County Fermaagh 

Some marriages from Drumkeeran Parish
With Children added, where known

ABRAHAM, Guy, s/o Guy
md. Mary BEATY, d/o Roland BEATY on 18 Jul 1850

ABRAM, William, s/o William
md. Mary FITZPATRICK, d/o Robert FITZPATRICK on 20 Jun 1854

ADAMS, Thomas      md. Mary HEANY *c
     Catherine ADAMS, bn. 9 Mar 1870

AIKEN, William, s/o John
md. Margret DUDGEON, d/o Simon DUDGEON on 3 Nov 1853

AIKEN, William, s/o William
md. Jane WHITE, d/o Victor WHITE on 1 Sep 1854

ALLEN, George, s/o John
md. Catherine GRAHAM d/o William GRAHAM on 12 Dec 1861
     John ALLAN, bn. 17 Jul 1868
     Maggie ALLEN, bn. 8 Apr 1871
     George ALLEN, bn. 13 Jun 1873

ALLEN, Nathaniel, s/o James
md. Ann Jane ALEXANDER, d/o Andrew ALEXANDER on 27 Mar 1854

ANDERSON, James, s/o Robert
md. Margaret HENDERSON, d/o James HENDERSON on 27 Dec 1860
     John ANDERSON, bn. 16 Dec 1868
     Catherine ANDERSON, bn. 8 Dec 1871
     Robert ANDERSON, bn. 8 Dec 1871

ANDERSON, John Elphenson, s/o Alexander
md. Catherine JOHNSTON, d/o Arthur JOHNSTON on 10 Apr 1855

ARMSTRONG, Guy, s/o Guy
md. Mary ARMSTRONG, d/o James ARMSTRONG on 4 Mar 1851

ARMSTRONG, Hugh, s/o John
md. Isabella MCCAFFREY, d/o Owen MCCAFFREY on 28 Oct 1852

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o James
md. Mary MILLS, d/o James MILLS on 18 Jan 1855
     Ellen ARMSTRONG, bn. 19 Nov 1867

ARMSTRONG, Joseph, s/o John
md. Jane SPRATT, d/o William SPRATT on 15 Jun 1861

ARMSTRONG, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Barbara BARTON, d/o William BARTON on 18 Feb 1853

ARMSTRONG, Thomas, s/o Robert
md. Mary Jane CLENDENNING, d/o Arthur CLENDENNING on 21 Feb 1854

BARBER, Samuel, s/o James
md. Jane WILSON, d/o Johnston WILSON on 29 Sep 1854

BARKLEY, Thomas, s/o John
md. Anne JOHNSTON, d/o James JOHNSTON on 31 Jul 1855

BARNETT, George, s/o George
md. Elizabeth WILSON, d/o John WILSON on 21 May 1862

BARNETT, Thomas      md. Elizabeth GRAHAM *c
     William BARNETT, bn. 5 Aug 1870
     George BARNETT, bn. 14 Mar 1874

BARTON, Edward, s/o William
md. Catherine ABRAHAM, d/o Guy ABRAHAM on 23 Mar 1853

BARTON, Robert John, s/o James
md. Isbella GRAHAM, d/o John GRAHAM on 3 Feb 1852

BARTON, William, s/o William
md. Mary MARTIN, d/o John MARTIN on 18 Apr 1860

BARTON, William, s/o James
md. Mary Anne DAVIS, d/o William DAVIS on 28 Dec 1852

BEATY, William, s/o Thomas
md. Eliza GRAHAM, d/o William GRAHAM on 7 Mar 1861
     Sarah Anne BEATTY, bn. 4 Feb 1868

BIRNEY, Adam, s/o Thomas
md. Mary Jane BARTON, d/o William BARTON on 26 Apr 1861

BLACK, John, s/o Thomas
md. Elizabeth OGLE, d/o James OGLE on 27 Apr 1854

BOOTH, John      md. Ellen MILLS *c
     Joseph Henry BOOTH, bn. 1 mar 1874

BRANDON, Andrew, s/o John
md. Martha JOHNSTON, d/o Andrew JOHNSTON on AUG 1851

BRANDON, Francis, s/o Francis
md. Martha MC INTIRE, d/o Samuel MC INTIRE on 20 Dec 1855

BRANDON, George, s/o George
md. Margaret MONAGHAN, d/o John MONAGHAN on 3 Dec 1862

