County Fermaagh 

Poll of Electors 1788 part O-Q
Surname GivenName Abodes County Feeeholds
O'Bryan Fredk. Under Ardees    
O'Donnell Martin Clareview    
Oliver Andrew Enniskillen    
Oliver Jas Tullynaloob    
Ormiston Thos Bohora    
Orr Jas Drumnagallagh    
Orr Wm Carrickafoolin    
Ovins John Rahalton   Drumcrow
Ovins John Slaltingagh    
Ovins John Tullynagowan   Tully
Ovins Rev. Wm Cosbystown   Drumbuckenny
Ovins Robt Dromero    
Ovins Thos Frevagh    
Ovins Thos Slaltingagh    
Ovins Thos Slaltingagh    
Ovins Thos Tonygowan    
Ovins Thos, junr. Gortlamore    
Ovins Wm Corcloon    
Ovins Wm Enniskillen   Corcloon
Ovins Wm Slattinough    
Ovins Wm Tunagowan    
Ovins Wm, junr. Tonygowan    
Surname GivenName Abodes County Feeeholds
Palmer Jas Killycloughy    
Palmer Wm Milltate   Lowtherstown
Pane Michael Tavagh    
Pane Michl Tavagh    
Parker Thos Clintymoylan    
Parker Thos Cluntymullan    
Parker Thos Enniskillen    
Parker Thos Enniskillen    
Parker Wm Clontymoylan    
Parker Wm Cluntymullen    
Parker Wm Commons of Enniskillen    
Parsons Chs. Landkill    
Parsons Peter Big Lanhill    
Paterson Jas Faugher    
Paterson John Forphy    
Paterson John Gurteen    
Paterson Leslie Forphy    
Paterson Thos Finlane    
Paterson Thos Finlane    
Peacock Andw Laghty   Lowtherstown
Peasley John Correnue    
Peasley John Correnuy    
Peasley Samuel Correnuey    
Peasly Andw Currynuy   Drumcunny
Peebles Robt Lisnaskea   Lisancal
Peeples Robt Lisnaskea   Lissancil
Pegnam Robt Commons of Enniskillen    
Peircy Jas Drumcunnis    
Pennell Thos Termonan    
Perry Chas Brookborough    
Perry John Sheskanore   Shannock
Perry Robert Gasslaw Co.Tyrone Mullynadoran
Persons Chas. Lankill    
Persons Peter Bigg Lankill    
Persons Stephen Lankill    
Philips George Gortgorgan    
Philips George Gortgorgon    
Philips James Aughaleague    
Philips John Drumkeen    
Philips Richard Gortgorgan    
Philips Richd Gortgorgon    
Philips Wm Sligoe   Drumrush
Phillips Wm Drumackalara   Drumhorick
Pierce Edwd Drumrainey    
Pierce Edwd Drumrainy    
Pierce John Cloncunny    
Piper Robt Drumkeen   Enniskillen
Plunket Christr Cloones & Knockinaoe    
Porter Thos Trelick   Bellyreagh
Porter Wm Tedd    
Porteus Jas Drumadown    
Porteus John Loughan   Giltagh
Porteus John Manorhamilton Co.Leitrim Drumadown
Porteus Thos Donnadoon    
Porteus Thos Drumadown    
Porteus Wm Drumadown    
Potters Francis Doon    
Potters Frans. Biggdoon    
Potters Fras Drumbulkan    
Potters Robt Biggdoon    
Potters Robt Doon    
Potters Wm Killgartnaleague    
Preston John Bodara   Drumboy
Preston Wm Drumboy    
Price John Cara   Dumperlodge
Price John Cora   Bumperlodge
Price John Garverry    
Price John Gortnacullina    
Price Oliver Garverry    
Price Robt Rosmackawinny    
Price Thos Gortnakelly    
Price Wm Derryhullagh   Lauckaughboy
Primrose David Furnace    
Primrose George Furnace    
Primrose Wm Furnace    
Proteus Charles Dromadoon   Knockbegg
Province Thos Crocklusky   Brookhill & Crocklusky
Provine Samuel Crockluskey    
Quintin Andrew Enniskillen    
Quintin John Enniskillen    
Many thanks to Vynette Sage for letting us to use her work here.

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