. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Acheson, Guy Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Acheson, Guy Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Acheson, John Drumkeeran Doorahs 1832
Acheson, John Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Acheson, Thos. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Acheson, William Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Acheson, William Magheraculmoney Roscagh 1828
Acheson, William Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Adair, John Derryvullen Drogan/Druminchin Ardagh 1835
Adams, Alexander Aghavea Anagrane 1834
Adams, Alexr. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Adams, Francis Galloon Doohat 1834
Adams, Lanty Drumkeeran Derrybrick 1832
Adams, Robert Cleenish Snowhill 1834
Adams, Robert Derrybrusk Gola & Ardnacarrow 1825
Adams, Robt. Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Adams, Rosan Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Adams, Rosan Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Adams, Thos. Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Adams, Thos. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Adams. Thos. Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Adams, Widow? Drumkeeran Stragoland 1832
Adams, William Cleenish Derryhoney 1834
Adams, William Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Adams, William Magheraculmoney Clareview 1828
Adamson, Richard Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Adamson, Richard Aghalurcher Lisduff 1833
Aiken, Alexander Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Aiken, Alexander Derryvullen Mullybreslan 1835
Aiken, Alexr. Magheraculmoney Drumadraughey 1828
Aiken, Andrew Aghalurcher Drummeer 1833
Aiken, Henry Drumkeeran Glassdrumin 1832
Aiken, James Derryvullen Cantatrindle 1835
Aiken, James Drumkeeran Aughahanagh 1832
Aiken, James Drumkeeran Glassdrumin 1832
Aiken, James Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Aiken, James Enniskillen Drumnamail 1832
Aiken, John Drumkeeran Innisklen 1832
Aiken, John Magheracross 1829
Aiken, Joseph Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Aiken, Joseph Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Aiken, Joseph Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Aiken, Joseph Derryvullen Tullnaghgarran 1835
Aiken, Richard Derryvullen Forthill/Spratshill 1835
Aiken, Richard Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Aiken, Robert Magheracross Sydare 1829
Aiken, Samuel Enniskillen Tempo Gardens in Edenmore 1832
Aiken, Thomas Magheracross Sherdian 1829
Aiken, Tom Drumkeeran Greaghmore 1832
Aiken, Wm. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Aikin, Joseph Derryvullen Tullnaghgarran 1835
Alcok, Geo. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Alexander, George Aghalurcher Breakley 1833
Alexander, Joseph Cleenish Cloone 1834
Alexander, Robert Enniskillen Carrokeel 1832
Alexander, Robert Enniskillen Drumhirk 1832
Alexander, William Aghalurcher Breakley 1833
Alexander, William Enniskillen Furnace 1832
Allan, Andrew Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Allan, William Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Allan, Alexr. Galloon Drumralla 1834
Allen, Alexr. Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Allen, Alexr. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Allen, Alexr., jun. Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Allen, Alexr., sen. Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Allen, Andr. Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Allen, Andrew Aghalurcher Drumroosk 1833
Allen, Andrew Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Allen, Andw. Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Allen, Andw. Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Allen, Elizth. Galloon Mulnahorn 1834
Allen, Elliott Galloon Drumralla 1834
Allen, Elliott Galloon Kilgarret 1834
Allen, Elliott Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Allen, George, jun. Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Allen, George, sen. Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Allen, Hugh Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Allen, James Aghavea Boyhill 1832
Allen, James Derryvullen Forthill/Spratshill 1835
Allen, James Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Allen, James Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
Allen, Jas. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Allen, Jas. Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Allen, John Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Allen, John Enniskillen Cornagrade 1832