BRANDON, James, s/o Thomas
md. Sarah SPROUL, d/o John SPROUL on 4 Jul 1853

BRATTON, George      md. Catherine HUMPHRIES *c
     Ellen BRATTON, bn. 4 Apr 1874

BREEN, Michael      md. Ellen MONAGHAN *c
     Elizabeth BREEN, bn. 2 Aug 1870

BRIMSTONE, Andrew, s/o Andrew
md. Anne BAGGS, d/o James BAGGS on 24 Feb 1853

BUCHANON, George, s/o George
md. Rebecca SPROUL, d/o Robert SPROUL on 17 Apr 1861

BURNSIDE, Isaac      md. Anne DUFFY *c
     Mary BURNSIDE, bn. 2 May 1870

BURNSIDE, John      md. Anne GILDEA *c
     John BURNSIDE, bn. 25 Jul 1868

CALDWELL, George, s/o William
md. Matilda NOBLE, d/o John NOBLE on 7 Jun 1854

CALDWELL, John, s/o James
md. Jane ROWE, d/o Thomas ROWE on 29 Jun 1854

CALGY, James      md. Mary MCELOON *c
     Edward CALGY, bn. 24 Oct 1869

CATHCART, Joseph      md. Margaret CATHCART *c
     Catherine CATHCART, bn. 12 Jun 1868
     Joseph CATHCART, bn. 28 Dec 1869
     William CATHCART, bn. 27 May 1872

CHENEY, Francis, s/o George
md. Martha COULTER, d/o Robert COULTER on 19 Jul 1860

CHITTICK, Gustavaus, s/o Thomas
md. Jane MOFFETT, d/o William MOFFETT on 30 Dec 1851

CHITTICK, John, s/o John
md. Mary GILMORE, d/o Archy GILMORE on 11 Apr 1855

CHITTICK, Thomas, s/o John
md. Christina CHITTICK, d/o Thomas CHITTICK on ??(1845?)

CLARKE, Thomas      md. Catherine WRAY *c
     Thomas CLARKE, bn. 17 Apr 1867

COLLIN, Andrew      md. Anne MCCAFFERTY *c
     Bridget COLLIN, bn. 24 Apr 1867
     John COLLIN, bn. 26 Apr 1869

COLLIN, William      md. Sarah MULHARTER *c
     Margaret COLLIN, bn. 27 Dec 1868

COLVIN, David, s/o David
md. Frances DUFFY, d/o Solomon DUFFY on 11 Sep 1851

CONNELLY, Anthony, s/o James
md. Eliza HEATLEY, d/o Thomas HEATLEY on 1 Oct 1855

CONNELLY, George, s/o Alexander
md. Elizabeth KEYS, d/o Henry KEYS on 20 Jul 1854

COSCADDEN, William, s/o Andrew
md. Christian JUNKIN, d/o John JUNKIN on 11 Jul 1853

COULTER, John      md. Catherine MCALOONE *c
     John COULTER, bn. 1 Feb 1871

CRAWFORD, Andrew, s/o Robert
md. Anne Jane FRAZER, d/o George FRAZER on 3 Apr 1855

CRAWFORD, Samuel, s/o David
md. Margaret SMITH, d/o John GALLAGHER on 11 Apr 1861

CREIGHTON, David      md. Jane DUNDAS *c
     Francis Henry COULTER, bn. 3 Dec 1864

CROZIER, Robert, s/o James
md. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG on 19 Jan 1852

CRUMMER, William      md. Eliza Jane SPENCE *c
     Sarah Anne CRUMMER, bn. 15 Apr 1867
     Eliza CRUMMER, bn. 27 Oct 1868
     Robert John CRUMMER, bn. 1 Jan 1871

DAVIS, Robert, s/o Edward
md. Margret MARSHALL, d/o John MARSHALL on 20 Sep 1853

DEVITT, Edward      md. Elizabeth PORTER *c
     William DEVITT, bn. 27 Oct 1867
     Fanny DEVITT, bn. 29 Jun 1870

DEVITT, George      md. Anne QUINN *c
     Mary Jane DEVITT, bn. 30 Jan 1868
     Catherine DEVITT, bn. 15 Oct 1870
     Ellen DEVITT, bn. 15 Oct 1870
     Isabella DEVITT, bn. 15 Oct 1870
     Sarah DEVITT, bn. 2 May 1873

