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Aghadowey Family Trees

   from the book
                                by Rev. Thomas H. Mullin, Belfast: Century Services, 1972.
                                         Used by permission of the author.


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[From tombstone, T2440 (2) (P.R.O.N.I.), Ranken family tree and Registry of Deeds 1834.7. 174 and 175; 1858.13. (254-257)1

John Smith of Coleraine married Jane Curtis and had a son John Smith of Gils Cottage (died 1814 aged 89) married Catherine Smith (died 1817 aged 74). This pair were parents of Samuel Smith (1770-1857) who married Mary Ranken (1790-1872)--see Ranken family tree--and had family:

1. Mary died 1892 aged 82 married Rev. John Rogers, born at Agivey, Moderator General Assembly (1863-1865), Professor of Sacred Rhetoric and Caths. at A.C.B. (1869-1886).

2. John, M.D. (died 1867 aged 56), of Moneycarrie married 1866 Lizzie Martin of Rathfriland and had daughter Mary Ranken (born 1867) married 1888 John Malcomson.

3. David of Heathfield (died 1890 aged 77) married Eliza daughter of Dan Boyle, Coleraine, and had family including:

A. Eliza married 1858 in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church William Hemphill of Greenfield.
B. Mary Jane married 1863 Robert Jardin, merchant, Belfast.
C. Kate, married Corbett of Portadown.
D. Annie, unmarried.
E. Samuel, unmarried.

4. William, shot in Mexico in 1836 aged 21.

5. Samuel, drowned in Appalachicola, USA, in 1851 aged 34, while trying to save his horse.

6. Thomas died in Australia 1868 aged 50.

7. Catherine (born 1818) married 1855 in Aghadowey a widower William James Moore Lyttle, merchant, Belfast and had son Thomas Smith Lyttle married 1885 Margaret Church Lyle (see Ranken family tree) and had daughters Jane Ranken Lytle married 1916 Dr. C. W. Moffitt (sons Ranken Moffitt and G. W. Moffitt Jun. married Ann Walker Jones) and Catherine Smith Lytle now (1972) living St. Louis. After death of W. J. M. Lyttle in 1883 his widow Catherine married James Ranken.

8. Hugh, M.D., died at Sandhurst, Australia, in 1860 aged 39.

9. Jane (died 1872 aged 49) married 1849 in Aghadowey, William Jefferson of Aghadowey.

10. Anne (died 1904 aged 79) married 1856 in Aghadowey, Hugh Ranken Morrison of Moneydig (see Ranken family tree).

11. James of Hermitage (died 1872 aged 45) married Eliza Denison Taylor and had family:

A. Eliza Denison (died 1875 aged 18).
B. Samuel, died Paramatta in 1897 aged 39.
C. Daniel Taylor (died 1874 aged 14).
D. Mary Rankin Whitaker (died 1888 aged 27).
E. Anne(died 1920) married Herbert S. E. Chambers.
F. Ellen Forsythe (died 1952 aged 87) married Rev. W. A. Wilson of New Row and had two sons: Lawrence, a clergyman, the other the poet Robert N. D. Wilson (1899-1953).
G. James Orr (died St. Louis in 1909 aged 43).
H. Catherine Lytle (died 1930 aged 62) married Hugh Eccles.
I. Robert Taylor (died 1929 aged 60).





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From: Mullin, Rev. Dr. Thomas H. (1972) AGHADOWEY, pp. 99-101. Belfast: Century Services, Ltd.
(D1717/2. P.R.O.N.I.)

Three brothers, John Orr, William Orr and James Orr came to the Aghadowey district.
1. John (died 1779) married 1745 Jane Cloney or McEwen (1731-1794), daughter of a Presbyterian minister and had issue:
A. James(born 1747).
B. Elinor (born 1750), died in Dublin.
C. William (born 1751)
D. John (1752-1835) accompanied Lord Macartney to India and had a command in East India Company. Married 1789 a Miss Daniell, no family.

E. Samuel (1753-1812), secretary to Admiral Hughes in India, afterwards had command in 19th Dragoons. Married first Miss Sarson, and second Miss Eyre of Sandford, aunt of Lady Nelson. No family.

F. Wakefield (born 1756), an attorney, died unmarried.

G. Henry (1757-1821) married Margaret, daughter of Dr. McIlwaine of Coleraine and had issue:

(a) Samuel (died 1869 aged 74) married Anne, daughter of Rev. Thomas Paul, no family.