Allen, John Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Allen, John Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Allen, John Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Allen, John Galloon Legmacaffry 1834
Allen, John, sen. Galloon Cullion 1834
Allen, Robt. Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Allen, Robt. Drumkeeran Portanoid 1832
Allen, Robt. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Allen, Thomas Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Allen, Thos. Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Allen, Thos. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Allen, Widow? Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Allen, William Derryvullen Brownhill 1835
Allen, William Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Allen, William Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Allen, William Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Allen, Wm. Galloon Clinmaulin 1834
Allen, Wm. Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Allen, Wm. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Allen, Wm., jun. Galloon Mullaghgar 1834
Allen, Wm., jun. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Allen, Wm., sen. Galloon Mullaghgar 1834
Allen, Wm., sen. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Allingham, Archd. Drumkeeran Hareisland 1832
Allingham, Edwd. Drumkeeran Lustybeg 1832
Allingham, Edwd., Esq. Inishmacsaint Brallagh 1834
Allingham, Geo. Drumkeeran Cronanish 1832
Allingham, Geo. Drumkeeran Middletown 1832
Allingham, Geo., jun. Drumkeeran Cordwood 1832
Allingham, Geo., jun. Drumkeeran Oldorchard 1832
Allingham, Geo., sen. Drumkeeran Cordwood 1832
Allingham, Geo., sen. Drumkeeran Oldorchard 1832
Allingham, Jno. Belleek Graffy 1832
Allingham, John Belleek Rathmore 1832
Allingham, John Belleek South Commons 1832
Allingham, Mary Belleek Graffy 1832
Allingham, Mary Belleek Rathmore 1832
Allingham, Maxwell Belleek Finner 1832
Allingham, Maxwell Belleek Rathmore 1832
Allingham, Maxwell Belleek South Commons 1832
Allingham, Maxwell Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Allingham, Robt. Belleek Graffy 1832
Allingham, William Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Alwell, John Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Alwill, Edward Aghavea Boyhill 1832
Alwill, John Aghavea Boyhill 1832
Alwill, John Drummully Coravahan 1828
Amberson, Edward Derryvullen Druminchin Large 1835
Amberson, Edwd. Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Amerson, Isaak Derryvullen Druminchin Large 1835
Amery, George Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Amery, James Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Amery, Wm. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Amery, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumsowna More 1828
Ammorson, Thos. Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Ammorson, William Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Ammorson, William Derrybrusk Glassdrummond 1825
Amorson, James Magheracross Crorkins 1829
Amorson, Jas. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Amorson, Saml. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Amos, Wm. Rossorry Locard 1826
Anderson, Alexr. Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Anderson, Andrew Belleek Finner 1832
Anderson, Andw. Belleek Belleek Gardens 1832
Anderson, Archibald Aghalurcher Attawark 1833
Anderson, Archibald Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Anderson, Betty Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Anderson, Christy Enniskillen Blackhill 1832
Anderson, Edward Aghalurcher Attawark 1833
Anderson, Eliza. Derryvullen Clonaghisle 1835
Anderson, George Aghavea Creagh 1834
Anderson, George Magheracross Derroghan 1829
Anderson, Hugh Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Anderson, James, jun. Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Anderson, James, sen. Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Anderson, Jno., jun. Derryvullen Dhring 1835
Anderson, Jno., sen. Derryvullen Dhring 1835
Anderson, John Derryvullen Cantatrindle 1835
Anderson, John Derryvullen Clonaghisle 1835
Anderson, John Enniskillen Bigh 1832
Anderson, John Killesher Drumduff 1828
Anderson, John Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Anderson, Johnston Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Anderson, Joseph Magheracross Cooltrane 1829
Anderson, Joseph, jun. Derryvullen Dhring 1835
Anderson, Joseph, sen. Derryvullen Dhring 1835
Anderson, Js. Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Anderson, Lucy Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Anderson, Robert Aghalurcher Killygullen 1833
Anderson, Robert Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Anderson, Robt. Drumkeeran Garticar 1832
Anderson, Widow? Derryvullen Aughy 1835