DONALDSON, John, s/o William
md. Laura Matilda GIVEN, d/o John GIVEN on 7 Jan 1851

DONALDSON, John      md. Elizabeth MAXWELL *c
     William Joseph DONALDSON, bn. 2 May 1870

DUDGEON, William, s/o William
md. Jane CALDWELL, d/o James CALDWELL on 26 Dec 1860

DUFFY, William      md. Elizabeth WALCOTT(WALCOP) *c
     Catherine DUFFY, bn. 16 Apr 1869
     Robert DUFFY, bn. 17 Feb 1871

EVENS, George, s/o Robert
md. Mary Jane STEWART, d/o William STEWART on 15 May 1862

FIFE, John, s/o George
md. Mary AIKEN, d/o William AIKEN on 20 Dec 1860
     Easther FIFE, bn. 8 Nov 1867

FITZ PATRICK, Atcheson, s/o Atcheson
md. Sarah JOHNSTON, d/o James JOHNSTON on 16 Mar 1854
     James FITZPATRICK, bn. 10 Oct 1867
     William FITZPATRICK, bn. 4 May 1870

FITZPATRICK, Atcheson, s/o John
md. Rosa FITZPATRICK, d/o Guy FITZPATRICK on 15 Sep 1853

FITZPATRICK, Edward      md. Mabel(Mable) FIFE(FYFFE) *c
     George FITZPATRICK, bn. 21 Jul 1872
     Mary Jane FITZPATRICK, bn. 12 May 1874

FITZPATRICK, John      md. Elizabeth JOHNSTON *c
     Elizabeth FITZPATRICK, bn. 25 May 1868
     Sarah Jane FITZPATRICK, bn. 6 Sep 1870

FORSTER, Robert, s/o Christian
md. Rosy FITZPATRICK, d/o Atcheson FITZPATRICK on 22 Jan 1854

FOSTER, Thomas, s/o William
md. Mary WALKER, d/o George WALKER on 23 Nov 1852

FRAISER, Thomas, s/o William
md. Eliza TAGGART, d/o Samuel TAGGART on 4 Dec 1862

GALLAGHER, Edward      md. Mary MCGILL *c
     Mary GALLAGHER, bn. 14 Mar 1869
     Patrick GALLAGHER, bn. 7 Jan 1872

GALLAGHER, Francis      md. Eliza STEWART *c
     Michal GALLAGHER, bn. 31 Mar 1867
     Eliza GALLAGHER, bn. 4 May 1872

GALLAGHER, Francis      md. Anne MCCABE *c
     Anne GALLAGHER, bn. 21 Dec 1868

GALLAGHER, James      md. Rose MCTAGUE *c
     Bernard GALLAGHER, bn. 18 Mar 1868
     Thomas GALLAGHER, bn. 24 Jan 1870
     Francis GALLAGHER, bn. 13 Nov 1871

GALLAGHER, James      md. Catherine COULTON *c
     James GALLAGHER, bn. 28 Apr 1868
     Neil GALLAGHER, bn. 29 Dec 1869

GALLAGHER, Michal      md. Jane MILLS *c
     Anne Jane GALLAGHER, bn. 20 Dec 1870
     Thomas GALLAGHER, bn. 13 May 1872

GALLAGHER, William      md. Bridget MCMENAMIN *c
     Catherine GALLAGHER, bn. 15 Dec 1867

GIBSON, Andrew      md. Anne MCKINLEY *c
     Ellen GIBSON, bn. 19 Jun 1869
     James GIBSON, bn. 31 Aug 1872

GIVEN, Robert, s/o John
md. Jane CROZIER, d/o John CROZIER on 16 Feb 1853

GRAHAM, Andrew      md. Fanny MONAGHAN *c
     Samuel GRAHAM, bn. 22 Apr 1868

GRAHAM, Francis, s/o Richard
md. Letitia MILLS, d/o Samuel MILLS on 27 Nov 1854

GRAHAM, James      md. Fanny MILLS *c
     Louis GRAHAM, bn. 14 Sep 1864
     Ellen GRAHAM, bn. 28 Jun 1869
     Fanny GRAHAM, bn. 30 Apr 1872