(b) William (died 1873) of Ballybrittain married Susan, daughter of  Averil Lecky of Castle Lecky and had two daughters, Margaret, died 1836 aged 13 (after whom St. Margaret is named), and Alicia Lecky Ida died 1854 of consumption at Palermo.

(c) Jane, died of consumption or paralysis.
(d) Anne (died 1874 in Dublin).
(e) Mary (died about 15 years of age).
(f) Margaret (died young).
(g) Henry (died young).
(h) John(died in childhood).

H. Jane Margaret (1759-1847), the wonderful needlewoman.
The family of the eldest brother John is extinct.
2. William, the second brother, married Miss Molyneux of Co. Antrim, and died about 1767 leaving family:
A. James of Keely (died 1841) who built Keely, married 1782 Elizabeth Spotswood and had issue:
(a) William (1784-1787).
(b) Elizabeth married Hugh Lecky and had children Hugh, James Orr,
    John, Connolly and Andrew.
(c) Andrew of Keely and Hillburn (1786-1864) married Mary Holmes
    of Belfast and had issue:
i. James (1821.1874).

ii. Anne (1822-1871) married Rev. R. P. Young of Tipperary, no family.

iii. Elizabeth (born 1824) married Rev. Robert McNaghten.

iv. Rev. Robert Holmes (died 1895) married first Mary Guiness and second Jane Ashe. By his first wife he had issue Catherine Pauline, Alice, Mary, Andrew Alymer, Anna Margaret Robertson, Ellen Lucy, Arthur James, John Robert.
v.  Ellen Joy (1827-1850).
vi. Andrew (1829-1870) married Lucy Erskine Acworth and had issue:
(1) Ellen Toy (married Robert Todd),
(2) Andrew William (married Henrietta Mary Bird),
(3) Harriett Gertrude,
(4) Herbert Holmes,
(5) Mary Acworth,
(6) Lucy Elizabeth,
(7) Charles William James.

(d) Anne (1790-1868) married Captain Robert Mackay, her cousin, and had two children,  John and Betsy, died aged 12 and 22.
(e) Isabella (1792-1816).
(f) William (1794-1809).
(g) James (1796-1815).
B. William, built Moneycarry green, married Catherine Ogilby whose brother Robert built Woodbank house near Garvagh and had a large family, most of whom went to America and died young, none married in Ireland. Their names were Anne, Mary, Catherine, Jane, James, William, John, Robert (who died about 1874 and left a good business in Pittsburgh to his sons), and Hester.
C. John, mentioned with William in a law case as residing in Gortan, and a nephew of James Orr.

D. Mary married Mr. Rankin, and writer of family tree thinks a daughter married Mr. Smith of Killykergan. I take this to be Mary of Moneycarrie, (died 1835 aged 78), who married David Ranken and had a daughter Mary Ranken of Heathfield married Samuel Smith of Gills.

E. Anne, married Mr. Hunter of Coleraine, engaged in green at Keely, and had a daughter Jane, married James Guthrie of Coleraine, a banker and afterwards Town Clerk of Belfast.

F. Jane, married Robert, son of Abraham Browne of Aghadowey green, lived in Aghadowey House and had children Anne (married O'Donnell), Thomas and Jane.

3. James , the third brother, married Elizabeth Alexander of Limavady and had issue:
A. Alexander or Alick of Landmore (born 1761), married Miss Dunbar of Woburn and had issue:
(a) Sarah, born 1789, died in infancy.

(b) Eliza, born 1790, married first Rev. John Paul, Rector of Aghadowey and second Rev. Stephen Gwynne, Rector of Agherton, no family.

(c) Eleanor, born 1792, died unmarried.
(d) Sarah, born 1793.
(e) James, born 1795, an attorney. married Miss Johnson of Belfast, and left a son who died young.

(f) George, born 1799, took name Dunbar, married Miss Beresford, cousin of the Marquis of Waterford, and had two sons and a daughter.

i. Captain George, died 1884.
ii. Georgina, married General Dunbar Buller.

(g) Anna, married Pilkington.

B. Margaret, married John Mackay of Elagh and Prospect, Portstewart, and had issue:
(a) Elizabeth, died 1864 aged 78, unmarried.
(b) Frances Georgina, died unmarried.
(c) Mary Anne (1788-1880).
(d) Robert, married 1816, Anne Orr of Keely, his second cousin.
(e) Margaret, married Austin.
(f) John James, died young.
(g) Catherine, died young.
(h) Rebecca Dupre, married William Wilson.
(i) Helen Wylly, died young.
(j) William Thomas, went to America.
(k) Octavia, died young.
C. Elizabeth, married John Church, attorney, of Oatlands, Myroe, and had a large family including:
(a) Rebecca, married 1824, Monk Eagleson of Ardverness.
(b) Anne, married Robert Forrester.
(c) Margaret (1798-1872) married 1824, Rev. William Lyle of 1st Dunboe Presbyterian Church.
D. Anne Helen, married Stephen Church. E. Alicia, married John Britton without paternal consent.