Anderson, Widow? Derryvullen Cassidy 1835
Anderson, Widow? Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Anderson, William Aghalurcher Attawark 1833
Anderson, William Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Anderson, William Derryvullen Forthill/Spratshill 1835
Anderson, William Killesher Drumduff 1828
Anderson, William Magheracross Drummory 1829
Anderson, Wm. Drumkeeran Garticar 1832
Anderson, Wm. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Andrew, Arthur Magheracross Salloon 1829
Andrew, Jos. Drummully Clinrigh 1828
Annon, Robert Aghavea Ardish 1832
Annon, William Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Archdale, General Derryvullen Bonaninver 1835
Archdale, General Derryvullen Drummarn 1835
Archdale, Chs., Esq. Derryvullen Carnboy 1835
Archdale, Chs., Esq. Derryvullen Drumadavy 1835
Archdale, Edwd., Esq. Derryvullen Monalla 1835
Archdale, Genl. Cleenish Derryaughney 1834
Archdall, General Cleenish Aughliss 1834
Archdall, C. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Archdall, Chas. Magheraculmoney Drumban 1828
Archdall, Chas., Esq. Drumkeeran Dromore 1832
Archdall, E. Magheraculmoney Gubbaroo 1828
Archdall, E. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Archdall, Edward Cleenish Tents 1834
Archdall, Edward, Esq. Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Archdall, Edward, Esq. Trory Shanmulla 1825
Archdall, Edward, Esq. Trory Tullyloan 1825
Archdall, Edwd. Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Archdall, Edwd, Esq. Trory Long Island 1825
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Derrygill 1834
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Derryharmick 1834
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Drumholgany 1834
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Gortahurk East 1834
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Letterbreen 1834
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Archdall, Genl. Cleenish Shammullagh 1834
Archdall, Genl. Magheraculmoney Clonisgarrow 1828
Archdall, Genl. Magheraculmoney Crevinashaughey 1828
Archdall, Genl. Magheraculmoney White Island 1828
Archer, James Killesher Mulinavigh 1828
Archibald, Edward Magheracross Sydare 1829
Ardbuckle, Joseph Drumkeeran Lowry 1832
Argue, Robt. Galloon Clonetty 1834
Armorson, Saml. Magheracross Coa 1829
Armstrong, James Aghavea Cavans 1834
Armstrong, A. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Armstrong, Dr. Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Armstrong, Mr. Derryvullen Ennishmore Island, Drummee 1835
Armstrong, Mr. Drumkeeran Corlaght West 1832
Armstrong,.. Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828
Armstrong, Sgt? Rossorry Portora 1826
Armstrong, Adam Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, Adam Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Alex. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Alexr. Cleenish Cessiagh 1834
Armstrong, Alexr. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Armstrong, Alxr. Drumkeeran Garticar 1832
Armstrong, Andr. Derryvullen Muynaghan 1835
Armstrong, Andrew Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Armstrong, Andrew Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Armstrong, Andrew Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Armstrong, Andrew Derryvullen Cules Long 1835
Armstrong, Andrew Derryvullen Meenaghan 1835
Armstrong, Andrew Magheraculmoney Maynoo 1828
Armstrong, Andw. Galloon Ratoal 1834
Armstrong, Andw. Inishmacsaint Rosslane 1834
Armstrong, Andw. Rossorry Reskern 1826
Armstrong, Anne Aghavea Cornafanauge 1832
Armstrong, Anne Galloon Fargram 1834
Armstrong, Anthony Inishmacsaint Rosslane 1834
Armstrong, Arch. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Archd. Galloon Caramore 1834
Armstrong, Archd. Galloon Cormonlay 1834
Armstrong, Archibald Aghavea Drummee 1832
Armstrong, Archibald Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Armstrong, Arthur Derryvullen Collaness 1835
Armstrong, Arthur Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Armstrong, Arthur Magheracross Kilgartnalague 1829
Armstrong, Benjn. Galloon Killnicran 1834
Armstrong, C. Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
Armstrong, Charles Cleenish Carney Hill 1834
Armstrong, Charles Drummully Clinkeran 1828
Armstrong, Chas. Magheracross Curren 1829
Armstrong, Christ. Drumkeeran Drumcloona 1832
Armstrong, Christ. Drumkeeran Larmore 1832
Armstrong, Christ. Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Christopher Aghavea Derryvree 1832
Armstrong, Christopher Aghavea Drumadagarrow 1832
Armstrong, Christopher Cleenish Drummain 1834
Armstrong, Christopher Cleenish Rushin 1834
Armstrong, Christopher Cleenish Trellick 1834