GREER, Andrew, s/o John
md. Mary Jane OWENS, d/o William OWENS on 14 Nov 1850

GRIMBLY, John      md. Jane READ *c
     William GRIMBLY, bn. 2 Feb 1868

HAMILTON, James, s/o Hugh
md. Margaret STRONG, d/o Andrew STRONG on 9 Jun 1862

HAMILTON, Samuel, s/o Hugh
md. Jane DUDGEON, d/o Simon DUDGEON on 8 Aug 1850

HARPER, George      md. Elizabeth WILLIS *c
     Margaret HARPER, bn. 3 May 1873
     Adam Samuel James HARPER, bn. 22 Aug 1874

HASLETT, ??      md. Eliza CATHCART *c
     Alicia HASLETT, bn. 12 Jun 1871

HENDERSON, James, s/o James
md. Eliza MOSGROVE, d/o John MOSGROVE on 4 Jun 1861

HETHERINGTON, George, s/o Noble
md. Jane RANKIN, d/o James RANKIN on 5 Jun 1862

HETHERENTON, James, s/o John
md. Phebe JOHNSTON, d/o Andy JOHNSTON on 9 Jul 1850

HEWLETT, Robert, s/o Joseph
md. Sarah MC INTOSH, d/o Daniel MC INTOSH on 23 Dec 1862

HILL, Charles      md. Mary MCREEDY *c
     Robert HILL, bn. 16 Feb 1870
     Charles Alexander HILL, bn. 17 Mar 1874

HILL, Henry, s/o Thomas
md. Rebecca LOAN, d/o John LOAN on 10 Feb 1853

HOGG, Alexander, s/o John
md. Rebecca SOLES, d/o Christopher SOLES on 21 Nov 1862

HUMPHRIES, John, s/o John
md. Catherine RICHARDSON, d/o Anthony RICHARDSON on 6 Nov 1855

HUMPHRIES, John      md. Elizabeth KNOX *c
     James HUMPHRIES, bn. 23 Dec 1869
     Nina Ellen HUMPHRIES, bn. 25 Aug 1874

INGRAM, Robert, s/o David
md. Mary PATTEN, d/o Arthur PATTEN on 25 Jan 1854

INGRAM, Thomas, s/o James
md. Jane BRANDON, d/o George BRANDON on 25 Apr 1854

IRVINE, Alexander      md. Mary Jane STANTON *c
     Eliza Jane IRVINE, bn. 22 Sep 1864
     Mary IRVINE, bn. 9 Jan 1868
     Richard IRVINE, bn. 3 Mar 1870
     Nathaniel IRVINE, bn. 9 Apr 1872
     Joseph IRVINE, bn. 30 Oct 1873

IRVINE, Hugh, s/o William
md. Mary BURNSIDE, d/o William BURNSIDE on 13 Feb 1862
     William IRVINE, bn. 21 Nov 1864

IRVINE, William, s/o William
md. Susanna MULDOON, d/o John MUDOON on 24 Jun 1851

JOHNSTON, George      md. Rose Anne FITZPATRICK *c
     Acheson JOHNSTON, bn. 18 Jan 1871

JOHNSTON, James, s/o Robert
md. Elizabeth MILLS, d/o James MILLS on 5 Oct 1855

JOHNSTON, James      md. Ann HILLIARD *c
     John JOHNSTON, bn. 25 Feb 1869
     Susan Jane JOHNSTON, bn. 31 May 1871
     William JOHNSTON, bn. 10 Mar 1873

JOHNSTON, John, s/o William
md. Mary Anne MC CRERY, d/o James MC CRERY on 2 Jan 1855

JOHNSTON, Thomas      md. Mary Jane ALLEN *c
     Eliza JOHNSTON, bn. 8 Dec 1869
     Robert Allen JOHNSTON, bn. 6 Feb 1872
     Emily Frances JOHNSTON, bn. 19 Nov 1873

JOHNSTON, William, s/o William
md. Isabella WILSON, d/o William WILSON on 13 Jul 1854

JOHNSTON, William, s/o Alexander
md. Sarah LATURNEY, d/o Robert LATURNEY on 27 Dec 1855

JOHNSTON, William, s/o William
md. Mary STEPHENSON, d/o Hugh STEPHENSON on 12 Mar 1861