F. Rebecca, unmarried.

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According to the tombstone, David Ranken, a native of Scotland, emigrated from there in 1685, and died in 1750, aged 84. His sister Margaret Ranken was shot during the siege of Derry carrying food to the soldiers. The above David Ranken had issue:

1. ? John, died 1766, aged 61.

2. David of Heathfield (died 1809, aged 80). I have rejected the family tree here as its     dates are impossible at this point, and believe this placing to be correct. (See Ranken of     Heathfield).

3. Hugh of Lisboy (died 1770, aged 44), married Mearns (died 1809, aged 60), and had a son:

A. Hugh of Lisboy (died 1824, aged 70), married first Martha Ranken of Ballywillan (died 1785, aged 28), and had issue:a. Martha (1782-1856), married John Morrison of Moneydig (1760-1841), and had issue:i. Jane.
ii. John, died 1833, aged 30.
iii. Elizabeth.
iv. Martha, married John Torrens of Cullyrammer, and had issue:(1) John (born 1840).
(2) Dr. Hugh Ranken (born 1845).
(3) Martha (born 1850).
(4) Robert Jamieson (1853-1896), married Miss Long of Youghal.

v. Ann, married 1837, Wm. J. M. Lytle, of Garvagh, and later Belfast, and had issue:(1) William James Moore (born 1838).
(2) Hugh Ranken Morrison C1841-1863).
(3) Mary Moore (1843-1874).
(4) Joseph (1845-1867).
(5) Martha Ranken (born 1849).
(6) John Morrison (1852-I869).
(7) Robert James Brown (twin of John),

vi. David, thought to have emigrated to Philadelphia.
vii. Mary (died 1875, aged 60), married Dr. Solomon McIlroy, of Garvagh.
viii. Hugh Ranken (died 1912) built Oakfort, Moneydig, married 1856, Anne Smith (see Smith family tree), and had issue:

(1) Mary Smith (1857-1911), married Samuel Long of Rose Lodge.

(2) John, twin of Mary (1857-1922), married first Anna, daughter of Rev. Mr. Dickey of Second Kilrea and had sons Hugh Ranken and Joseph Dickey. He married second Mrs. Burton (nee Kidd) and had daughter, Anna.

(3) Dr. Hugh Smith (1858-1329), M.P. and author of Modern Ulster, married and had sons:

(A) Hugh Ranken, married 1910 in Aghadowey, Louie Ranken of Newpark, and had family, Hugo (of Bellevue, married); Betty, married; Christie; and William. He married second Miss Mortimer, and third Joan Uprichard and had daughter, Anne.

(B) Dr. Albert, married 1920, in Aghadowey, Gladys Eva Squires.

(4) Rev. Robert of Carndonagh (1859-1925), married 1889, Minnie Moore (her sister, Annie Moore married Robert Porter of Carndonagh and had son, Jack Porter, who bought Oakfort), and had issue:


(A) Jeanie Lyle (1890-1970), married.
(B) Alfred, emigrated to California, married.
(C) Edith Eileen (died 1961), married.
(D) Robert of Donaghadee, married, no family.

b. Jane (1784-1850), married Wm. Hanson of Ballylintagh and had issue:i. Peggy.
ii. Mary, married Daniel Ellis.
iii. George (1817-1867), married Miss Steen of Dunboe.
iv. Martha Ranken, married John McCandless.
v. William Marcus.

Hugh of Lisboy (died 1824, aged 70), married second Mary McClelland (died 1813, aged 52), and had further issue:

c. David(1790-1859), in St. Louis.
d. Robert (1791-1849), in St. Louis.
e. Hugh (unmarried).
f. Thomas (1792-1883), married 1833 Jane (third daughter of James Payton of Crindle, Myroe), died 1889, aged 86, and had issue:i. David (1834-1912), in St. Louis.
ii. Robert Patton of Lisboy (1836-1923).
iii. Hugh 1836-1867), in Philadelphia, twin of Robert.
iv. Jane (1838-1909), married 1858, Hugh Lyle of Fairview (son of Rev. William Lyle of First Dunboe), and had issue:(1) William (1859-1880).
(2) Sir Thomas Ranken (1860-1944), Professor of Natural Philosophy at Melbourne, married 1892, Clare Millear, D.B.E., and had issue:(A) Mary Ranken, C.B.E., married Lieutenant-General Sir Edmund Herring, and has children, Mary, Judith, Margaret.
(B) Nancy Isabel.
(C) Thomas Ranken, married and has son, Thomas.
(D) Clare Millear.