Armstrong, Christopher Galloon Kilaspeenan 1834
Armstrong, Christopher Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Armstrong, Christy Enniskillen Drumnamail 1832
Armstrong, Chrs. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Armstrong, David Aghavea Tattykeeran 1834
Armstrong, David Cleenish Drummain 1834
Armstrong, David Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Armstrong, E. Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Armstrong, E. Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Armstrong, Edward Aghalurcher Derryhurdin 1833
Armstrong, Edward Aghalurcher Drumbaughlin 1833
Armstrong, Edward Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Armstrong, Edward Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Armstrong, Edward Aghavea Lurgan 1832
Armstrong, Edward Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Armstrong, Edward Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, Edwd. Derryvullen Rossclare 1835
Armstrong, Edwd. Drumkeeran Terwiny 1832
Armstrong, Edwd. Magheracross Curren 1829
Armstrong, Francis Aghalurcher Hollybrook 1833
Armstrong, Francis Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Armstrong, Francis Aghavea Ballyreagh 1832
Armstrong, Francis Aghavea Largy 1832
Armstrong, Francis Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Armstrong, Francis Enniskillen Modena 1832
Armstrong, Francis Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Armstrong, Francis Rossorry Reskern 1826
Armstrong, Frank Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Armstrong, Fras. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Armstrong, Geo. Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Armstrong, Geo. Drummully Caramore 1828
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Caramore 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Armstrong, Geo. Galloon Ratoal 1834
Armstrong, George Aghalurcher Carrickmacosker 1833
Armstrong, George Aghalurcher Drumguiff 1833
Armstrong, George Aghalurcher Killmore 1833
Armstrong, George Cleenish Derryaughney 1834
Armstrong, George Cleenish Tonnymalloc 1834
Armstrong, George Derryvullen Drumchrin 1835
Armstrong, George Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Armstrong, George Derryvullen Leam 1835
Armstrong, George Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Armstrong, George Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Armstrong, George Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, Guy Cleenish Drummain 1834
Armstrong, Guy Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Armstrong, Guy Drumkeeran Clonelly 1832
Armstrong, Henry Drummully Clonkee 1828
Armstrong, Henry Enniskillen Lettin 1832
Armstrong, Henry, jun. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, Henry, sen. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, Hugh Drumkeeran Doorahs 1832
Armstrong, Humphrey Aghavea Boyhill 1832
Armstrong, Irvine Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Armstrong, Irvine Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Irwin Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Armstrong, James Aghalurcher Ballymakenny 1833
Armstrong, James Aghalurcher Carrickmacosker 1833
Armstrong, James Aghalurcher Coolane 1833
Armstrong, James Aghalurcher Crockadreen 1833
Armstrong, James Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Armstrong, James Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Armstrong, James Aghavea Drumlone 1832
Armstrong, James Aghavea Drummarraght 1832
Armstrong, James Aghavea Gortin 1834
Armstrong, James Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Armstrong, James Cleenish Artonagh 1834
Armstrong, James Cleenish Clenaghoe 1834
Armstrong, James Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Armstrong, James Cleenish Tents 1834
Armstrong, James Cleenish Trellick 1834
Armstrong, James Derryvullen Drumchrin 1835
Armstrong, James Derryvullen Drummall 1835
Armstrong, James Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Armstrong, James Drumkeeran Corlaght West 1832
Armstrong, James Drumkeeran Doorahs 1832
Armstrong, James Drumkeeran Mielban 1832
Armstrong, James Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Armstrong, James Enniskillen Doon 1832
Armstrong, James Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Armstrong, James Enniskillen Mullysilligagh 1832
Armstrong, James Enniskillen Tempo Gardens, Edenmore 1832
Armstrong, James Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Armstrong, James Magheracross Salloon 1829
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Lurganboy 1828
Armstrong, James Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, James Trory Shanmulla 1825
Armstrong, Jane Cleenish Drumrainy 1834