KERIGAN, Felix      md. Mary MCCABE *c
     Mary Anne KERIGAN, bn. 2 Jan 1870

KEYS, Henry, s/o Hugh
md. Jane BOYDE, d/o Alexander BOYDE on 28 Jun 1861

KIEL, William, s/o Robert
md. Jane NOBLE, d/o Mark NOBLE on 23 Nov 1852

KILPATRICK, Charles      md. Elizabeth BROWN *c
     William Henry KILPATRICK, bn. 12 Mar 1871

KNOX, James      md. Sarah OWENS *c
     Andrew John KNOX, bn. 21 May 1870

KNOX, John, s/o John
md. Ellen ANDERSON, d/o James ANDERSON on 15 May 1851

KNOX, Robert      md. Jane READ *c
     Jane KNOX, bn. 9 Feb 1874

LATURNEY, George, s/o James
md. Rebecca MACARTNEY, d/o James MACARTNEY on 8 Jul 1862

LAWSON, Robert, s/o John
md. Margret PETERSON, d/o Launcelot PETERSON on 27 Feb 1855

LITTLE, Robert, s/o James
md. Margaret NOBLE, d/o John NOBLE on 9 Nov 1853

LOAN, John, s/o Robert
md. Eliza SLEVEN, d/o Edward SLEVEN on 8 Jun 1854

LOWE, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Alicia IRVINE, d/o William IRVINE on 10 Apr 1854

LYNCH, William      md. Mary Jane KEON *c
     Tieressa LYNCH, bn. 12 Jun 1871
     William Francis LYNCH, bn. 9 Feb 1874

MACKEY, William, s/o Robert
md. Frances CRUMMER, d/o John CRUMMER on 21 Sep 1860

MAGUIRE, Edward      md. Mary MCCABE *c
     Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 13 Jan 1870
     Mary Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 29 May 1871

MAGUIRE, John      md. Magadellin MCHUGH *c
     John MAGUIRE, bn. 27 Aug 1870

MAGUIRE, Thomas      md. Mary MCCAFFREY *c
     John MAGUIRE, bn. 8 Jul 1868

MARSHALL, Edward, s/o Edward
md. Rebecca VANCE, d/o Andrew VANCE on 2 Jun 1854

MARSHALL, James, s/o Edward
md. Anne MCGORLICK, d/o Thomas MCGORLICK on 13 May 1852

MARSHALL, John, s/o Edward
md. Anne LATURNEY, d/o John LATURNEY on 10 Jan 1860

MARTIN, Hugh, s/o Christopher
md. Elizabeth WALMSLEY, d/o Edward WALMSLEY on 6 Sep 1853

MAXWELL, George      md. Mary CHITTICK *c
     Margaret Jane MAXWELL, bn. 11 Jun 1873

MAXWELL, William      md. Sarah MCCORMACK *c
     William MAXWELL, bn. 19 Feb 1868
     Sarah MAXWELL, bn. 22 Mar 1872

MCBRIDE, James      md. Mary MONAGHAN *c
     Mary Jane MCBRIDE, bn. 1 Sep 1875

MCCABE, Patt      md. Anne MAGUIRE *c
     Mary Anne MCCABE, bn. 1 ec 1869

MCCABE, Patt      md. Bessie MAGEE *c
     Thomas MCCABE, bn. 6 May 1872

MCCAFFERTY, George      md. Anne CAGLY *c
     Rose Anne MCCAFFERTY, bn. 7 Dec 1873

MCCAFFERTY, James      md. Anne MELLY *c
     William MCCAFFERTY, bn. 12 Oct 1871

MCCAFFERY, James      md. Anne BEGLY *c
     Eliza Anne MCCAFFERY, bn. 21 Mar 1874

MCCORMICK, Hugh, s/o John
md. Susan QUINN, d/o Brian QUINN on 30 Dec 1854

MCCORMICK, James, s/o
md. Mary ADAMS, d/o William ADAMS on 28 Oct 1853

MCCORMICK, Joseph, s/o Joseph
md. Elizabeth SPROUL, d/o John MACREA on 16 Sep 1851

MCCUTCHEN, John, s/o James
md. Mary KYLE, d/o John KYLE on 8 Feb 1853

MCCREA, Edward, s/o John
md. Eliza MOORE, d/o Thomas MOORE on 18 Nov 1851

MCDONAGH, James      md. Catherine MCCAFFERY *c
     James MCDONAGH, bn. 6 Jun 1874

MCELRONE, James      md. Catherine MCCABE *c
     Bernard MCELRONE, bn. 8 Apr 1872