(3) Margaret Church (1862-1938), married Thomas Smith Lytle (see Smith family tree).
(4) Jane Patton (1865-1946), married 1893, Samuel Hanna, B.L., D.L., Co. Inspector, R.I.C., and had issue:(A) Dr. Henry Lyle (1894-1924), married Winifred Alice Rawlings.
(B) Margaret Church Lyle (1898-1967).
(C) Mary Ranken (1903-1916).

(5) Hugh Ranken (1868-1913), of St. Louis, married 1896, Jessie Ramsay.

(6) Robert Patton Ranken (1870-195-), Professor of Gynecology at Durham and founder of the Mary Ranken Maternity Hospital, married Mary Bagnall, and had daughter: (A) Margaret Ranken (1917-1967).

(7) David Ranken (1872-1933), Judge in the High Court of the United Provinces, India, married 1919, Muriel Wreford Heard, and had issue:

(A) David Wreford Ranken, married 1945, Anne H. Cowan, and has children, Angela Mary, David John Ranken, Robert Charles Heard, Rosemary Margaret and Peter Thomas Wreford.

(B) Muriel Anne Church, married 1954, Rev. Merfyn Parry, and has children, Richard Delwyn, Katherine Margaret, Hugh Ranken and Andrew James.

(C) Margaret Kathleen Heard, married 1955, John McLeod Dowson, and has children, Margaret Jane, Gillian Ruth, Timothy John Lyle and Nicholas.

(D) Barbara Mary Ranken, married Brian Arthur Crouch, and has children, Ruth Margaret, Jane Mary, Bridget Anne and Paul David Arthur.

v. Mary (1840-1843).
vi. Thomas(1841-1900), in St. Louis.
vii. James (1841-1845). viii. William of Moneycarrie (1844-1927).
ix. Mary of Moneycarrie (1846-1919), founder of the Temperance Cafe, Coleraine.g. John, died 1854, aged 52, married Mary Ann Laughlin of Moyletragh, and had issue:

i. Hugh Laughlin (1837-1900), in St. Louis.
ii. Thomas James Laughlin (1840-1872), married 1867, Sarah, daughter of Wm. Marcus Patton, Crindle, and had issue:(1) Mary Ann Laughlin, born 1869, married 1905, Clay Eugene Jordan.
(2) Sara Patton (1870-1871).

Mrs. T. J. L. Ranken married second John McMurtry.

iii. Robert Douglas (1842-1865).
iv. David Patton (1844-1913), in St. Louis. v. John Dunlop (1X46-1893), in St. Louis.
vi. Mary Ann (1852-1884), married her cousin, Robert Ranken (see Ranken of Heathfield).h. Ann (died 1890), married her cousin, David Ranken of Boystown (see Ranken of Heathfield).

i. Mary (1790-1867), married Joseph Patton of Crindle Cottage, a cousin of James Patton whose daughter Jane married her brother, Thomas Ranken.

Hugh of Lisboy (died 1824, aged 70), married a Mrs. Henderson, as his third wife. I have used the family tree provided by Mrs. Parry, the Ranken gravestones, Connor wills, and Morrison and other information in constructing this family tree. It is not absolutely complete, as Connor wills give the will of John Ranken, linen draper, Lisbuoy, proved in 1794. TJM.



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David Ranken, linen draper (died 1809, aged 80), married first Ann, daughter of Molyneux of Gortin, married second Mary Orr (died 1835 aged 78), daughter of William Orr of Gortin (see Orr family tree), and had issue:

1. Hugh (died 1802 aged 19), unmarried.
2. William (died 1833 aged 47), unmarried.

3. John of Woodbank and Lisnablaugh (died 1821 aged 33), married Bess, daughter of Molyneux of Cooleyrammer (she was a cousin of his mother), died at Ballykelly 1871 aged 84 and had issue:

A. John, married, died 16/3/1857 aged 49.
B. David, unmarried, died 1828 or 1829.
C. William, married a Miss Long and emigrated to America. She afterwards married McNeill of Ballycastle.