Armstrong, Jas. Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Armstrong, Jas. Derryvullen Rossfad 1835
Armstrong, Jas. Galloon Bellmount 1834
Armstrong, Jas. Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Armstrong, Jas. Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Jno. Derryvullen Orbabshainney 1835
Armstrong, Jno., sen. Derryvullen Drumchrin 1835
Armstrong, John Aghalurcher Aughnascue 1833
Armstrong, John Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Armstrong, John Aghalurcher Corrofatt 1833
Armstrong, John Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Armstrong, John Aghalurcher Gortgaron 1833
Armstrong, John Aghalurcher Henrystuchon 1833
Armstrong, John Aghavea Ardmore 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Bell Hill 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Coolcoughill 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Drumlone 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Drummarraght 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Lisboy 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Armstrong, John Aghavea Losolvin 1832
Armstrong, John Cleenish Derrynim 1834
Armstrong, John Aghavea Anagrane 1834
Armstrong, John Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Armstrong, John Cleenish Rossfad 1834
Armstrong, John Cleenish Trellick 1834
Armstrong, John Derryrusk Largy 1825
Armstrong, John Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Armstrong, John Drumkeeran Aughahanagh 1832
Armstrong, John Drumkeeran Clonelly 1832
Armstrong, John Drumkeeran Corlaght West 1832
Armstrong, John Enniskillen Drumnamail 1832
Armstrong, John Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Armstrong, John Galloon Cargins 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Clincarn 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Clinumphry 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Drumgallon 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Drummusky 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Lislea 1834
Armstrong, John Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Armstrong, John Killesher Bumderlodge 1828
Armstrong, John Rev. Killesher Drummuck 1828
Armstrong, John Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Craghan 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Curren 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Salloon 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Salry 1829
Armstrong, John Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
Armstrong, John Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, John, jun. Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Armstrong, John, jun. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, John, jun. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Armstrong, John, sen. Cleenish Trellick 1834
Armstrong, John, sen. Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Armstrong, John, sen. Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Armstrong, Joseph Boho Drummacoorin 1827
Armstrong, Joseph Enniskillen Tyratton 1832
Armstrong, Lucy Aghavea Lisnabane 1834
Armstrong, M. Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Armstrong, Margaret Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Armstrong, Martin Aghavea Killybreaghy 1832
Armstrong, Matthew Aghavea Gortin 1834
Armstrong, Matthew Enniskillen Cooleran 1832
Armstrong, Montgomery Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Armstrong, Montgomery Derryvullen Ennishmore Island Drummee 1835
Armstrong, Phil Aghavea Derryvree 1832
Armstrong, Rich. Magheracross Drumbolin 1829
Armstrong, Richard Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Armstrong, Richard Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Robert Aghalurcher Aughnascue 1833
Armstrong, Robert Aghalurcher Corrofatt 1833
Armstrong, Robert Aghalurcher Crockaness 1833
Armstrong, Robert Aghavea Tatnamoner 1834
Armstrong, Robert Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Armstrong, Robert Belleek Belleek Gardens 1832
Armstrong, Robert Cleenish Drummain 1834
Armstrong, Robert Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Armstrong, Robert Enniskillen Emaroo 1832
Armstrong, Robert Enniskillen Modena 1832
Armstrong, Robert Magheracross Coolgarron 1829
Armstrong, Robert Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, Robt. Cleenish Artonagh 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Cleenish Brockagh 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Cleenish Shammullagh 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Drumkeeran Movaron 1832
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Drumma 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Keady 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Kilroot 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Knockmakigan 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Moorlough 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Galloon Ringvilla 1834