MCELRONE, Thomas      md. Ellen MCABE *c
     Charles MCELRONE, bn. 3 May 1874

MCELROY, John      md. Eliza MURPHY *c
     Catherine MCELROY, bn. 20 Oct 1871

MCGORLICK, William, s/o William
md. Susanna MARTIN, d/o William MARTIN on 5 Oct 1854

MCGRATH, Owen      md. Mary Anne ODONNELL *c
     Owen MCGRATH, bn. 29 Oct 1869
     Sarah MCGRATH, bn. 3 Apr 1874

MCGRORY, Daniel      md. Winifred(Winny) WALSH *c
     Jane MCGRORY, bn. 8 Jun 1870
     Catherine MCGRORY, bn. 7 Apr 1872

MC GROTTY, John B., s/o John
md. Alicia Mary GRIEEN, d/o John GRIEEN on 3 Oct 1862

MCKEE, Robert      md. Eliza SUMMERVILLE *c
     Robert MCKEE, bn. 6 Jan 1869
     Eliza Jane MCKEE, bn. 1 Nov 1873

MCKWELL, William      md. Sarah MCCRAIG *c
     Sarah MCKWELL, bn. 19 May 1870

MCLAUGHLIN, Thomas, s/o William
md. Fanny GRAHAM, d/o Charles GRAHAM on 30 Mar 1854

MCMANUS, James      md. Mary Anne MCKANE *c
     Ellen MCMANUS, bn. 11 Apr 1868
     James MCMANUS, bn. 2 Apr 1870

MCMANUS, John      md. Anne GALLAGHER *c
     John MCMANUS, bn. 1 Mar 1870
     Margaret MCMANUS, bn. 16 Jun 1872
     Charles MCMANUS, bn. 18 Jun 1875

MCTAGUE, Hugh      md. Anne Jane IRVINE *c
     Anne Jane MCTAGUE, bn. 30 Mar 1874

MEALEY, William, s/o Simon
md. Eliza READ, d/o Adam READ on 8 Feb 1855

MILES, Thomas      md. Isabella MILES *c
     Thomas Henry MILES, bn. 10 Jul 1870

MILLS, Edward      md. Mary BRUCE *c
     Elizabeth MILLS, bn. 28 Feb 1867
     Fanny MILLS, bn. 29 Feb 1867
     John MILLS, bn. 19 Feb 1869
     Mary Jane MILLS, bn. 24 Oct 1870
     Robert James MILLS, bn. 7 Mar 1873

MILLS, James      md. Jane BARTON *c
     John MILLS, bn. 25 Apr 1871

MILLS, James      md. Sarah GREGORY *c
     Hugh James MILLS, bn. 12 Nov 1868

MILLS, John      md. Mary Anne THOMPSON *c
     John MILLS, bn. 2 Jun 1868
     Caroline MILLS, bn. 25 Jun 1871
     Letitia MILLS, bn. 5 Jun 1874

MILLS, John      md. Anne MCCARTNY *c
     James MILLS, bn. 14 Sep 1869

MILLS, John      md. Ann MCKINLY *c
     Robert MILLS, bn. 27 Mar 1869

MOFFAT, William, s/o Thomas
md. Catherine Jane MOORE, d/o Thomas MOORE on 9 Aug 1853

MONAGHAN, Bernard      md. Susan MCGEE *c
     Thomas MONAGHAN, bn. 30 Jan 1868
     Francis MONAHAN, bn. 1 May 1871

MONAGHAN, Hugh      md. Jane GALLAGHER *c
     Anne MONAGHAN, bn. 27 Feb 1868

MONTGOMERY, Matthew      md. Eliza MILLS *c
     Anne MONTGOMERY, bn. 13 Sep 1868

MOORE, William, s/o Robert
md. Mary Jane RANKIN, d/o Richard RANKIN on 12 Jun 1854

MORRIS, James      md. Anne MCKERVY *c
     John MORRIS, bn. 25 Aug 1869

MORROW, James      md. Jane CHETTICK *c
     Susan MORROW, bn. 22 Feb 1870

MULLEGAN, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Margret Isabella MORROW, d/o John MORROW on 19 Jul 1855

MULLAN, John      md. Ellen MCDONALD *c
     Patt MULLAN, bn. 9 Mar 1871

MULLEN, John      md. Ellen ODONNELL *c(may be same as above)
     Joseph MULLEN, bn. 4 Jun 1874