D. Jane, died at Dunedin Terrace, Coleraine, in 1898 aged 87.
E. Hugh. F. Eliza, died Woodhouse, Ballykelly, 1876 aged 59.

4. Mary (1790-1872), married Samuel Smith of Gills (see Smith family tree).
5. David (1792-1850) of Boystown, linen draper, married 1834 his cousin Ann Ranken of Lisboy (died 1890 aged 85) and had issue:

A. David Jun. of St. Louis (1835-1910), unmarried.
B. Hugh (1837-1856), unmarried, medical student at Glasgow.
C. William of Newpark (1840-1912), married 1878, Maria Louisa Wilson of Meath Park and had issue:(a) Annie Louisa, married H. R. Morrison (see Ranken family tree).
(b) Maria Eva Kathleen (1884-1940), married Francis Yaxley Welch and had a son Francis Westrope Welch, married Irene Agnes Johnson.

D. Robert (1843-1926) of St. Louis, married 1872 his cousin, Mary Ann Ranken of Lisboy (1852-1884)--after her death he married Ellen Halliday. By his first marriage he had issue:(a) Robert(1873-1886).
(b) Annie, married Robert S. Logan of Toronto and had issue, Jessie, Robert, David, Philip, Anne, Eva.
(c) Eva (1876-1895).
(d) Mary, born 1878, unmarried, lived for many years with her sister Jessie in Taormina, Sicily.
(e) Jessie, born 1880, unmarried.
(f) David Dean (1881-1963), married 1914 Margaret Blanchard Bannard and had issue:

i. Mary Ann Ranken, married 1940 John S. Reese and had daughter Harriet, married 1963 Jorgen B. Jensen of Denmark and has three children.

ii. William B. Ranken, married 1948 Margaret Tucker Caperton and has three sons, David Dean 2nd, Gaston Caperton and William Bannard Jun.

iii. Margaret Blanchard, married 1948 Townsend Weekes of Oyster Bay, Long Island, and has three children. E. Anne Orr (1845-1870), unmarried. F. Mary Jane (1847-1892), unmarried.

6. Ann, died aged two years.


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This is constructed from information in Parker's History of Londonderry , Young's Fighters of Derry , the Burnside Family Tree (T.2707 P.R.O.N.I.), and a letter from Professor F. J. Simmons (a descendant). This tree includes the noted Rev. James McGregor, minister of Aghadowey, who emigrated to Boston in 1718 with a number of his congregation and founded there the town of Nutfield, New Hampshire, now called Londonderry, NH.

A certain Captain McGregor of Magilligan had family:

1. Elisabeth married Captain Lachan McCurdy.
2. Alexander of Maynock, who had a daughter:A. Mary, married Bingham and had a daughter:(a) Sarah Bingham married Samuel Burnside (1729-1805).

3. Rev. James McGregor (1677-1729) married October, 1706, in Londonderry, Ireland, Marion, daughter of David Cargill and had family:A. Robert.
B. Daniel.
C. Rev. David McGregor (1709-1777), minister of the West Parish, Londonderry, married Mary Boyd (an orphan brought up by his mother) and had family:

(a) David, died in infancy.

(b) Colonel Robert, married Elizabeth, daughter of General George Reid, and was A.D.C. to General Stark. They had nine children: David, George, Mary Ann (married 1832 Rev. John R. Adams of West Parish, Londonderry), Maria, Eliza, Robert, James, John, Daniel.

(c) David.

(d) James, had store in Londonderry, and had six children: Daniel, James, Stephen, Jane, Mary, Nancy.

(e) Elizabeth.
(f) Margaret, married James Rogers.
(g) Mary Anne, married James Hopkins.
(h) Jane, married Robert Hunter.
(i) Mary, married Robert Means of Amherst.

D. Jane.

E. Alexander, married and had daughter:

(a) Susannah (1742-1817), married 1762 Thomas Burnside (1735-1798). A grandson was Ambrose Everett Burnside, a Major-General [for the Union] in the American Civil War.

F. Mary, married James Paul of Londonderry and had daughter:

(a) Mary, married John Wier. This is the line of descent of Professor F. J. Simmons.

G. Elizabeth.
H. Margaret.
I. John.
J. James.

The Burnside men mentioned (Samuel and Thomas) were sons of James Burnside of Macfin (died 1739) and Elizabeth McAfee. James Burnside had a brother David who lived at Londonderry N.H. and was drowned in the Delaware river in 1761 or 1762. The Burnsides who remained here eventually moved to Secon.

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