Armstrong, Robt. Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Armstrong, Sidney Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Armstrong, Simon Cleenish Lanaghran 1834
Armstrong, Simon Cleenish Shammullagh 1834
Armstrong, Simon Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Armstrong, Simon, Esq. Cleenish Cullagh 1834
Armstrong, Simon, Esq. Cleenish Drumhirk 1834
Armstrong, Simon, Esq. Cleenish Glassmullagh 1834
Armstrong, Simon, Esq. Cleenish Moykeel 1834
Armstrong, Simon, sen. Cleenish Shammullagh 1834
Armstrong, Thomas Aghalurcher Coshvosh 1833
Armstrong, Thomas Aghalurcher Crockaness 1833
Armstrong, Thomas Aghalurcher Glassdrummon 1833
Armstrong, Thomas Aghalurcher Gortgaron 1833
Armstrong, Thomas Enniskillen Emaroo 1832
Armstrong, Thomas Inishmacsaint Favagh 1834
Armstrong, Thomas Killesher Colehill 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Drumnarullagh 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Maynoo 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Magheraculmoney Park Hill 1828
Armstrong, Thomas Rossorry Colehill 1826
Armstrong, Thomas Rossorry Drumscew 1826
Armstrong, Thomas Trory Derryinch 1825
Armstrong, Thomas Trory Tullyavey 1825
Armstrong, Thompson Cleenish Ross 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Cleenish Carricknaseer 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Cleenish Drummain 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Armstrong, Thos. Galloon Clincarn 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Galloon Ratoal 1834
Armstrong, Thos. Magheracross Ballinamallard 1829
Armstrong, Thos. Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St. George 1828
Armstrong, Thos. Magheraculmoney Tulnaginn 1828
Armstrong, Thos. Rossorry Portora 1826
Armstrong, Thos., Esq. Cleenish Mullaghmore 1834
Armstrong, Tom Drumkeeran Drumbarin 1832
Armstrong, Tom Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Armstrong, Tom Drumkeeran Monyvreese 1832
Armstrong, Widow? Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Armstrong, Widow? Drumkeeran Terwiny 1832
Armstrong, Widow? Magheracross Relagh 1829
Armstrong, Widow Eliza. Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Armstrong, Widow Phebee Cleenish Shammullagh 1834
Armstrong, Will. Drummully Clinkeran 1828
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Aughnascue 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Cavanaleck 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Gortgaron 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Killcrutten 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Kinmore 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Longfield 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Maguirebridge 1833
Armstrong, William Aghalurcher Montgibbon 1833
Armstrong, William Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Ballyreagh 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Coolnakelly 1834
Armstrong, William Aghavea Cornafanauge 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Gortin 1834
Armstrong, William Aghavea Largy 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Lisolvin 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Lurgan 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Sattindillor 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Armstrong, William Aghavea Tattykeeran 1834
Armstrong, William Cleenish Derrynim 1834
Armstrong, William Cleenish Lustabey Island 1834
Armstrong, William Cleenish Ross 1834
Armstrong, William Derryvullen Bonaninver 1835
Armstrong, William Derryvullen Brackey 1835
Armstrong, William Derryvullen Drumarkey 1835
Armstrong, William Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Armstrong, William Derryvullen Slie 1835
Armstrong, William Enniskillen Cooleran 1832
Armstrong, William Enniskillen Cullin 1832
Armstrong, William Enniskillen Tatinweir 1832
Armstrong, William Magheracross Cavanaleck 1829
Armstrong, William Magheracross Drumbulkin 1829
Armstrong, William Magheracross Salloon 1829
Armstrong, William Magheracross Sydare 1829
Armstrong, William Trory Shanmulla 1825
Armstrong, Wm. Drumkeeran Banaghmore 1832
Armstrong, Wim. Drumkeeran Doorahs 1832
Armstrong, Wm. Drummully Colmon 1828
Armstrong, Wm. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Armstrong, Wm. Galloon Kilmore 1834
Armstrong, Wm. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Armstrong, Wm. Magheraculmoney Ednagee 1828
Armstrong, Wm., jun. Derryvullen Cassidy 1835
Armstrong, Wm., sen. Derryvullen Cassidy 1835

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