MULLAN, Robert      md. Ann MCTAGUE *c
     Hugh MULLAN, bn. 8 Mar 1867

MULHOLLAND, John      md. Mary GRAHAM *c
     Arthur MULHOLLAND, bn. 20 Feb 1870

MURPHY, Edward      md. Mary BROWN *c
     Mary Jane MURPHY, bn. 21 Feb 1867

MYLES, Joseph, s/o William
md. Jane ROSS, d/o Hugh ROSS on 2 Aug 1855

NILLIS, John      md. Anne MCCARTNEY *c
     Charlotte NILLIS, bn. 30 May 1872

OGLE, John      md. Sidney BRATTON *c
     George OGLE, bn. 17 Nov 1869
     William Ralph OGLE, bn. 17 Nov 1869
     John OGLE, bn. 6 Apr 1874

PATTERSON, Alexander      md. Mary Ane RANKIN *c
     Margaret PATTERSON, bn. 18 Apr 1872

PATTERSON, John, s/o George
md. Sarah PATTON, d/o Arthur PATTON on 10 Jan 1861

PAYNE, Robert, s/o Robert
md. Margaret CLENDENNING, d/o Arthur CLENDENNING on 5 Jun 1850

PHELAN, James      md. Alice MULDOON *c
     Andrew PHELAN, bn. 16 Jun 1873

PORTER, John      md. Eliza KNOX *c
     Christopher PORTER, bn. 3 May 1873

PORTER, John      md. Elizabeth KERAN *c
     Elizabeth PORTER, bn. 26 Aug 1871

PORTER, William, s/o William
md. Mary Ann READ, d/o Adam READ on 2 Oct 1860

QUINN, Hugh      md. Anne MCCABE *c
     Hugh QUINN, bn. 2 Oct 1868

QUINN, Hugh      md. Eliza BRUCE *c
     Catherine QUINN, bn. 12 Feb 1869

QUINN, John      md. Eliza BRUCE *c
     Ann QUINN, bn. 22 Jun 1867
     Samuel QUINN, bn. 10 Oct 1870

QUINN, John      md. Ellen GALLAGHER *c
     Ellen QUINN, bn. 10 Oct 1867

RANKIN, David      md. Sidney TAYLOR *c
     Robert Alexander RANKIN, bn. 12 May 1870
     Margaret Jane RANKIN, bn. 13 Aug 1872
     Adam RANKIN, bn. 27 Dec 1873

READ, Adam, s/o John
md. Catherine READ, d/o James READ on 15 Dec 1854

READ, Edward, s/o William
md. Mary WILSON, d/o William WILSON on 23 Jan 1851

READ, William, s/o James
md. Mary BRANDON, d/o Mathew BRANDON on 2 Nov 1854

RICHARDSON, William      md. Jane ROBINSON *c
     Ann RICHARDSON, bn. 12 Apr 1869
     Jane RICHARDSON, bn. 2 Nov 1870
     James RICHARDSON, bn. 21 Aug 1872
     Catherine RICHARDSON, bn. 28 May 1874

RICHIE, William, s/o James
md. Catherine SMITH, d/o George SMITH on 7 Feb 1850

ROBB, James, s/o John
md. Margret MOFFATT, d/o Thomas MOFFATT on 16 Jun 1853

ROBINSON, John Musgrave      md. Rebecca DENNY *c
     John Denny ROBINSON, bn. 15 Jun 1870

ROBINSON, Robert      md. Elizabeth FITZPATRICK *c
     Elizabeth Dora ROBINSON, bn. 8 Feb 1869
     James Alexander ROBINSON, bn. 4 May 1872

ROBINSON, Thomas, s/o Francis
md. Ann FOSTER, d/o James FOSTER on 23 Nov 1852

ROBINSON, William      md. Elizabeth (Bessy) CORR *c
     William ROBINSON, bn. 22 May 1867
     James ROBINSON, bn. 17 Nov 1869
     James ROBINSON, bn. 20 Jul 1871

ROGERS, Edward      md. Mary Ann MCGOLRICK *c
     John ROGERS, bn. 14 Mar 1871

SCOTT, Charles, s/o George
md. Margaret WALMSLEY, d/o Edward WALMSLEY on 30 Sep 1851

SCOTT, Henry, s/o James
md. Eliza RANKIN, d/o James RANKIN on 20 Feb 1862

SENUE, Stewart      md. Anne MCCABE *c
     John SENUE, bn. 29 Feb 1868

SENAY, Stewart      md. Jane GILMORE *c
     Thomas SENAY, bn. 2 Aug 1872
     William SENAY, bn. 10 Nov 1873

SHALLOW, Patt      md. Mary MCGRORY *c
     Francis SHALLOW, bn. 16 Oct 1869

SHAW, John      md. Mary MCCUTCHEON *c
     John SHAW, bn. 21 Dec 1867
     Ema Jane SHAW, bn. 7 Mar 1870

SHAW, Robert      md. Jane MARTIN *c
     Ann Jane SHAW, bn. 20 Jun 1875

SIMPSON, David, s/o John
md. Ellen BARTON, d/o James BARTON on 4 Jan 1851

SIMPSON, William, s/o John
md. Anne JONES, d/o Henry JONES on 10 Mar 1854

SMITH, William, s/o William
md. Jane ALGIE, d/o John ALGIE on 7 Dec 1860

SOOTE, James, s/o William
md. Ellen MILLS, d/o Robert MILS on 28 May 1851

SPRAUL, Charles, s/o James
md. Isabella GRAHAM, d/o William GRAHAM on 30 Aug 1854

SPROUL, Robert, s/o Wiliam
md. Ellen ALLEN, d/o James LOAN on 7 Mar 1855

STEELE, William      md. Anne DOWD *c
     James STEELE, bn. 22 Apr 1873

STEWART, Guy      md. Mary Anne THOMPSON *c
     Catherine STEWART, bn. 24 Apr 1868
     Eliza STEWART, bn. 14 Feb 1871

STEWART, Johnston      md. Mary Anne FAUCETT *c
     Mary STEWART, bn. 14 May 1867
     William STEWART, bn. 6 Nov 1869
     Ellen STEWART, bn. 26 Jun 1872
     Johnston STEWART, bn. 28 May 1873

STEWART, Thomas      md. Jane FITZPATRICK *c
     Mary Ellen STEWART, bn. 27 Jun 1874

STEWART, William, s/o William
md. Catherine STEWART, d/o William STEWART on 3 May 1855

STURDY, Thomas      md. Jane ELLIOTT (LOWERY) *c
     Margaret STURDY, bn. 16 Mar 1870
     Thomas STURDY, bn. 26 Apr 1874

TAYLOR, William, s/o Wathew
md. Letty MCKEE, d/o John MCKEE on 23 Nov 1854

TIERNAN, Henry, s/o Robert
md. Margaret MAGUIRE, d/o Brien MAGUIRE on 29 Aug 1862

TIMLIN, Bernard      md. Sarah FIFE *c
     Anne TIMLIN, bn. 25 May 1868

WALSH, George      md. Bridget GALLAGHER *c
     Mary WALSH, bn. 11 Oct 1868
     James WALSH, bn. 30 Mar 1870
     John WALSH, bn. 25 Jul 1874

WARK, Robert, s/o Samuel
md. Ann JOHNSTON, d/o Christopher JOHNSTON on 23 May 1860
     Robert WARK, bn. 1 Jun 1869

WEST, Charles, s/o Charles
md. Elizabeth STINSON, d/o Robert STINSON on 7 Aug 1855

WHITE, William      md. Elizabeth FITZPATRICK *c
     Mary Jane WHITE, bn. 12 Mar 1869
     Robert WHITE, bn. 4 Mar 1872
     James WHITE, bn. 24 Aug 1875

WILSON, Edward, s/o Andrew
md. Sally WALKER, d/o Robert WALKER on 24 Apr 1851

WILSON, Matthew      md. Isabella LAW *c
     James WILSON, bn. 24 Nov 1868

WILSON, William      md. Eliza Jane MCCREA *c
     William John WILSON, bn. 13 May 1869
     George WILSON, bn. 3 Aug 1872
     Robert WILSON, bn. 3 Aug 1872

WOODS, Henry, s/o William
md. Catherine CHITTICK, d/o Thomas CHITTICK on 20 Jul 1860

YOUNG, William, s/o Francis
md. Ann JOHNSTON, d/o David JOHNSTON on 19 Nov 1851

*c = These births were registered at Clonelly, the marriage may not have taken place here.

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